How to get on IRC

These instructions will help you download a client, get into the chatroom, and will provide you with basic IRC knowledge


IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a server/channel based internet chat system. You can access IRC networks using an IRC client. There are many but the one recommended and accepted by most is called mIRC (Windows OS). You can get it here. If you do not wish to pay for a client, you can find a free one. If you need a good general purpose script for mIRC I highly recommend No Name Script


Once you get your IRC client set up, you need to connect to a server. The common server command is /server (you can identify most IRC client commands by the slash (/) while raw IRC commands are usually in capital letters). Since the Psi-Links IRC channel is on p2p-net, to connect, type /server Once you are connected, the server will send you a lot of text, it being the MOTD. It contains some welcome information about the network. To join the LiquidSource channel, type /join #psichat.


Once you are connected, in order to use network services you need to be registered. Make sure you have the nick you want to register when doing this. To change your nick, type /nick newname, replacing "newname" with the name you want. To register your nick, you have to do so with the network service called NickServ. The command is /msg nickserv REGISTER password email where you replace password and email with yours. If done properly, NickServ will reply with a confirmation. Every time you connect to the network, you need to identify with NickServ. Many people get a script to do this for them (NNScript can) but the command to do so is /msg nickserv IDENTIFY password (depending on the IRC client, /identify password works as well) where "password" is your password.


You will see some users that in the nick list have different symbols by their names. Some clients also use colors instead of symbols. In general, most people will have no symbol or just a +. The "+" indicates that the user has voice. In an IRC channel that is muted, a voice is necessary to talk, but many channels aren't muted so the + has only aesthetic significance. The other user classes are Half Operator (denoted by a %), Operator (denoted by a @), Administrator (denoted by a &), and Owner (denoted by a ~). All of these classes can control the channel, set modes, and kick/ban people from the channel. In most cases they are the staff, or important people. You want to try not to be mean to people with ops, because they can get rid of you very easily.

Join in

Now you are ready to come in to IRC, see you there.