Compilation of Tips and Theories on Macro-PK

Through my experiences in PK I have found many tips that helped me and many other people along in their practices.  Most people believe energy manipulation is the fundamental ability used for PK, but I find that it also responds to telepathy just as much if not more, so switch your brains from EM to TP mode and let's get this thing started.  First off, I will explain what PK, EM, and TP are, so here are my definitions of these terms:

Psychokinesis (PK): The ability to move objects with your mind power and nothing else.

Energy Manipulation (EM): The ability to manipulate energy with your mind and maybe the help of certain objects.

Now, since these are my personal tips I should at least introduce my technique in case these tips do not apply to yours.  This is a link to my technique:

I have trouble moving onto bigger things!

From careful observations over time I have conducted experiments in PK with a member of my site whom I like to call Ron.  The last time I heard from him he was training for the Randi Challenge.  The Randi Challenge is a challenge presented to people to prove the ability of PK and anyone who wins is awarded one million dollars, but that is not important here.  Anyways, we realized that if you practice PK with an object for certain amounts of time, then you will connect to the object and create and bond between you and the object.  This is a sort of anchor.  In most cases anchors are supposed to be a good thing, but if you are training to strengthen your PK abilities it is a very, very bad thing.  It makes it incredibly hard to move onto a bigger object and even makes it hard to move any object other than the anchor.

To avoid creating an anchor I suggest using a variety of different objects and maybe use a variety of different commands.  {ex.  Psiwheel (spin) pencil (roll) ice cube (slide)} However, if you are strengthening this ability it may be a good way to make an anchor, so I will mention how to create a PK anchor.  Let's say you want to make a pencil your PK anchor.  What you want to do is keep that pencil on your person at all times or at least most of the time and often practice PK with it.  You don't actually have to practice with it though, because just having it with you is enough to bond your energy to it.  After a few days or weeks an anchor should have been created and it should be significantly easier to practice with it.

Why can't I move my psiwheel?

An issue I have heard from some people is that they cannot concentrate enough to move the psiwheel.  I have a great tip I would like to share about this issue.  First off, most people think that it is better to concentrate more in order to move the object.  This is not always the case.  It is the amount of concentration that counts.  In my logic I relate this to the resonate frequency of an object. The rseonate frequency is the vibrational frequency at which an object resonates and every object has a different frequency.

If you get the right frequency the objects resonates, but if you don't get it right then nothing happens.  The same concept goes with PK and concentration.  If you concentrate too hard or too little then nothing happens.  You have to fine tune your concentration to find that sweet spot as if your brain is a radio and you are turning the knobs to get the music to come in loud and clear.

A common problem that goes along with the matter of concentration is the matter of control.  I found that a good way to control direction is a bit of micro-PK.  Micro-PK is the ability to control an outcome by expecting or assuming the outcome you want will happen.  That is all you do to control direction in PK.  That's all.  Easy as pie.  I can not say how long it will take for a person to control direction this way, but this is how I have always controlled direction and it is how I teach it.  I have not learned a better way to do it than this either.

In psionics, geisting or more properly known as "poltergeisting," a German word meaning ghost, is a phenomenon that enhances psionic abilities and makes them happen involuntarily and randomly, because of overwhelming emotions.

It can happen on small and large scale.  I have dealt with geisting before in my life and busted in school lockers with PK from it, because of some intense stomach cramps.  Geisting is not a fun thing to experience, because it scares the crap out of you.  A way to stop or ease the effects of geisting is to get rid of the emotions causing the geisting.  Meditate and clear your head.  Think of a song and listen to it to block out the emotions and thoughts that may heighten emotions.  Do not listen to any songs that may cause the wrong emotion to rise.  For example, if you are angry then do not listen to metal or anything loud and angry sounding.  Instead, you should listen to something calming, such as the sounds of nature.  If you feel opposite to what you did, then you are doing well and the geisting should end soon and you can stop.  I would try to avoid letting those emotions arise for the rest of the day or as long as you feel necessary also, just to be safe.

Where's the science behind all this?
The science is everywhere.  You just have to look carefully and sift through what makes sense and what does not.  Many theories have been made about what exactly makes PK work.  There have been theories saying that our brain emits brain waves that affect objects and their behaviors, and theories saying that our brain has the ability to emit strong electromagnetic waves that affect the behavior of objects.  There have even been theories that say the size of a person's brain limits the magnitude of their PK abilities and that no human can lift a car with their mind.  Remember though, these are only theories and they are not definite.  You have the right to disagree with them.  Below are a few theories posted on my site.

