The Spirit of a Guide

Early in my research of spirit guides I discovered a fact.  For some reason one of the first things to be stated in the articles is we all have a guide.  While this is a true and important fact, after reading it for the fifth time I wasn?t impressed.  So, in this article I?m going to start it a different, more entertaining way.

Someone once asked me when I met my guide.  This question was a simple one, looking for a simple answer, but I could not truly give a simple answer.  Guides are anything but simple.  To answer the question I started from the beginning of my time with my guide.

Guides pick their ?students? from birth or very early on.  In most cases, we have one or two main guides that will forever be with us.  My main guide was named Calmista, who chose me from birth.  She once told me that when I was little she would wait until I was asleep and then take me to the astral plane and play with me.  Apparently I was convinced this was all a dream, because I have no memory of this.  Yet, later when I really meet her it felt like I slightly knew her.

I grew older, too old to be fooled by this ?dream? and she stopped playing with me.  She kept watching and waiting for me to be ready to meet her.  All guides watch their person, but they can hide their presence from you.  They rarely butt into your life.  This is because there is a law of non interference.  Guides have to follow certain rules and this rule states guides can?t interfere with your life unless you ask for it in some way.  Even then it?s up to the guide to decide if you really need their help or not.

When I was thirteen, I fell in love with Star Wars and it was not by accident either.  Although guides aren?t allowed to help without your asking, they can indirectly help you.  She had seen to it that I watched the movies.  She had also, seen to it that I discovered how to feel psi by mentally suggesting a memory from my early childhood when I first felt psi.

For the next four years, she continued to probe and poke me into different skills.  I never saw or heard her, but a few times I could sense or feel her.  There were times it felt like I was being watched by someone I could not see in my room.  Once or twice, I would walk through my room and find a cold spot in the air that could not be explained by windows or breezes.

Guides can affect and help us in the ?real? world.  It?s not easy for them, but they can do it.  During my first year, I went through a power hungry stage where I tried to gather as much energy I could.  The first time I did this, I hadn?t meant to and just about passed out.  Calmista blocked the energy connection and saved me.  At the time, I was not ready to meet her, so I didn?t know who had done it. I tried, night after night, to reach for that energy level and she blocked me.  I was immature and thought if I could gather energy fast enough I could beat her.  I failed every time and gave up some months later.  At the start of my fourth year I discovered the worlds of psi on the web.  For some months, I stayed as far away from the spirituals as I could.  I didn?t trust their word.  I ignored their articles on spirit guides, proving I wasn?t ready to meet her yet.

Aside from astral projection there are many more ways of getting in touch with your guide.  Some guides will give advice, help or hints through dreams and dreamwalking.  Dreamwalking is where two people control the dream of the sleeping person.  Of course, the dreamer must agree to this or it will not work.  My guide once did this with me.  It was short and vivid and the only reason why I know I wasn?t astral projecting was because we fought over the point of view in the dream.  The advice that they give can be blunt or not.  Many times I have to really think before I get what I am being told.  Sometimes the hints are so subtle that I miss them completely.

Another way to contact your guide is to do a guided meditation.  The way this works is you meditate and let your guide lead you through the meditation.  I?ve never done this, but something close to it.  About six months before I met my guide, I was sitting on the floor gathering energy.  I wanted to do something new and different.  I felt like someone was hinting to me to practice remote viewing.  I took the hint and was given more.  I ended up learning something new, but still had no clue who was behind it.

About two weeks before I finally met her, she came to me.  My father and I had a physical fight that involved me getting punched and I ran into the woods crying.  I begged both mentally and out loud for something, anyone to help me.  My mind was full of fear, pain, and desperate for help.  A voice that was not my own told me to calm down and breathe.  She telepathically talked to me to calm me and go home.  It?s not so much like telepathy with the games.  When you think of something in your head, you have your own voice.  Guides communicate by producing a similar, but different voice in your head voice.  You can tell you aren?t making it up by asking this voice something you don?t know the answer to.  This was the first time I made contact.  Guides, as I have said, will come when called.  They are more than willing to help you in a crisis.  You just have to be willing to ask for help and be open for that help.

