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     Parapsychological Practitioners Society   »
ScreenshotAlso known as PPS, this is another famous, old, and dead site. When alive, this is a very serious and no nonsense site. There many be few articles, but they are excellent for learning and general information. The site is a bit strange in that it combines spiritual with science. There is a small, but good link page to go to. Their psychic test is interesting, but it's hard to say if it's active (please tell us if we are wrong). The Media page has many tk videos and probably the best out there. The active forum is a great place to find out the past of psionics and to learn some really great stuff. Again, be on your best manners and with a serious mind.
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     Parapsychology FAQ   »
ScreenshotThis is one of the best, complete FAQs ever made for the psi community. Viewers can find answers to all sorts of topics with fairly long, very informational answers.
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     Parapsychology Foundation  »
ScreenshotThis organization is non profit and is focused on the study and exploration of psi. At first glance there doesn't seem much to read and learn from, but then take a look at their library and be impressed. There is a large collection of works on psi in articles, multimedia, and journals. The articles are done in science type writing, so some newbies may have trouble with the information. There is also the most current and past projects, news, and membership at a fee.
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     PEAR  »
ScreenshotOr the "Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research". While not directly related to the psionic community, this site is essential to psi related research. The research group is college based and funded, allowing serious and trustworthy studying of psi to go on. They have numerous articles and theories with the most up to date happenings of the field.
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     Psi arcade  »
ScreenshotA collection of flash games use to help train psi skills such as healing, precog, pk, and remote viewing. This is much like, only with better graphics and a little more silly looking. Players can see how they did compared to others. Great for all levels of psions.
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     Psi Orange  »
ScreenshotThis psionic blog may be inactive as of now, but it's not one to pass up. Yoyo has some very great articles and entries in her blog that are great for newbies. She focuses her topics on telepathy with pinging, sending, and receiving. She also includes some information on OOBEs. Sadly there is only five good months of entries, but check out it. You might learn something.
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