The top link leads to a thread by Keliath, an electric engineer, who posed the theory that PK is possible by electromagnetic waves and is limited by the size of our brains.  He even has an equation to help make the understanding of it even more complicated and confusing! I don't go by this theory, but I put it here just to show a theory that is scientific, but not quite as logical as it may seem.  Just because it is scientific doesn't mean it is logical.  What I'm saying is do not follow anybody's theories unless your logic accepts it.  If it doesn't feel right to you then the theory isn't for you.  The link on the bottom leads to a thread full of research, experimenting, and discussion on PK and how it may work.  Many of my tips here were founded in Ron's hypothesises.

Recently, a piece of scientific logic that was once used against the proof of PK has now been reconsidered through experimentation by many psions to be used to help prove PK.  Yes, you guessed it; it is the infamous convection current theory that says placing your hand by the psiwheel can heat the air around it and cause the air to rise and spin the psiwheel.  This theory was proven wrong since unless a person has just finished working out or got home from football practice, nobody's hand has enough heat to spin a paper on a pin.  Another reason I found is the typical psiwheel does not have the correct aerodynamics to be caused to spin by rising air.  In the case that the air would rise with enough force to move the psiwheel it would only float not spin.  I found this out by making use of a miniature wind tunnel at my school and testing this out with my psi wheel, so this is a fact and not a theory.

How can I beat the skeptics in a PK video?
Skeptics make it hard to make a good and scientific PK video, because they are unwilling to believe psionic abilities are real.  They come up with many excuses that shoot down just about every PK video out there, even if their excuses are irrational and unreasonable.  It takes an exceptionally creative and scientific mind to make a flawless PK video, so I will save those who want to make a PK video some time and write my ideas for perfect PK videos here.  I will state the requirements and how to set up the video. The instructions must be strictly followed in order for the video to be considered flawless by most people. Beware though, even if you do follow every instruction given some people will never be convinced no matter how much proof is given, so if you make one of these videos and get comments from people who still choose not to believe then do not get depressed. Just ignore them.

The See-All Video: For this video the requirement is a clear glass table and some type of video recording device.  Reason being, you don't want your viewers to suspect something under the table is affecting the object being moved.  The preferable object to be moved is a CD, but it can really be anything that slides.  The reason it would be best to use a CD is that it is flat and easy to see your hands if you use your hands.

Grab a stack of brand new CDs still in the wrapper.  Take the wrapper off in view of the camera and select a random CD from the middle to remove all suspicion.  Place the CD flat on the table and give a good panoramic view of the whole room showing there is nothing doing anything anywhere to remove absolute suspicion so far and even though it is a CD please keep something over your mouth and nose to block air from the object.  Make sure you do not shift or shake the table in any way or else you will have to start over.  If you use your hands to do PK then keep each and every finger in plain view.  Do not overlap your fingers.  It hides fingers and brings about suspicion.  If you don't use your hands keep them on camera anyway but not near the CD.  Finally, relax and get to moving that CD!

The Multi-Wheel Video: This is a pretty scientific one, so you may have to explain it to your viewers as you set it up.  First of all, make sure all vents are closed tightly.  Now, make several psi wheels, preferably six.  Make them different sizes, two of each size: two 1 inch psi wheels, two 2 inch psi wheels, and two 4 inch psi wheels preferably.  Spread these psi wheels out on top of an entertainment center or a glass table like the one from the above video.  Make sure the duplicates are symmetrical on each side to show that they will share the same effects on each side and nothing is unfair.

Now, here is the science behind it.  You will be moving the medium sized one, that way you will know if there is a breeze or not.  A breeze would move the smaller ones along with the one you are working with, so if the smaller ones do not move then it proves PK is moving the moving one.  If you put the psi wheels on an entertainment center above where the tv would go, then that way the viewers can see what is below the surface and in turn remove suspicion.  It would be better if you use a glass table though, so the viewers can see there are no tubes pumping air to the wheels, but I will be referring to the entertainment center for simplicity sake.

Now, turn on your camera, give a good panoramic view of the room showing there is nothing doing anything to anything from anywhere.  Start setting up the wheels piece by piece on top of the entertain center.  Station the camera level to the psiwheels where you can see both the psi wheels and under the surface.  Keep your body in front of the camera where you can see your face and demonstrate the science to your viewers by blowing lightly at the wheels.  Wait until the wheels stop moving and then start the magic show!

Well, here ends my compilation of PK tips and hints.  PK is the only thing I really know how to teach, so in my opinion if it does not help, then it is not worth writing.  This is why I have tested and researched these tips so brutally.  I want them to be excellent, so that they help all those that read them, so if you are reading this, then I hope they help you as much as they helped me.


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