Welcome to the games section. Since these games are fairly new, there are bound to be some bugs. If you discover something incorrect with a program, contact Apollo via the Contact Us form.


These programs are written in Java for various reasons.

  • Viruses cannot be written in Java, so your computer is safe to download it
  • These programs are not processor heavy, so there are no inefficiencies in this language
  • Its easy to program in, so I can make more in a less amount of time
  • Many more reasons


To ensure the programs work as expected, you must make sure your Java Runtime Environment is up to date (at least later than Java 6 Update 14). Click Here to download the latest version (and to check to see if you have the latest version)

Number Game

This game has two game types. The main purpose is to predict/view a number (depending on the gametype) and compare it to the computer generated number. For more information, download the program and go to the "Help" menu.

Download version 1.0 of the Number Game