Empath Talk Log 9-13-2008

Here is the empathy log which was done in the new chatroom on 9-13-2008.  There were anywhere from 10-12 members in the chatroom at anytime with me doing most of the lecturing.  The log is 12 pages long, but good in my opinion. Let me know what you thought of the talk.

[13:06]   : Empathy Seminar starting now:
[13:06]   : ok thank you all for coming
[13:06]   : please hold off all questions for a few minutes
[13:07]   : If you have alternate questions, PM me
[13:07]   : everyone please do not talk for just a few minutes
[13:07]   : let me say a few things
[13:07]   : for the record, this is the first chat of the new chatroom and thus we have a few things to go over
[13:08]   : first, I want to name Apollo as the official helper
[13:09]   : so for those who came in, apollo is the helper, which means if you have questions or comments, please pm him
[13:09]   : if apollo is busy, go to fearn or HP
[13:09]   : let on to rules.
[13:09]   : if you all didn't notice the rules were posted on the chatroom page of the main site.
[13:10]   : http://thepsiworld.net/chat/index.php
[13:10]   : those are the rules for normal times. There are special rules for talks like this one so to help keep order
[13:10]   : you can read about them here: http://www.thepsiworld.net/forum/index.php?topic=1573.0
[13:11]   : I also ask that you behave and be on your best behavior during the talk because this is serious and is going on the main site when the log is edited
[13:12]   : one more thing, lets go over the ! system
[13:12]   : bascially, if you want to ask something or comment, type in ! and wait for me to call on you. Do not speak out before I call on you otherwise it gets confusing.
[13:13]   : if you get skipped, type in ! again or pm one of the staff and they will let me know
[13:13]   : try not to get off topic and keep the "lol"s down as much as possible. they are annoying to edit out.
[13:14]   : now if you have any questions or comments about what was said, now's the time to ask
[13:14]   : !
[13:14]   : !
[13:14]   : notagh
[13:14]   : I can't read the rules.
[13:15]   : ok they are also posted on the main site in the news and rules board
[13:15]   : nuuka
[13:15]   : Is this going to go on as a class or as a seminar/discussion?
[13:15]   : Class = Teaching ; Seminar/discussion = development of a topic in group
[13:15]   : I wanted to clarify what I meant by those terms. [13:16]   : seminar with a practice at the end
[13:16]   : Alright
[13:16]   : !
[13:16]   : I'll go over empathy and then let you all practice it
[13:16]   : lyn
[13:16]   : you said to write Apollo if we have questions. I can't find Apollo in the list of attwending chatters
[13:16]   : he's raikia
[13:16]   : I am Apollo
[13:16]   : ok, thanks
[13:17]   : sorry, should have made that clar
[13:17]   : !
[13:17]   : oreus
[13:17]   : Is this seminar just on empathy, or mental telepathy as well?
[13:17]   : just empathy
[13:18]   : oh and just for those wondering, I'll change to JediKaren in about a month. There were a few problems
[13:18]   : so anymore questions before we get started?
[13:18]   : I'll ask mine later.
[13:18]   : if you all want to invite or advertise this talk, go right ahead
[13:18]   : Because they're not really related.
[13:19]   : ok let's get going. I'm going to ask that you wait until I ask for questions to do the ! thing
[13:19]   : Empathy: the ability to feel emotions from another person or persons as if they were your own. This is not a skill everyone has, or everyone is good at, but I so happen to be a strong natural at it.
[13:20]   : natural means I didn't have to be taught, I could do it without knowing why or how. I often times knew what people were really feeling and could call it out and get people mad at me and didn't know what was wrong
[13:21]   : I had an ability to get people to talk to me about how they felt without even inviting them too. Also note that empathy does not just have to be with people, you can also do empathy with animals.
[13:23]   : when my cat was dying in 4th grade I went through a million emotions and felt that I couldn?t be near him. I now know that was due to high stressed empathy.
[13:24]   : another thing about empathy is the stronger the emotion, the more you are going to pick it up. Distance also plays into empathy. If someone is sitting next right to you, you are more likely to pick up their emotions than someone is across the room.
[13:25]   : Yet if the person who is next to you is just being a little bit scared and the person far away is steaming angry, you're going to pick up the anger more than the fear.
[13:25]   : are there any questions at this time?
[13:25]   : !
[13:26]   : notagh
[13:26]   : !
[13:26]   : You can also affect people's emotes too, right?
[13:26]   : yes that is what I am talking about
[13:26]   : nuuka
[13:26]   : I want to comment, may I?
[13:26]   : sure
[13:27]   : I agree with you that distance plays a role. From my previous experience, this is due to because we tend to focus on what is closer to us rather than something that is less likely to be affected by us as well.
[13:28]   : yes
[13:28]   : anymore questions?
[13:28]   : !
[13:28]   : lyn
[13:28]   : how far does your empathic ability reach? can you sense someone's emotion who'a a mile away or even on another continent?
