Telekinesis Chat Log of 9-27-2008

Here is the tk chat that I hosted for about an half and a half.  There were about 9-11 people there at any given time. Apollo and Bril were so nice to supply us with the log so I thank them both.  Have fun reading it over.  Also do not post this log anywhere else without asking me.  The log has been edited for spelling, combining short posts, and people coming and going as well as some random and not needed comments.

[13:01]  Welcome to the tk chat.
[13:01]  although this chat is for everyone, it is being aimed at the beginners, aka newbies
[13:02]  but for all that have any talent in this topic, I encourage you to add your word when the time is right. am now going into the rules of the chat so that we can make this smoother and easier on everyone. Please hold all questions until I ask for them
[13:03]  the chatroom rules can be read here:
[13:03]  Please obey them or you will be kicked
[13:03]  Here are the chatroom hosted talks, aka what this is:
[13:04]  and now I will go over the ! system for the new people
[13:04]  the ! system is just a way to keep order. When you have a question or a comment (when I ask for them) please type in !. Then wait until I call on you. If you forget your question, let me know as soon as possible. Also if you are commenting, type "done" when you are done so we don't wait forever.  If you have any questions that are not related to the topic, pm Chain and he will deal with it or tell me if there is a problem
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[13:06]  now are there any questions about the rules or the ! system?
[13:06] !
[13:06] !
[13:06]  seraphic
[13:07] how do we start a comment?
[13:07]  by typimg ! comment
[13:07] ok
[13:07] So how do know you aren't fluffing us
[13:39]  as for scientist, I wouldn't put all belief them in them either. I don't really think they know any more than we do and they have their own beliefs to push
[13:39]   @ Phlat That's a good video, I saw it before. I highly recommend
[13:39]   because I'm drawing on commonly agreed upon ideas found on any major psionic site
[13:40]   @ Timbo How does Jk know she's not fluffing herself? We all believe were not right in the head at some point.
[13:41]  anymore questions?
[13:42]  ok would someone else like to teach something other than how to do tk which we will go over after this?
[14:43]  such as?
[14:43]  meaning if you have anything else to share that would be cool
[14:44]  From my own experience and research I have figured out the psi and TK are strongly linked, almost directly I would say.
[14:44]  Well, mostly everyone uses psi to use TK.
[14:44]  it is actually,  it's hard to find, but I found a connection
[14:45]  After about a week for working on making 2 psiballs a day I was able to move a psiwheel which normaly takes me about 2 weeks
[14:45]  Yeah, We wanna throw things around
[14:45]  the truth is you use psi in a very subtle way to move the psi wheel
[14:45]  I figured out that if you really want to see some results in TK, then focus on energy manipulation.
[14:46]  Timbo, start small.
[14:46]  If you start big your subconcious will basically think it's impossible.
[14:46]  Even if you focus solely on energy manipulation, whether it be charging or making a few psiballs, you can still achieve a good amount of power.
[14:46]  Just like a car, with practice you MIGHT be able to.  It just takes practice.
[14:47]  Is there a reason why they can't lift a human being or is it because they weigh too much
[14:47]  I made a psiball once before and I felt real tired during/after it.
[14:48]  actually weight very little to do with tk
[14:48]  So why can't I lift a car with TK
[14:48]  physically because of your muscles
[14:49]  Your subconcious will know that you can't before you start.
[14:49]  but by telekinesis it?s a bunch of reasons
[14:49]  If you can't physically do it, your subconscious thinks that if you can't even do it physically you can't do it then.
[14:49]  why don't I go explain it
[14:49]  please hold off all questions and comments until then
[14:49]  there are a few reasons why tk is hard to do.  First off there is the mental block.  The mental block is our mind telling us we can't do it.  it's a very hard thing to tell yourself otherwise.
[14:51]  in order to do tk, you have to really really believe that you can do tk.  You can't just tell yourself that, but you have to completely believe that you can.  You can't doubt yourself because you won't put all effort into the skill.  Doubt comes from fear and fear is the big enemy of psionics.  It's like if i told you to jump something that looked really high.  If you doubt yourself, you're going to end up stopping right as you get to the thing object you're jumping over
[14:52]  the second part that makes tk hard is actually doing it.
