Energy Manipulation Log of 10-12-2008

This chat was hosted by Chain, our mod of the forum.  I was there to mod and help him out.  We had about 9-12 people at any time.  The chat went over for a bit over an hour.  The members were very well behaved and I think Chain did a great job, seeing how this is his first time teaching a large group.  So please comment and let him know how he can improve and what he did right.  We managed not to scare him off to much and he said he would teach again.  Good chat over all!

  Thank you for coming, everyone.  This is the EM and programming chat for whatever today's date is
   (its the 12th)
  before we start the chat, I want to go over a few rules.  First, please don't talk when I'm not taking questions.
      Second, when you do have a question to ask or a comment to make, type '!'
  I'll call on you as soon as I can.
  Third, please follow the general rules for the chatroom during this chat
  I'm a mod here and am in charge of keeping order.  Obey the rules or you risk getting banned.  You will receive one warning though.
   No questions?
   if you have a comment type in "! comment"
  No questions.
  None here...
  right.  If everyone could refrain from talking until I send another red-texted message that would be great.
  I also have right to comment when I want to.  Everyone else needs to get permission
  Programming is the art and science of forcing ones will upon energy.  Through it, the creation of elaborate constructs is possible.  I'm guess everyone here has some programming experience, be it only with creating a psiball
  Please don't comment if you come or go.  If you have to leave, just leave
  There are a few methodologies for programming, the first and most common being visual.  Visual programming is pretty simple - you visualize what you want the energy to do.
   Conceptual programming is in my opinion more useful and easier than visual, although not everyone would agree with me on that.  To program conceptually, tell the psi what you want it to do as opposed to visualizing.
   ! Brief question
  a less well-known method of programming is instinctive.  anyone who's ever tried to spin a psiwheel most likely knows some of the basis of this method.
  yes, Innos?
  Oh and one more thing. You sometimes will time out if you don't type something every so often so just type "."
  Innos, next time wait for him to ask for questions
  Conceptual programming is literally just telling the psi to do something with a minor charge of will, correct ?
  yes, that is correct
  1 comment
  Apologies, needed clarification.
  arnick, you have something to clarify?
   Yea, conceptual programming can also be using triggers, like using the idea of a forest to get the color green
  but its debatable
  thanks, forgot to mention that.  Now, back to the lecture part of the chat...
  ok guys...
  let me ask to hold ALL questions and comments until he asks for them
  instinctive programming is just that - programming without bothering to use any real technique.  It is causing the energy to do what you want it to do using the same method that is sometimes used for telekinesis:  Just do it because of its nature, I have a hard time explaining how to do conceptual programming.
  Anyone have any questions on programming methods?
  (Taking questions now)
  what's the best way to get back into shape, when you haven't done programming for 6 months?
  start out with the basics:  Move around some psi, try and channel more and more energy.
  ! comment: There are other methods of programming. Such as Triggered, using symbols to activate certain function of the mind to allow certain energetic reactions.
  essentially, do the things that you did when you were starting out again.
  nothingman, you have a question?
   I never heard about triggered programming to elaborate?
   I've never heard of that either, actually...  Arnick?
  ! Ah well, say if you where to believe that every time you cup your hands you world create a psi ball, you would, this is because your mind manipulates things to confirm your belief
  ! often I have used it as a way of showing people they are better than they thing they are
  Ah!  OK, so somewhat like anchors, then?
  Thanks, Arnick.  any further questions?
15:03:06 *   nothingman ashamed for being the newbie again ... Tongue anyway, I remember always getting extremely tired when programming, but not when doing PK ... any thoughts on how to tackle that?
  take frequent breaks.  After completing a section of programming, do something entirely different for 5 minutes.  Then, return to creating the constructs.  Also, try to use external sources of energy when possible.  That will cut down of fatigue
  any other questions?
  ! don?t use your own energy so much
  if you start feeling pain, you need to stop right then and don't practice for the rest of the day.  psi should never hurt
  good point, arnick.  I'm going to elaborate on that later on.
  !comment but everything I ever used was "outside" energy, but channeled through me
  it could still be tiring, even with that.  Channeling energy can be difficult.  Your capacity to use psi will increase as you practice.
  no other questions?
  ok why don't we let him lecture a bit more
  Right.  On to creating constructs.
  first, use specific commands.  A construct programmed to generate heat is going to be less effective than one programmed to draw upon solar radiation to excite CO2 in a 5-meter radius around it.  Never waste energy.  Always be sure that a construct will benefit from a component placed within it.
  Have some degree of a plan before you begin programming.  There have been many times that I've refrained from doing this only to realize after 30 minutes of programming that I had no idea what I was trying to accomplish.  Always use external energy when possible.  Hooking a generator up to a construct or drawing a beam of energy from a star is better than using personal energy.
  There are a few reasons for this, one being that an energy body needs energy to function.  If you're taking energy from your e-body to make a construct, its going to lead to fatigue and possible physiological effects that would be less than desirable.  If you're going to learn how to do one new thing related to EM in the next year, make it learning how to create generators.  There is almost nothing that a generator won't augment in some way.
  So, basic section of the lecture is over.  Any new questions?
  if you use energy from your e-body wouldn't it make you have more personal capacity for energy?
  It could at a basic level, yes.  However, after a certain point, there stops being much gain and just augmenting your energy body becomes more efficient
  generators ... never heard of them ... how, where what ...
  briefly of course
