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Energy Manipulation Log of 10-12-2008 Hosted by Chain, not JediKaren, on different energy manipulation skills.  Written by Chain.
Attacks and Protection Chat Late Jan. 2008  Written by TEL.
Empath Talk Log 9-13-2008A chat hosted by me, on empathy.  Written by JediKaren.
Empathy Practice Log Done in 2005  Written by JediKaren.
Energies Chat Feb. 10, 2008  Written by JediKaren.
Fluff Chat Feb. 3, 2008  Written by JediKaren.
Log of Astral Chat 10-25Chat about the astral plane  Written by JediKaren.
Psi and Morals Chat 6-19-2009A talk/debate about the morals of using psi.  Written by JediKaren.
Remote Viewing Practice of January 29, 2005  Written by JediKaren.
Telekinesis Chat Log of 9-27-2008 A telekinesis chat hosted by me.  Written by JediKaren.
Telepathy Practice of February 20, 2005  Written by JediKaren.

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