[14:53]  there has never been a great explanation about how to do tk.  I would like to claim my method works great, but even I can't do that.  Yet everyone has at least tried to take a stab at explaining how to do it
[14:54]  to go over one method, there is the "just do it" method that can be found on You all can go read it for yourself.  But basically you just convince yourself subconscious you can do this and then you will the wheel to move
[14:55]  to me, I don't find that works for newbies, because you end up staring at the wheel, thinking really hard for it to move and you get a headache instead of movement. staring and thinking at the psi wheel won't get you anywhere, believe me, I've tried that.. In fact I have found that you don't want to "make" it move, but kind of ask the wheel to move
[14:57]  in other words you can not force psi or the wheel to move.  Do not try to command the wheel.  It doesn't work.  You will want to subtly feel out the wheel and think about wheel moving, but don't try anything.  You also want to be calm, physically relaxed.  Some people like to keep their hand near the wheel.  I caution you all on that because supposedly the heat from your hand can move the wheel.  Though I think that is bs seeing how that has never happened to me or others that I know. If you do want to use your hand, then keep it a good 3-4 inches away
[14:59]  are there any questions so far?
[14:59]  ! comment
[14:59]  lyn
[14:59]  you said believing is important. actually i don't think so. the first time i did tk (psiwheel) i didn't believe in tk. but i also didn't deny it's existence. i think what helped me moving the psiwheel (it started moving right after i looked at it for the first time) was that i was totally relaxed and didn't care much about the outcome.
[15:00]  !comment
[15:00]  !comment
[15:00]  ok it's the "I don't care how it turns out" that is important.  If you are fearing failure, you're going to fail
[15:00]  cu
[15:00]  I find it easier just to concentrate on moving it, but not in a specific direction.  It may be going to go one way, but you are forcing it the other way. And don't force it, whatever you do.  It just makes it harder.
[15:01]  ok each to their own.  There is on one way of doing this.  I'm going on the way I do it
[15:01]  phlat
[15:01]  There's a lot of ideas on how tk works, so I wouldn't trust anyone that says they have definitive whether or not your subconscious believe you can move something matters, there's no evidence to say either way
[15:02]  good point
[15:02]  to go back to your high jump analogy, you can only jump as far as gravity will allow, and your muscles are strong, even if you have all the belief in the world
[15:02]  science can't really prove it, but then again there are too many people that I trust that have done it to say other wise.  True, I was using it as example for believe.  I suppose I should have said it was a jump that you could physically do, but it looked high
[15:03]  anymore comments?
[15:04]  questions?
[15:04]  Don't you think your playing with fire by doing things that humans aren't natrually meant to be doing.
[15:05]  !
[15:05]  actually I argue this is natural and that we have been unnaturally suppressing this.  But you do bring up a point I would like to talk about after the comments are done
[15:05]  koushiro
[15:06]  Sorry, i was going to say what JK said.
[15:07]  anyone else?
[15:07]  ok then I'm going back to lecturing.  Please hold all comments and questions until I ask for them
[15:08]  there are two things I forgot to go over.  The first one is the psiwheel
[15:08]  a psiwheel is a tool that anyone can make to use to practice tk.  All it is a base, like a cork or something, a sewing needle or pin and a little square piece of paper.  Everyone has their own materials for the psi wheel, but that is the basic idea.  You'll want the base to be flat and have the sewing needle or pin sticking up through the base so the sharp end is up and then fold the paper twice so you can balance it on the needle.  If anyone wants to find a pic of this, that would be great to post
[15:11]  I could make one and take a pic if you wish.
[15:11]  and before you start practicing with your wheel, you need to look for vents, air currents, and anything that might make the wheel move itself without you doing anything
[15:13]  You should test the wheel for air currents for a good minute or two and then if you are going to use your hand, put your hand near the wheel for a minute.  If the wheel moves and stops without you doing anything, then wait for the wheel to stay still before practicing.  You don't want to think you move it when it was just a breeze.
[15:13]  the other thing I forgot to mention is a strange thing that pre and early teens sometimes happen.  An angry teen who is naturally good at tk, but doesn't know it, might cause something to fall in a room near by.  There is a term for this, it's German and I've completely forgotten what it's called, so if anyone knows call out
[15:14]  !
