The Astral Temples

We all know about the astral place.  It?s vast beyond the human ability to understand.  We can all go to the astral plane by astral projecting our spirits there.  We know that there are planets and stars to explore along with our own planet. There is one more thing that is not as well known.  There are astral temples.            

There is as many temples as there are reasons for them.  Each temple has a different theme.  Some of the temples are wolf temple, lion temple, dragon temple, bird temple, light temple, phoenix temple, and my personal one, the Jedi temple.    

There are a few temples I would like to highlight.  The first temple is the main entrance room. There are different names for it.  One is The Universal Temple of Knowledge. It is the first room you go into for the first time ever.  It seems to be a constant in everyone?s journeys.  Most people use this room as a meeting place and then go off to another temple.    

The room?s appearance is different to each person.  This is because everyone is different.  To me, the room is a large square.  Along the walls there are lights hidden by the wall and are some what dim.  The walls are made out of tan colored stone and are smooth.  There is one step to go down into the inner square.  Inside the inner square is a huge pillar with writing on it.  It is not in English and it is not in any alphabet that I recognize.    

The room?s mood is quiet and calm like a library.  People stand or sit on the ground because there are no chairs or benches.  There are only 30 people or less in the room at one time.  They seem to talk, but I never hear them unless they are talking to me, or want me to hear them.  

To enter the main entrance can be hard.  It is hard because you do not know where exactly to astral projection to yourself to.  The best way to get there is to think and say out loud or in your mind that you want to go to the temple.  Then project your spirit out of your body and keep thinking of the temple.  Allow your spirit to be loose and free to you can arrive at the temple.  You must be able to trust yourself and the temple to do this. Your guide should be there, ready to help you if there is trouble.

When I first came to the main entrance, as I will refer to it, I came in by a dark hallway.  At the time I could not see at all and used touching with my hands and remote viewing to keep from bumping into walls.  I had stopped at thick stone doors.  They opened themselves and I walked through.  I was stopped by a guard, who asked my name, and who allow me to pass.    

No one can come to the main entrance at anytime.  You can not come if you are not ready. Reasons for being not being ready are immaturity, not being able to handle the intense energy there, not being able to astral project, or not being able to astral project strongly enough.  If you come to do harm, you will blocked.  This is a place of peace and security.  Your guides can also keep you out of the temples for whatever reason they may have.  

Many people in the temples are not alive, physically and exist through spirit form.  This sounds awkward, but you do not think about it while you are there.  Do not feel or say that you are sorry for them.  There is no need to.  This is a place of peace.  These people are happy where they are.  

My guide led me through a maze of hallways.  We went into a room, but I did not notice any of the details.  I was told to sit down in front of this person who sent a blast of energy through me.  I would later find out two things.  The first one is this was their way of finding out who I was and what my path was and second some people go through this and some do not.  I was led back to the entrance room and went back to my body.  I was shocked at the amount time that had gone by.      

The normal rules and laws of earth do not apply here in the temples.  They have full control over things like time, gravity and pain.  They have control over you, but usually do not use it because they don?t like it.  You may think you were there for an hour, but according to the clock you were there for ten minutes.  This can be great if you have a very small amount of time to spend there, but need to get a lot done.    

People come to the different temples for different reasons.  Some people like to come for the peace that is there.  Some people come to be healed for physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual reasons.  Some people come to find answers to their questions about their life.  Some people come for training they can?t get on earth.  Then there are some, like me, that came for all those reasons.    

In the next few trips I would be brought to a council.  There are many types of councils, each with their own purpose and level of power.  It is their type of government.  Through out my training I would meet some high councils and some local ones.  I found out that at first I could not see anyone on the council.  I could only sense that they were there in the room.  This happened because I did not have the training to see them.  As I trained more I slowly started to make out the local members, but when I was brought to a higher one I could not see them at all.  I could only hear their voices.      

As you may note, I have been drilling on the fact that the temples are of a place of peace.  This peace is brought with great respect for everyone.  When you go to the temple you must be as polite as possible.  Thanking people and saying please is an unsaid must.  If you were brought up in a country where manners are not the same as say America, do not worry.  The temple will understand that.  Just act the best way you were brought up.  If you make a mistake and say or do something rude, just apologize and all will be forgiven.  Respect them and they will respect you.    

Not all temples have the same rules and customs.  You should be aware of this when you enter a temple you do not know about. The Jedi temple is strict on politeness and trust.  Joe?s (the manager of UL) group is ironically called the seers despite the fact they can hardly with their eyes.  I was brought there with Joe to find out they are very loose on rules and laid back.    

There are very many astral temples, each with their own reason for being.  Don?t worry about finding yours if you don?t know which one you belong in.  Remember to be polite and respectful.  This, for the last time, is a place of peace and love.


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