  all right.  A generator is a device that generates energy in some form.  A psi generator is pretty easy to make - just create a sphere of psi and cause it to rotate at a high speed
  for some reason, this generates psi.  I don't think anyone knows why as of now, but it does seem to work.
  !comment ... I am a physicist, and I have a problem "creating energy", since even generators only transform energy into another type ... so any better explanation?
  other energy generators and higher capacity generators are somewhat outside of the scope of this discussion - I could have a whole lecture on them... I really don't know how they function.  I'd like to tell you, and I would if I could.  They do seem to break a few laws of physics, but what in psi doesn?t?
  !  Can't you gather energy from stars and such?
  you can, yes.  Doing so is pretty linear, surprisingly enough.  Just pull down energy from a star, a leyline, or some other natural generator
  any other questions?
  !comment ... nothing I have encountered so far in psi, breaks no laws of physics ... Tongue but if you have some time, maybe we could discuss it through PMs? maybe form a theory ...
  perhaps so, yes.  Feel free to contact me about that.  I'd like to work on some functional theory
  So, unless there are further questions, on to the next lecture!
  Before I start, I'd like to define 'Advanced' as it is commonly used in psionics.
  Many things that are commonly referred to as Advanced I consider close to the limit of basic abilities - things like reality alteration, sentient constructs, and other fun little things. As psions, we have a vast potential, and so little of it has ever been tapped.  Very, very few practitioners have passed beyond the most basic applications of these unique skills
  So, a few things about the higher-level things that I know.  First up, sentient constructs.  I have a bit of a disjointed, random rant about sentience.  It is very much possible to make a sentinet construct.  I've done so, as have countless other psions.  However, I've seen the power of creating true life abused more times than I care to recount.
  If you are going to create a sentient construct, then it MUST be created with the best capabilities that you can impart it with.  It must also have free will.  Not giving a sentinent construct either of those things is incredibly immoral
  are you sure we are using the right language here (life), and what does it mean that it is sentient ... are we sure we created a sentient construct, or is the fact that "it" can understand us just that our bodies respond to what we say to "it" and then "program"?
  and I have a problem with free will with sentient constructs (running loose if such a thing exists) and the morality of such an act ... I'm not quite positive not giving "it" free will is immoral ...
  Hmm...  OK, I should probably define my terminology.  By sentinent, I mean something fully self-aware and capable of thought, something that could be compared to a human.
  then forget the moral point ... but are we SURE we can do that?
15:32:32    I have...  yes, it is possible.  Lower levels of sentience, or something closer to what an animal would be comprised of, are also possible.
  Do you have any further comments?
  no ... sorry if it's too much, I can lay off
  No, it?s not a problem.  I like having my worldview challenged.  So, that pretty much concludes the planning I had done before the chat.  At this point, I can answer questions and discuss more specific techniques, if anyone is interested, but that concludes the bulk of the lecturing
  what on earth is reality alteration?
  ah...  I probably should have define that.  I'm talking about altering how psi functions within a given location
  this can be done, but is quite difficult.  It could be compared to altering the definition of a word by retroactively altering every dictionary in existence
  that make sense?
  yep, thanks ... I have to think about it though
  all right.
  If no one else has questions, then I suppose that concludes the chat
  !  do Constructs with "human" qualities have souls?
  'soul' is a religious term, that has many definitions.  It could be argued that sentient constructs ARE souls.
  could you clarify what you mean by soul?
  !comment I think we can't even be sure human beings have souls ...
  frankly, I'm not sure what a soul is completely either
  so I guess the point is moot
  Alright.  That might be something for another discussion, on what a soul is or whether it even exists.  Still, good question
  Any questions, no matter how obtuse or seemingly stupid, are welcomed
  Although JK may not agree with me. Their is an energy called 'Soul' inside the energy body, it is called this due to its severe importance to the energy body, it can cause havoc if removed
  But a 'soul' could be considered to be your consciousness.
  do we have any remotely scientific proof of the existence of the energy body?
  or is it just a metaphor?
  let me answer that with another question; do we have any remotely scientific proof of the energy no body?
  hmm...  I'm not the best person to ask about scientific stuff.  I'm pretty sure that there have been a few experiments that confirmed OBEs do in fact occur, and then there is the unscientific personal experience.  But I don't know of an experiment that specifically confirms that an energy body exists.
  Anyway, we could all just be using thoughts, and psi doesn?t exist at all it?s just a mental crutch, but it seems to exist.
  OBE's have been extensively researched, so we do have proof of that
  You can scan it, change it, and it becomes harder to manipulate psi without it.
   on the other hand, there's a phenomenal paper, that argues that psi exists, but we as physicists will be forever unable to prove it's existence through our current paradigm ... we can only prove the effects of "something" we call psi, but never psi itself
  but what is the energy body then?
  yes, herrperfekt?
  Well it?s impossible to see ANY energy, but you can see its effects
  if I remember right a while ago there was a experiment where they recorded a dying mans mass before and after he died and after death he was lighter.
  Yes...  I think that experiment has been since disproved, though
   It has
  I agree with chain and arnick2 about the experiment, but arnick2, we can only see certain wave-length of light ... so seeing energy or not seeing it is a moot point ... Tongue other than that, everything is energy, even mass ... Smiley
  Anyways, it seems that the discussion is moving away from EM.  I think we've reached the conclusion of the chat.
  True, I agree with you, but that is philosophy
  any last questions?
  and proof of psi is not the subject matter anyway
  or physics, but yes ...
  ok end it Chain
  thanks to everyone for attending, and special thanks to JK for helping out so much


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