[13:29]   : !
[13:29]   : !
[13:29]   : well strangely enough you can pick up on emotions through the internet
[13:29]   : as you will find out today in the practice part
[13:30]   : unconciously picking up emotions, it's going to depend on how sensitive you are. Consciously, there is no distance
[13:30]   : MBSD
[13:30]   : That's what I was going to say. Perhaps you want to demonstrate?
[13:30]   : it will be in the practice part
[13:30]   : nuuka
[13:31]   : Okay, I volunteer then.
[13:31]   : So do I
[13:31]   : I want to comment on lyn's question if I have permission.
[13:31]   : go ahead
[13:31]   : if you want to comment, just say you have a comment and then type
[13:32]   : Regarding the first question, it can go as far as you allow it. This is of course separate from other factors like accuracy.
[13:32]   : Regarding the second question
[13:33]   : oh yeah I should warn you all that if you don't type in anything after so long the chatroom kicks you out
[13:33]   : Oh jeez.
[13:33]   : very well
[13:33]   : anymore, more questions?
[13:33]   : In JK's case where you can feel someone's emotions of someone next to you better than you would sense someone from the other side of the room, this is due to psychological factors such as physical distance. In the later case you mentioned (across the continent), this is also affected by distance in a different way.
[13:34]   : ok, thanks
[13:34]   : ok I'm going back to talking now. Please hold off all questions until I ask
[13:34]   : something I should have mentioned was the difference between concious and unconscious empathy
[13:35]   : unconscious empathy is picking up emotions without meaning to. This is what generally leads to overloads, headaches or other problems. But we'll go into that in a few.
[13:36]   : conscious empathy is purposely opening yourself up to the emotions around you. You can narrow your focus on one person, a group, or a whole room, school and so on
[13:37]   : one thing I like to do when I'm not sure about a group of people is to open myself to the general emotional feel of the group. Like do I mostly pick up a relaxed sense, or fear or anger, or something else
[13:38]   : now to understand empathy, you need to understand emotions. I'm going to warn you that scientifially we don't know a ton about emotions, but I can tell you what I have learned through practice and observing the world around me. People mostly feel more than one emotion and can have different levels of emotions
[13:39]   : anger usually comes from fear and fear comes from the unknown. The feeling of suffering usually comes from doubt, fear and anger
[13:39]   : calm is a tricky one because it may feel like nothing at all.
[13:40]   : if you don't feel anything at all it may because of a shield the person has. Not that you don't have to be a trained psion to put up a shield around your emotions.
[13:41]   : ! on the people getting kicked
[13:41]   : sometimes you might notice something about someone, but you can't sense it. that is probably a sigh the person is suppressing and burying that emotion, refusing to look and confront it
[13:41]   : (oh yeah if you need to type something to keep from being kicked, go ahead)
[13:41]   : (you can do some random word)
[13:41]   : you get kicked for nt typing?
[13:42]   : (you time out and the chatroom kicks you)
[13:42]   : Just go private chat someone else and type something every 2 min
[13:42]   : so I strongly advise natural empaths to make a study into emotions because it will greatly help you understand empathy as well as people and society as a whole
[13:43]   : any questions at this time?
[13:43]   : !
[13:43]   : !
[13:43]   : tor
[13:43]   : how do you shutdown yourself to protect from overload?
[13:44]   : through shielding, grounding, and staying away from every emotional people or places (we will go more into that)
[13:45]   : HJ
[13:45]   : btw if you all want to answer the question type ! answer
[13:45]   : How long do we have to idle for before we get kicked?
[13:45]   : I'm not sure. I'll ask apollo
[13:45]   : it's about a 300 second.
[13:46]   : oh well that works
[13:46]   : 42 minutes.
[13:46]   : any more?
[13:46]   : anymore questions?
[13:47]   : nope, ok let me go on. Please hold off all questions until I ask
[13:47]   : empathy dangers and protection
[13:48]   : sad for empaths, the whole world is one big emotional place with hot areas. Most empaths suffer from overloads which are too many or too strong of an emotion being felt. So if you're really really angry and near me, I'm going to feel it wether I like it or not. If I have to stay near you for a long enough time, I'm going to start getting overloaded
[13:49]   : getting overloaded to me feels like getting drunk or something.  Even i generally don't realize I'm overloaded until I wonder why I'm feeling thing way so much.
[13:51]   : I will get so caught up with this anger, I won't wonder why until I realize the person is emotionally shouting it at me
[13:51]   : then comes the headache and the need for sleep because I'll be tired. One of the best things i have when suffering from an overload is to get away from everyone, get into nature, even my back yard will do, and to walk around taking deep breaths.
[13:52]   : if you are overloading and can't get away from the place or can't shield, then you need to practice grounding.  Grounding usually means to send your energy, psi, through your body and out, away from you.
