Spiritual Healing

When we think of healing we think healing physical pain, cuts, sprains and sicknesses.  Spiritual healing is about the spirit, the soul and the emotions that make up the spirit.  We all want the emotional pain healed, but many times we won?t do anything about it.  In many countries we are required by society to keep a stuff upper lip and act like everything is ok.

In today?s society we have a few options if you can not deal with your emotions.  You can go to a friend or family member and hope they will listen to you. They may care enough to help you.  Sometimes you can not do that and it does not help so you go to a professional.  At this point we call the help therapy.

Therapy, as some of you know, is expensive.  You are paying a person who has gone to college for many years and listen to you talk about your problems.  This person is supposed to ask you certain questions to bring out hidden emotions and guide your thoughts to a solution.  Sometimes you will be given medicine to help balance the chemicals that control your emotions.

Of course this option is not for everyone.  Not everyone likes to spill their guts out for a complete stranger or has the money.  A lot of people say this method for emotional help does not work. Parents with wild or emotional children, especially teenagers will force their kids to go to a professional.  Most of the ones I know say they will try and trick or play around with the ?shrink?.

There are two more options for some people.  I say lucky because these options are not possible to do for some people. These options will not cost you anything.  Your options are you can find a person who can do empathy or astral project to a temple to get help there.

An empath is a person who feels other people?s emotions as if the emotions were their own.  You will want to find a natural empathy, meaning they never had to learn the skill, they were born with it.  The time these people are old enough for college they have all the training they will need.  I say this because I am one of them.  An empath will spend their life surrounded by an ocean of feelings.  They have come across every emotion know to man.  Empaths also attract people and without saying anything encourage people to talk.  Some empaths will be so in tune with their abilities that they have a great understanding of why a person feels the way they feel.

If you do not know an empath, or do not want to go to one you can astral project to a temple.  The people there have the training mentioned so far and still can help you in a different way.

Some of you know that I am not the most stable person in an unstable house.  I can go through extreme moods faster than you could think is possible.  I can easily fall into depression and be unable to get myself out alone.  I know this and my parents know about my depression and yet nothing has been done for it.  I have tried to go to friends, but empaths are hard to help and heal.  Their ability reflects their own emotions, making it seem twice as bad.  The only help I can get is by going to my guide or to a healer.

The usual trip for healing at the temple goes like this.  My guide or someone will have me sit or lie down.  I will be asked how I feel and why.  Then they will send energy through me and put me to sleep. (I always astral project at night).  The next day I will wake up in the best of moods and full of energy.  Some of this energy will fade away by the end of the day.  Getting healed at the temple has had a long term effect on me.  I have become calmer, older, and more appreciated of the people and things around me.

The point of all these methods of healing is to help you learn how to control your emotions.  It is easy to drown in pain and cry about your problems.  It is not easy to stop, get on your feet and do something about it.  This healing should only be used to get you out of the dumps.  Do no try to abuse it. Do not be afraid to ask for help, but you should only get help when you really need it.


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