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     Rhine Research Center  »
ScreenshotThis is a must see site for all psions. This site and real life research center is world wide famous for their exploration of psi related theories and topics. The site has information on the parapsychology community, journals, articles, and the latest research being conducted. There are classes at a price to sign up for as well as a membership. This is a great site for research in psionics and other related disciplines.
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     Society for Psychical Research   »
ScreenshotThis site is well done in both visual appeal and organization. There is plenty of information in the research section, library, and updated events. You can find out that past and present research on psionics, as well as join their membership. Worth the look for some extra info or just to verify something.
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     Teneo Non  »
ScreenshotA collection of things written by Stolide on energy working. The topics range from "how to" articles to things on less known subjects and even contains some specifics on tech. The site lacks organization and beauty, but the articles are worth looking at for research and practice for all levels.
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     The American Society for Psychical Research  »
ScreenshotThis old, but dead site has a little to offer to visitors. There is a questionnaire to fill out and send off. There is a library, journal, and a newsletter. The site is mostly about getting you to join their membership.
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     The Awakening; A Perspective Shift   »
ScreenshotThis is Float's (or Truth's) personal blog. We were given emailed permission to take a version of his site's name, but we did not copy his site on purpose. His blog is an on and off going thing, talking about different topics, some related to psionics. This is not a psionic site though.
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     The Farsight Institute  »
ScreenshotThis remote viewing site may not have the best front page, but it has plenty to offer. Viewers can learn about remote viewing, links, a great video library, public experiments, podcasts, and more. There is advertisement for a college course, although it has to be paid. The 24/7 days a week open chatroom is a great place to meet people. This 1996 old site is more than worth the look.
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