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     The Roots of Consciousness  »
ScreenshotThis link will lead you to one, very long article. This article is no normal article, but the complete history of the study of psi. It explains from the word "psi" come from a science fiction novel to how it was studied by the Russians and other groups, to today's activities. It is very well documented and worth the read.
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     Veritas  »
ScreenshotA very old and well known site containing magic, psionics, and spiritualism. This is a serious site with many articles, some on psionics. The site is constructed different as it takes on the wiki look. The forum is old and huge, with thousands of threads, holding lots of information and more articles. This site is for those looking to expand their understanding of psionics with other energy groups.
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     YouTube "Science and the taboo of psi" with Dean Radin  »
ScreenshotAn interesting discussion by Dean Radin on YouTube. He talks about why psi is rejected so strong when there is so much more proof that it exists. He presents a large amount of research and experiments to back up each point he makes. While the clip is long, it is well done and more than worth the watch.
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