The Flow of Psi

Welcome! In this article we'll clear up some doubts and common questions on the basis of most psionic skills, hence the name, "psi-onic"). We'll try to set you up with an initial kick into it. Don't worry: this is easy to do and doesn't require much effort at all, as weird as it might sound. I suggest you read up on psiballs first and try to make them before starting here, because this is more of a help to it than a straight start from scratch.

Feeling psi the first time is an essential step, probably the first in psionics. Since it doesn't have a defined feeling from person to person, the results vary greatly. However, all of us have an instinctive feel for it, and will probably know when we do it. It's a little hard to explain, because there haven't been invented many words to describe it. Tactile words are somewhat accurate, but then again, sometimes you don't feel exactly what is described and come to the conclusion that what you are feeling is not actually psi. Sometimes, it isn't even tactile - it's something weirder, that can't really be described with anything. The closest thing to whatever it could be would be saying that it's like blood rushing through your body. But it's not blood rushing through your body.

So, first, relax. Clear your mind and get all the things out of your head - and just focus on your body. Try to see if you can feel anything - if you cannot, move the psi inside your body the same way you do when making a psiball, either forcing it to move or letting it flow. Without a doubt, you will feel something. And this something will be the psi you just moved.

A very important thing to do is to have faith in yourself. Sure, that feeling might be something common. It might be even blood rushing through your body, just like what it feels like, or anything that matches the description. Well, if you think so, we know and we justify your reasons. It's very hard to believe on this all of a sudden, especially taking in mind what every religion says. But it's true. If you don't think so, then you are probably just refusing to believe. Think on everyone who you trusted who later deceived you, and think on the amount of information you had for such a thing. There is quite an extensive background on psionic abilities - and the general idea behind them can't be proved wrong by Science yet. If you still think this is nonsense, we suggest you don't keep reading. Have fun in missing out of all those fun things.

That's enough of a rant. In any case, though, after doing this, you should have the feeling of psi. Try to do it again, a few times. You will probably notice you can do it faster each time. This is good - at the same time you do this, your subconscious gets used to it, and all other abilities will eventually start to flourish.

Sometimes, especially when doing constructs, we want to gather psi. This is useful because this psi can be then used for their making, and whatever we make out of it will be much more powerful if we also add to it an extra burst of psi that isn't in our body. To our knowledge, there are two ways to gather psi.

The first one, and also the easier and more practical, is just imagining that the air around you holds psi, or even the Earth we're on, or the Sun, or your computer, or whatever you want. Or just nothing. And after this, you just gather the psi, the same way you'd move it if you were making a psiball. If you can't feel it, it will probably still work, and if you can, it's even better. Although it's much more practical, it does tend to exhaust you.

The second way is passive. It's only a little harder. You do the usual, closing your eyes and calming down. For this method, you want to open yourself to psi. You have to take down those mental barriers. That means you can't resist the feeling of psi at all. You have to really want to feel it. When you do this, psi will flow into you and you can then take control of it. This way can require patience, which is not everyone's best talent, though. You are also in a slight danger of overloading a little, but that only implies to those who have a higher skill level.

There is a small exercise you can do in order to boost all your abilities, which is... feeling psi, but outside of your body. To do this, open yourself up. Feel psi flow through your body. Now think of the air around you just one inch away from you. (An inch is about 2 or 3 cm) With those barriers down, push your mental awareness out of your body, just that one inch. This is incredibly hard to explain, but it's something like if you were pushing a bubble of psi. However, if you are doing it right, you should feel psi outside your body. As you get better, you should try to expand that bubble of psi. We'd suggest that you first try to slowly feel the energy in your whole room and then keep adding room after room until you can sense psi in your whole house. However, there is no need to rush... take it slowly. The more psi you feel the more uncomfortable it can get.

Overall, the conclusion is that psi, or the energy, is a key to the rest of the abilities. Those exercises and things shown here will prove their usefulness through all degrees of expertise in any and all psionic skills. They are fully optional, though, so feel free to do them, or not, at your heart's content.

Good luck with your practices.

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