Psi Balls and Basic Constructs

What is Psi?

Psi is an energy of the mind. That is your mind creates, and can manipulate it to achieve certain goals. Before manipulating it though we need to know where it is. We can do this by feeling psi.

How to Feel Psi.

Most find it easier to feel psi with one of their physical senses rather then trying to locate it in their mind. How we can do this is usually by either seeing or touching psi. Since very view can actually see raw psi we'll stick to touching. Focus on the idea of feeling anything different then what your normally feel on your physical hand. Try this in a quiet room with little or no distractions. Sticking your hand out helps eliminate some of those distractions such as the feel of your clothes. If you feel anything such as a tingling feeling, a slight warmth where there was none, etc. you are feeling psi. Lots of psions find making a ball out of psi one of the simplest and good starting places for psionic manipulation also known as manipulating psi.

Making a Psiball.

Psiballs are a good place to start in Psionics because they teach, and help you practice how to gather energy into a specific location, and give the energy a structure. A psiball is a bunch of psionic energy gathered into a ball form in one point. Learning how to make one of these helps you learn how to gather energy and focus it on one point and keep it there, and learn some basic construct programming, which I will explain later on in the article.

First, start out by cupping your hands as if you were holding a tennis ball. You can make it any size you want but this is a good starting size. Cupping your hands has nothing to do with making the psiball. The only reason why it helps some is because it gives a focus point and helps your mind define boundaries on what size the psiball is, and what shape.

Visualize energy filling into the space in your hands so it forms a ball shape. This is a kind of command you are telling your mind to do. You are telling it to move that psi by visually looking at it going where you want. You can do this in your head, but for some it helps to visualize the energy in the air around them. The colour of the energy doesn't matter but I used to visualize mine as blue. Once you have the ball in your hands keep on adding energy by visualizing it building up and increasing in density. If you start to feel tired or have a slight headache that's a sign you might not want to do more. Either picture or tell the psiball to stay in a ball shape. If you feel tingling or anything different then you would normally feel around the area which you've made the psiball, good for you! You've just made your psiball. Try moving your hands away from it and the feeling will stop then try moving your hands through where you put the ball again. If you did it right the ball should be there and stay there. If it doesn't just cup your hands around the area, try again, and hold the idea of the ball staying put and together stronger in your mind.

This is all very good and all and it might be entertaining for the first, twenty times at most? Most of us probably want to do something more with our little energy ball and that brings us into the next section. Construct Programming.

Basic Construct Programming.

A construct is any bunch of energy focused into a certain area and/or shape. Your psiball is a construct, a baseball bat you made out of focusing energy into that shape is a construct, etc. etc. The key word here, however, is 'Programming'. Programming basically is telling your construct to behave a certain way. For example, we programmed our psiball when we told it to stay in one place and hold itself together. It's that simple, yet it can get very complex.

In this part, we are going to make a psiball construct that is programmed to stay together, and stay put, but also do something else. To add programming to something all you have to do is gather the energy into the form you want, such as a ball, and tell it or visualize what you want it to do. For example you could tell it to gather more energy on its own, make it light up, have it turn the temperature in that area colder or warmer, tell it to stay in one place, tell it to move about randomly.. etc.  There are endless possibilities. But for this article we'll just make it gather more energy.

First, make a psiball as explained before, tell it to stay together, stay where it is and such, but now, tell it to gather energy from a source. A source is anything that gives off energy which is pretty well everything. Some good sources could be a star, the moon, the earth, etc. Visualize energy coming out of your chosen source, and into your psiball continuously then visualize your psiball increasing in density as this is happening. Hold this idea for awhile and soon, if done right, your psiball will continually draw energy and get denser without your help. Doing things like this allows you to build constructs that are much more powerful then you could create on your own but there are dangers involved with this to. If it gets out of control, depending on what you told it to do, it could have serious consequences. To put a safety feature on to prevent this, create ways to destroy or dissipate your psiball. For example, tell your psiball that if you touch your left palm with your right index finger, the psiball will fall apart, or dissipate. You should always have a safety feature like this on usually all of your constructs, especially ones that continually do a function without your help.

This pretty much sums up this article but that's not the end of what you can do. Have fun and experiment with this new knowledge. Instead of making a psi ball, try making a psi cube. You could also enlarge the psiball to cover your whole body, tell it to get its energy from a large source, and picture it repelling all negative energy. This is a basic form of shield and you can much more on that topic. What also seems very popular is shaping the psi into the form of a pet and telling it to follow you by visualizing it doing so. That's called a psi pet and you can make one do a lot more then follow you by visualizing it. There is an infinite amount more you can do with psi but I cannot fit it all into one article so I'll leave it at that.

Since your mind is not used to manipulating psi consciously, it may feel slightly overloaded or overworked with all the energy. An easy solution to this is grounding. To do this, picture yourself letting all of your excess energy flowing down into the ground. Soon your mind will hopefully be relieved. Not doing this even if your mind only feels slightly overloaded might lead to more serious consequences. If you feel tired or irritated after working with psi, that is because working with psi is like any other mental exercise such as chess, checkers, or studying for exams. Take a nap, eat food that is good for you, and soon you will feel better. I hope this article has helped some get started with psi, but remember. You cannot learn psionics fully from articles or textbooks. You need to find what works for you. If this works for you then that's great, but if not explore different possibilities.


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