It turns out another way to meet your guide is to astral project.  Spirits exist on the astral plane.  Most guides belong to a group that can be found on the planes.  There is one group that exists on Earth on purpose.  Those who are on the planes live in temples or buildings.  Usually your guide has similar tastes and dislikes as you.  My guide had helped me to the warrior?s temple.  When I first laid my eyes on her I thought she was some sort of angel.  Spirit guides, spirits, angels, guardian angels, ghost, entities and gods (not God) are just many of the names for guides.  I have heard many arguments how those names differ.  In my book, they are the same, but your religion and beliefs may say otherwise.

My guide looked young, in her mid twenties, tall, dressed in a white gown with golden hair and fair skin.  I would later find out she was dead, as many guides are.  She had also lived a very long time ago, but was not from Earth.  Many guides, especially for us, are from Earth.  She also changed her appearances from when she died to appeal more to me.  Many guides change their appearances and can make it so only you see them this way.  They do this to help or teach you.  Some guides are not human.  Some guides choose to appear to be an animal.  We call them animal guides.  They are not the spirit of a dead animal.

Within a few trips I asked for my guide for her name.  She told me it was Calmista.  I found out spirit guides have strange sounding names.  Googling their names is a waste of time because you won?t find anything on their past.

I quickly learned more about guides.  There are many types of guides.  They can be teachers, healers, helpers, guides, and friends.  Some are out to train and teach you whatever you desire. Some are out to support and comfort you.  Though don?t think you can act like a brat and will be spoiled.  My guide, like others I have heard, acts a bit like a parent and demands my respect.  It would take me a while to learn that a guide will respect you if you respect them.  This means you will have to do as they say.

My path is one of a Jedi and my guide was not a Jedi, but a different type of warrior.  In order to guide me she turned me over to other guides.  I figured out and later read I have one main guide, but I could have many others.  It?s quite normal to spend some time with one teacher and move on to another. Your guide will always be with you, but they sometimes will leave you alone for long periods of your life.  Don?t be stressed about this.  If you need them, call for them.  They will always come.

As I trained under her, I learned the powers she had.  She had all the psi powers I had and more.  She sometimes has hinted the future.  She never said it, but it?s clear she knows the future much better than people on Earth.  I begged her many times to appear in my room, but she refused me every time.  She told me it?s hard for a guide to manifest on this plane we live on.  Some guides can?t do it at all.  There is a law of appearance that forbids a guide to show themselves unless it?s extremely necessary.  This law was made because many guides have been seen by the wrong people.  Ghosts are spirits that have decided to go against that rule.  I was told by her that I wasn?t ready and I didn?t have a good reason.

A fear that someone once mentioned was being worried about getting too much or hard work by their spirit guide.  I was never given too much to do or learn, but there were things I found hard to do.  Teaching guides can teach and test in some of the strangest ways.  They are likely to pick the seemingly worse times to test you.  Do not doubt them.  I know it?s hard for me to trust a stranger, but hopefully they will seem like a friend.  I see my guide as a mother I never and should have had.  The best way to get to know them is to spent time together and just talk.  Through talking telepathy, you can learn plenty from your guide.

It was through talking through telepathy and in the astral plane, that I learned how one becomes a guide. For those whose religion says otherwise, please do not be offended.  When you die you enter the astral plane and you have some options.  You can pick a group to join, work on getting to be a guide or go back to Earth to watch.  If you decided to become a guide you will have to tell your guide this.  Your guide will go to the group you wish to join and present your request to join.  You are then apprenticed to your guides for sometime to learn how to be one.  You help guide someone alive.  Should you do well, you will be made a guide and can pick someone to guide yourself.

I learned that guides have a choice in the reality of the life they wish to live.  For example, my guide prefers to feel the need for sleep, hungry and pain.  Others will choose to live without all that.  Guides like to have a life too and will talk to other guides, just like you do.  You may find that your guide will be busy at times and tell you to come back another time if it?s

not important.  Don?t be surprised if your guide has other people to watch over.  I know Calmista watches over at least one other person, but I have never met him or her.

As you can see, my answer to the simple question isn?t simple.  Of course, I was asked many questions after the first and try as I might, I can not answer them all.  There are many things that are unknown about guides.  So think back, is there anything in your past that might be a guide?s doing?  If you are reading this, it might be a sign that your guide thinks you are ready.  Many people will never meet their guide, so consider how lucky you are to even know about guides.  I can only wish you the best of luck.


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