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About Shifted PerspectivesThis article explains the reasons for making the site.  Written by JediKaren.
Applications of Ciphers and Psychological ParadigmsWhy how you think matters.  Written by Stolide Demens.
Astral ArchetypesAn explanation of the infamous Archetype  Written by Stolide Demens.
Aura Sight: To See What Others Stopped SeeingExplains what auras are, gives one of the many meanings behind the aura colors, and how to see them.  Written by Snowind.
History of the Psi SitesA full history of the psionic sites.  Written by JediKaren.
Making A SiteExplains, with great detail, what aspects you should consider when making a site about psi.  Written by JediKaren.
Removing Mental BlocksA description of how to remove one's mental blocks  Written by Stolide Demens.
Scanning Energy Levels: An Unrealistic AbilityAn opinionated article that argued that scanning powers is not a trusted ability.  Written by JediKaren.
The Dream of DreamsGoes into dreams, nightmares, dream recalled, dreamwalking, and lucid dreaming.  Written by JediKaren.
The SubconsciousGives some background as to what the subconscious and unconscious is and explains what one can do with the subconscious.  Written by JediKaren.
What goes into a quality article?A detailed how to about writing a psionic article.  Written by Fearn.

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