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     Psi Palatium  »
ScreenshotThis is the oldest psi site in the community, run by Zeus. It is also the longest run site as it is still operating today. Here one will find a ton of well written article on a wide range of topics not just limited to psionics, but magic and spiritualism. The site also includes a chatroom, dictionary, blogs, and an active, but little used forum. This is a great site for those wanting to expand their psionic knowledge with other topics.
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     PsiKindler  »
ScreenshotThis site small, but contains some very great articles. The site is a general psi site, with information all many psi abilities. Viewers can also find a good media page with several good videos. But this site is sadly dead, but don't discard the content on that.
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     PsiLudus  »
ScreenshotThe main attraction here is not the main site, but the chatroom room. It is one of the most active chatrooms for psions to join. There are always people on, sometimes as much as over twenty. There are psi classes being hosted by well known and experienced psions. If you are looking for a partner, this would be the place to look. Beware, they are serious about following rules.
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     PsionicsOnline  »
ScreenshotNot to confused the title with Stony's PsiOnline, this site is run by Sarah. The site is an all around psionics site with all sorts of topics involved. This is one of the few most active sites for psions to hang out. There are plenty of articles on many skills. There is a link section, a large glossary, active chatroom, forum and more.
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     PsiOnline  »
ScreenshotThis site is different from the other sites as it is a focused topic of energy manipulation. Their focus is on skills such as psi balls, programming, and shielding. They have some of the best articles written. Their forum is still somewhat active and is a little more open to other skills. Newbies beware as this site has a no nonsense and no fluff strict policy. It is advised that one is careful about what says and get their facts right before diving into serious conversation.
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     Psions Guild  »
ScreenshotThis is another old psionic site. They are suppose to be a teaching site with articles, links, forum and other means of help. Although, beware readers, this site tends to have non mainstream opinions and articles. It is not advised to go there to argue your own ideas. But within the site are a few good articles, members, and topics, making the site having some value and purpose worth visiting.
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