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About The KinesisA simple guide about kinesis, telekinesis, psi wheels, and a small bit on pyrokinesis.  Written by JediKaren.
Compilation of Tips and Theories on Macro-PKJust as the title says, all about tips and different aspects of TK  Written by Seraph.
Force BubblesAn article explaining constructs that produce psychokinetic effects.  Written by Stolide Demens.
From Psiwheels to Pencils: A Training GuideYet, another telekinesis guide, this time branching off into rolling a pencils.  Written by NeoPsychic.
Psychokinesis ManualAnother guide on how to do various types of kinesis.   Written by Apollo.
Telekinesis - Seeing ProperlyHow to practice telekinesis in the most effecient manner  Written by Anonymous .
Telekinesis: A Different TechniqueThis article tells how he does telekinesis and his experiences.  Written by Apollo.

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