IRC Chatroom

Please be sure to follow all the rules:


  • Respect, listen, and follow the moderators of the chatroom. Moderators have the right to ban you after giving a warning if they deemed it necessary.
  • Do not verbally attack anyone. You will be banned from the chatroom until we find out what happen and further punish may occur.
  • Do not avoid bans from the chatroom. You will be banned from the forum and site if it occurs.
  • Do not impersonate someone else.
  • Avoid cursing. A few words that slip is ok, but do not make it a habit.
  • Keep all talk PG-13.
  • Please do not use chat spelling. It's annoying to read, it makes you sound very dumb and lazy, and it's hard to read.
        Examples: "u" -> "you" | "r" -> "are"
  • Do not use all caps unless you have a problem with your keyboard. It's annoying and hard to read.
  • Do not do excessive one liners. It's annoying to read and it fills up the screen very quickly, making it hard for people to follow you. Take two seconds to organize your thoughts and type out a few sentences.
        So I used psi
        and I think I felt it
        but I'm not sure.
        What do you all think?
  • If you have a problem with the chatroom, a member, or a moderator, PM or E-mail us with your complaint.
  • You if repeatedly break the rules day to day you will be banned and be brought to the administrators' attention. Behave and all will go well.

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Channel: #psichat

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