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     PsiPog  »
ScreenshotArguably the best psionic site ever made. Made and owned by Sean or PeeBrain. This site contains articles on all topics, a forum, chatroom practice logs, links, a psionic e-book, and more. Newbies as well as more advance psions have found this site to be unspeakable valuable.
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ScreenshotA small and basic site with a few articles on a few psionics skills. The site is young and lacks maturity. The site also have some less than accepted views towards psionics and adding in a religious tone in some articles. This site still may be worth looking at, especially when given time and work.
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     Reality Shifters  »
ScreenshotThis is a states of conscious site, meaning the site goes into dreaming and OOBEs. Viewers will find a collection of articles about those topics. There is a good link section. Though it is advise to watch what you read as some material is about mysticism and not of psionics.
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     Remote Viewed  »
ScreenshotThis truly is a great site for remote viewers. There is plenty of information on what is remote viewing, how it works, the history of, tests and results, military involvement, links, videos, and more. There is a training page for those who want to practice. Sadly, this site is not being kept updated, but it is still a great place for research and practice.
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     Remote Viewing Instructional Services  »
ScreenshotFor a price, viewers can learn how to do remote viewing. For those who don't want or can't pay, there is some information to be gotten off of the site. It might be worth the money, or you can just go to another remote viewing site or find the book in your library.
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     Retropsychokinesis Project  »
ScreenshotFor those wanting to practice their Psychokinesis online, this is the place. This site is most famous for it's three tests. The site also includes research papers on different psi topics. There is other odds and ends to the site that are interesting and may be useful to researchers.
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