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     Cyber Remote Viewing  »
ScreenshotA small and limited site, focused on providing targets for remote viewing practice. The targets are provided daily. The site has only a small collections of links to offer.
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     Dean Radin  »
ScreenshotHe is a famous author of psi, one of those founders to our community. This site is his. The site has information about the books he has written, along with his personal blog dating back to 2005. There is a long bio on him. And finally, there is a list of activities he has taken part in. This is a must if you wish to understand the history of psionics.
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     Dream Views  »
ScreenshotAn interesting and well created site on the study and practice of dream skills. Visitors will learn through well written articles about dream recall, dream signs, lucid dreaming, and dream control. The site contains tuturials and dream journals. The forum is big, active, and useful. A great site for information and a community on the dreaming world.
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     Dreaming to Infinity Blog  »
ScreenshotThis is Mad Hatter's blog about dreaming, meditation, psionics, astral projection (OOBEs), and many other topics. There are many how tos, explanations, and tips for the listed above topics. There is even a side link list with many great dreaming sites. Newbies will find this site helpful in their practice and researches can find out personal experiences. This is one of the few active blogs with tons of entries and should not be passed up.
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     Energy Mind  »
ScreenshotThe blog is active, one of the few, making it rather valuable. There are tons of entries all about psionics, including how tos, thoughts, and experiments. The forum is somewhat active, although not very big.
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     Fork-You  »
ScreenshotThis classic and old site was once the highlight of the psionic community. It represents the fascination with psychokinesis (pk) and that we went so far to bend forks with our minds. But this is a serious site for learning pk. The site contains a step by step guide, a video, an explanation, FAQ, links, and more. Though limited to one topic, this is a great site for a laugh and practice.
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