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     GotPsi  »
ScreenshotThis is a great place for psions to practice remote viewing, precogntion, and pychokinesis. There are seven games to be played. Each game keeps track of your score throughout the game while telling you the chance of getting it right. At the end, you can see how you did compared to others in the Hall of Fame. There is an yahoo forum and link page as well.
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     GrillFlame  »
ScreenshotThere isn't much to the main site, but the forum is huge, making the site worth your time. The site is focused on the study and practice of remote viewing, named after the government sponsored programmed, although not related in any other way. Viewers will find the forum to be quite helpful in search for information, articles, ideas, and so on.
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     IONS  »
ScreenshotOr Institute of Noetic Sciences. An interesting, real world site for the research of psi. The site is the introduction to a retreat for research and education of psi and psi related topics. The site has a series of games, much like PsiPog for psions to practice with. Players can practice remote viewing, precognition, and psychokinesis while keeping track of their score and how they did compared to others. Viewers of the site can also find out the news and updates of psionic related research. Truly a great site.
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     IRVA  »
ScreenshotOr International Remote Viewing Association. The site is a collection of professional remote viewing articles written by real and accepted scientist. The site also contains links, reports, book reviews, and other examples of research. This is not a psionic community site, but a research site that psions will find very useful in terms of understanding remote viewing.
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     Jack Houck  »
ScreenshotThe name of this site might set you off, but don't pass this link up. Jack Houck is a serious researcher in psychokinesis and his site is focused on the study of psionic skills. Here one will find articles on pk, remote viewing, psychic healing, everything interconnected. This site is sadly dead, but the articles are good.
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     LD4all - The lucid dreamer's community  »
ScreenshotDon't let the chatspeak in the web address and the emoticon-happy mods fool you. As of now, LD4all is thirteen years old, and still going strong but that won't give pasQuale any reason to stagnate. Several new features and re-designs have been added recently, while keeping the charming original design of borderless menus and pastel-painting windows.

The main site's lucid dreaming tutorial covers many aspects, from the absolute basics to the near-fantastical, with simplicity and clarity.

The main focus of the forums seems to be on the discussion of practical lucid dreaming for people of every age and profession. This makes it generally light on scientific jargon and (be warned that) a substantial fraction of the members take a contrary stance on subtle energy work.

Psions may still express their branching out into other psionic practices in the "Beyond Dreaming" sub-forum. That is, if they don't mind sharing it with spiritualists. The administrator and moderators err on the side of tolerance, so expect some fluff, but as the majority of contributions here come from mundanes/nons/neutrals and the site owner's more "out there" beliefs are not particularly dogmatic, it could arguably not be considered a fluff site.
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