When projecting, I have often gone to a certain place, which I have named 'Nexus'. It's not 'the Nexus' or even 'a Nexus' but it is certainly the name of a place. Nexus, meaning center or convergence point, is a city/trade port.... It's more than that. To describe Nexus is difficult ? but the best analogy I can come up with is Mos Eisley from Star Wars ? though instead of it being all weird creatures with ray guns, you have bits and pieces of everything. And some of it... there aren't human words to describe.
In this crossroads, you may well see just about anything. There are buildings of all shapes and sizes, many defying any laws of physics we have yet discovered (though in Elsewhere, such things are elastic anyway) ? and in all colors. Nexus is busy ? always ? full of entities moving about, 'goods' being traded and gods know what else. It may seem fantastic and something out of a fantasy novel ? I thought myself crazy the first time I appeared there. My thoughts were that I must have been dreaming, or I must have projected inward, or I took a wrong turn from Albuquerque.
Going past the unbelievability of this place, it has become a very common location for me to project to ? a place that I can find anything I'm looking for and sometimes discover things that I didn't know I needed.

While Nexus is a trade port, the sort of trade that goes on is something that I have no way of understanding. Currency is... just about anything. Shells, people, souls... anything ? even things I have no name for... all are for sale on the streets of Nexus. There are an innumerable amount of goods and it would take me a lifetime to even explore one of the many districts through which I have wandered.

Nexus is a place of questionable laws, the general laws are understood by all ? those being no wanton violence, and don't restrict trade. While those may sound familiar to those whom have played Exalted ? please don't assume that I have pulled those from that game for I knew them before I even started reading the books of Exalted. They are basic laws.

There is no particular patriarch, oligarch, or ruler of any kind that reigns over Nexus, the rules are enforced by the entities that are within the city's scope ? in short, the rules are understood rather than proclaimed, as the Marquis De Sade would have wished. If you don't want trouble, don't create it.

I would consider Nexus a 'gateway' to other places, because from what I've seen, there's a little bit of everything. Again, referring to Star Wars ? one of every species and you never see it again. Though it's not quite like that, because while the scope of the number of entities is mammoth, it is hardly improbable that you'll see the same sort of beast more than once. Might I add that the term 'beast' isn't derogatory, it's merely descriptive.

Nexus is also one of the easiest places to get to ? just envision the city (and any vision of the city might be accurate to one degree or another) and likely you will appear somewhere there. Or within proximity. The vastness of this city cannot be explained, and while it's only a small bit of the girth of Elsewhere, it would easily eclipse Tokyo, London, New York City, Los Angeles, and Boston all in one. It's scope is hard to describe without sounding unbelievable... though I suspect I've already gone down that road and am now logged in the annals of the mad.

It is impossible for me to discuss this without sounding like one of the people I so mock, sounding like an esoteric fool and for that I apologize, but I feel that I must put this out there somewhere. So even if I seem like a dreaming child ? I will have my words somewhere.

I may well edit this at some point later on as I find words to explain Nexus ? though at this point, I have lost the will to continue and will content myself to answer questions or face the hail of fire from the critics and those that disagree or disbelieve what I say.


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