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     Lucid Blog  »
ScreenshotThis blog is all on lucid dreaming and other related subjects. Viewers will find eight months of entries on topics like dreaming, lucid dreaming, the meaning of dreams, dream recall, experiments, the science behind dreams, and personal development. It's a well done blog with good, easy to follow information.
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     Lucidity Institute  »
ScreenshotThis little site may be active, but there isn't much here. There is a decent FAQ with some helpful answers. The site seems to be mostly a promotion for various lucid dreaming books as readers can get excerpts from listed books. There are a few research articles, though beware young teens and newbies, you might find it hard to read. Viewers can also find past and present experiments, a mailing list, and a "Hawaii workshop" (keep an open, but alert mind when visiting). There is no forum, sad to say.
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     Monroe Institute  »
ScreenshotMonroe is famous in the psi community for being one of the first to write a book on astral projection. He later founded the Monroe Institute, a scientific group focused on understanding the mind and different states of conscious. The site is dedicated towards research, articles, a full library, links, and up to date news. The site also offer classes at a price, although you can check his book from your local library or probably find it online if you look around.
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     Online Telekinesis School  »
ScreenshotThis site was created by Mr. Fluff. It is a new site with all the problems of being new, but worth a look. it has a ton of telekinesis tutorials along with a forum and chatroom. The site has a collection of videos from all the "trusted" Psions. The site also includes information on the other Psionic abilities. Though, you might turn off your sound if you don't want to hear the highly annoying music.
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     Orion's Psion Academy  »
ScreenshotThe site is a forum only. While it's not too active, there is a great series of 12 "lessons" covering the basic skills of psionics. Visitors may be able to find a teacher here.
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     Parapsychological Association  »
ScreenshotThis site may look professional and interesting, but there isn't much meat to the site. The site seems to be an advertisement for membership of their group and courses at a price. There is a complete glossary and some articles. There is a link to psi related journals and abstracts to papers. This is not a good site for research, but may be a good starting point for something else..
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