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     Astral Voyage  »
ScreenshotThis site takes on a spiritual look towards astral projecting. The site provides information on astral projecting, remote viewing, and ghost stories. The site has a surprising amount of astral articles, a complete FAQ, and a glossary. They have a new age store and a link section worth looking at. It's an interesting site for astral research. Just watch the spiritualism if you aren't into that sort of thing.
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     Australian Institute of Parapsychological Research  »
ScreenshotThis site is a bit tricky. It may sound really cool, but it has little on the site to offer. The site's main brag is their recommended resources (books and what not) and their link section. The site has a mailing list, information sheet, and education center. This site is not active though.
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     Bird's Lucid Dreaming  »
ScreenshotThis rather unknown site is great for dream research for psions. Viewers will find many articles links on the main page that explain all about lucid dreaming. The site is still active and seems to be up to date with their link to twitter. Though it is advised to turn off your sound when visiting the site.
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     Cognitive Sciences Laboratory   »
ScreenshotThis is one of the most important sites towards psionic history as this has been the site for government sponsored and supported research, a program once known as STAR GATE. This professional site provides information on everything they do: past and present research, techniques, theories, and so on. There is a library, papers, reports, and even a glossary. For remote viewers, this is the best site you will find.
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     CRV Manual  »
ScreenshotOr Coordinate Remote Viewing Manual. This is another great site for remote viewers. This site has the complete history, past and present information concerning remote viewing. Visitors will find a thorough manual, books, links, documents, and training. The manual is easy to read and follow, making this perfect for a newbie. For those wanting to study the history of remote viewing, this is a great starting place.
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     CVR Viewer   »
ScreenshotThis is a site for remote viewing training. For the expensive cost of $1000 for each level, students can learn the many aspects to remote viewing. For those who don't want or have the money, there is a full glossary, FAQ, media, and target of the week.
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