[15:15]  poltergeisting or poltergeist-phenomena
[15:15]  yeah that's it
[15:15]  So you're saying that telekinesis is based on emotions?
[15:16]  It can be.
[15:16]  it can, let me explain
[15:16]  I would have liked to, but continue.
[15:16]  for people who are very angry and are good at tk, I urge them to learn to control their emotions.  Sometimes if you get angry you can cause outburst with psi.  With empathy you can overload someone with your emotion. You can backfire shielding
[15:17]  Are people born with TK Ability?
[15:17]  and in tk you can make things fall over that you didn't mean to.  We are all born being able to use psi.  So yes.
[15:18]  but poltergeist rarely happens
[15:19]  anyone else have comments or questions?
[15:19]  !
[15:20]  yes?
[15:20]  Is it possible to cause physical pain to someone with TK?
[15:21]  possible, but I have never heard of someone doing it. remember that most people can barely move paper
[15:21]  anyone else have questions?
[15:21]  !
[15:22]  yes?
[15:23]  I've heard about TK Sparring before, Can you better explain that
[15:23]  there is no solid evidence that children are better.  Children have less cluttered mind and don't have all the beliefs about the world that we have, so you would think they are
[15:24]  for abilities being faded or locked, yes both can happen, but that is a very complex question I won't go into today.  There is sparring.  I haven't heard of tk sparring and I would advise against it.  Psiworld is a no sparring or combat site, so lets stay away from that
[15:25]  ok would anyone else like a chance to teach tk?
[15:25]  like if you have a method that works for you, now is the time to share it
[15:26]  !
[15:26]  lyn
[15:26]  i have a small tip for people who can't move the psiwheel yet
[15:27]  go ahead
[15:27]  just put the psiwheel next to you whatever you do, so you can always look at it even when you don't practice TK
[15:27]  chances are high that your subconscious knows what you want to do with the psiwheel and once you're all relaxed, it might move by itself
[15:27]  even if you didn't intent to move it
[15:27]  though beware of breezes
[15:28]  yeah, of course
[15:28]  anyone else have a method?
[15:28]  Is there anyway to get completely relaxed
[15:29]  yes, meditation, listening to music,....try different things
[15:29]  !
[15:29]  koushiro
[15:29]  But my brain is always preoccupied with moving the wheel, So I'm trying to force myself into a relaxed state
[15:30]  My methods a bit hard to explain, but i try to connect to the wheel, if that makes sense, and then try and mentally spin with the wheel
[15:30]  yeah that does. When you connect to the wheel, the way I do it is by gathering psi and sensing the wheel with my mind.  I send a "beam" or a "string" of psi to the wheel like I would for linking in telepathy
[15:32]  you may or may not want to pick a direction for the wheel to go in
[15:33]  !
[15:33]  yes?
[15:35]  I find it difficult to move onto other objects, and it puts all the doubt back, how can i deal with this?
[15:35]  !
[15:35]  hmm well I have the same trouble.  you might try small and looking light objects.  Anyone have tip?
[15:35]  lyn
[15:36]  it's important not to stick to spinning movements like the psiwheel because your sub-c will have a hard time getting used to other movements. but there are some things which are pretty easy to move and don't involve spinning. like moving a melting ice cube
[15:36]  or a ping pong ball
[15:37]  just practice for a few days and you should at least get them to shake
[15:37]  !
[15:38]  How much practice should we put in a day to learn tk
[15:39]  that depends on how you feel as you practice.  If you start getting tired, then stop.  If you start feeling pain, stop.  This goes for any skill, but I would keep it to about 10-15 minutes max.
[15:40]  !
[15:40]  yes?
[15:40]  Can anyone get any injuries from using TK?
[15:41]  aside from headaches, not that I know of
[15:41]  !comment
[15:41]  dash
[15:42]  some reports of blood pressure rising from strain as well
[15:42]  !
[15:42]  er... done
[15:43]  ok well I'm afraid I have to go, so I will end this chat
[15:43]  thank you all for coming!
[15:43]  END OF CHAT


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