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     A Little Weird  »
ScreenshotAfter PsiPog was locked up, Sean started a new site with a new goal. He made a half blog, half forum site for the psi community to watch and learn his views. The site focuses on expanding the paranormal field to anything strange and unusual. One of his most famous things on the site is the lottery experiment, trying to use the power of thought and his subconscious to win the lottery. Although the experiment failed, it teaches psions how to go about experiment. His blog also includes many other topics from psionics to personal beliefs to observations of the world.
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     A New Path  »
ScreenshotPreviously known as Seraphic Forums, and TKForums before that, this site is a great site for beginners and people who seek advice when learning new abilities. There aren't many people on the staff team, and the rules are pretty laid back, but everyone is friendly here. Everybody here is more than willing to teach and give advice on any problem you may have if they can. The site provides articles for new people to learn from, a science section for those to post their theories in or if you need that extra boost of science to get over your skepticism. Classes are occasionally available in our IRC that has been courteously provided by our very own KnightWeaver. Although we are a small community, many people who join us have a fun time here and we hope you have a fun time too!
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     A State of Mind  »
ScreenshotTassadar's site was a newer site that lasted for a few years before he gave up and archived it. The site morphed several times to finally become an open blog, encouraging people to join in on his thoughts and ideas. The site was psi focused, writing about psionic news, theories, rants, and problems. A good place to find out the community and the happenings of the last few years.
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     ARVARI  »
ScreenshotOr The Academy of Remote Viewing. The site has a large collection of books and other materials for sale. The site also offers. For free, there is a e book, interviews, articles, and a forum. The site can be a little annoying with the sale pitch and the lack of a lot of free materials, but perhaps you will find the stuff worth the money.
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     Astral Dynamics  »
ScreenshotAn old and very famous site. This site is owned and run by none other Robert Bruce. He has written several great and well read books on astral projection, a first of his kind. His site is famous for it's NEW energy technique. He has many other articles for psions to read and learn from. There is also much more to the site, such as a link section, books and other things for sale, interviews, blogs and podcasts. His forum is large and very active. One can find pretty much anything from psionics, to spiritualism, to magic. A great place to learn, practice, talk, and do personal research.
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     Astral Society  »
ScreenshotThis is the new Astral Society and not the old famous one. Although the old staff is running this new and interesting site. The site contains no true main site, but an active forum. The forum is focused on the discussion of astral projection, or OOBEs, dreams, and other psionics skills. Newbies beware as there are extremely well educated minds who will debate a thirteen year into the ground. But for those wanting a serious talk or help with astral projecting, this is the place for you.
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