[13:53]   : In this case, you're going to do the same, only send your emotions out from your body. Btw this is a great way to calm down if you're really scared or angry for non empathy reasons.
[13:54]   : if you get a headache, drink some water, take something if you want and try to rest or sleep it off. Sleep normally will cure you unless it's a realy bad overload and then you're just going to have to wait for your body to recover
[13:55]   : for shielding, that isn't my strength, so I suggest reading up on different shields. My problem is I don't like to keep up shields all the time and then forget to shield when I go to a party or deal with a really upset friend.
[13:56]   : you should also always be looking out for places or situations that are going to be very emotional. Parties, concerts, rallies, tests, sport games are all places I would recommend being careful.
[13:56]   : and with that, are there any questions?
[13:56]   : ! comment
[13:57]   : oreus
[13:58]   : I'd just like to give a tech for shielding. It works for telepathy, but it might work for empaths as well. Build a wall, brick by brick, behind your eyes. Build a mobile wall to block certain thoughts or emotions, and a longer, more pervasive wall for a more general block
[13:58]   : sounds good
[13:58]   : anymore questions or comments?
[13:59]   : !
[13:59]   : ! comment
[13:59]   : notagh
[13:59]   : Can you die of overload?
[13:59]   : !
[13:59]   : I've never heard of that, so I don't think so.
[14:00]   : nuuka
[14:00]   : ! answer for Notagh
[14:00]   : Well, Ive heard of cases where the person ends up very badly to the point of a comma, but the process for doing that was... long. But in any case, it is VERY uncommon.
[14:01]   : you would really have to go out of your way to end up like that.
[14:01]   : "Overload is a failure of the automated defense system to filter out input when the mind has reached its limit". An easy way to deal with it is to zone out for a few minutes/clear your mind.
[14:02]   : brb guys, got to go to the bathroom, fearn will take care of questions
[14:02]   : Usually this leads to a cleansing of the field if it is contaminated with debris.
[14:02]   : !
[14:02]   : Nuuka, type done or finished when you are done
[14:03]   : Oreus
[14:03]   : I am done commenting so far.
[14:03]   : Thank you, Oreus you're up next.
[14:03]   : back thanks
[14:03]   : oreus go
[14:03]   : I'd like to add that, although nobody's died of overload to my knowledge, people have passed out and blacked out
[14:04]   : but those were bad overloads
[14:04]   : Oreus: I?ve also known of such cases.
[14:04]   : that can happen with any skill you practice. You will have to go really out of your way, but it can happen. It nearly happen to me in my first year with an energy overload
[14:04]   : Personally, I have gone so dizzy that is nearly impossible to find balance.
[14:04]   : ok cu go
[14:04]   : ! comment
[14:05]   : We better let MBSD go he got skipped
[14:05]   : cu-mbsd
[14:05]   : Okay well even though it's possible, just like anything else, you COULD die, but it's almost impossible. LIke they said, you could black out.
[14:06]   : The most I've ever had was a very bad headache where I wish I was passed out.
[14:06]   : nuuka
[14:07]   : I want to make an exception as well. Usually these kind of dangerous overloads do NOT happen in a natural process. Most (if not every) of these cases have been developed in the course of over-practicing or even combat.
[14:07]   : !comment
[14:08]   : anymore?
[14:09]   : ok then I'm going on. Please hold off all questions until I ask
[14:09]   : the last thing I'll go into before we practice is the natural duty of an empath
[14:10]   : what I mean is that empaths attract people. People come to them with problems, needing to rant or vent. they may ask about relationship questions or ask why they are feeling a certain way
[14:11]   : these people don't know you are an empathy, but they are drawn to you. Yes it?s annoying. And I know empaths don't want to hear about everyone's drama, but you really should.
[14:12]   : Empaths make the best councilors (plus they are free). they are understanding, insightful, and usually wise about emotional problems.
[14:13]   : So if you find yourself constantly going to one person for these problems, you might want to be aware that they are an empath. You might want to be careful about coming to them when you are very emotion and literally stand back a step or two. That can help with overload
[14:13]   : as an empath, you need to be aware that you too need to rant, vent and feel emotions.
[14:14]   : A lot of empaths get so sick of emotions that they close their selves down and refuse to look until the emotion gets them into trouble. I am a horrible case of this
[14:14]   : You need to take time off, get along, cry, scream, talk or whatever
[14:14]   : find another empath friend and tell them you need to vent.
[14:15]   : I always keep my door open to anyone who needs to talk, but I have a few people I know that can understand me better than I can understand myself.
[14:15]   : !comment
[14:15]   : ok go ahead cu
[14:15]   : Hey loce
[14:15]   : btw I'll take questions now
[14:15]   : !comment
[14:16]   : If you don't vent you'll basically become sick like JK said, and after a while you'll just feel even worse. It's happened to me.
[14:16]   : ! comment
[14:16]   : Also
[14:16]   : !
[14:16]   : if you don't ground for several weeks, you will be more open to germs as you wear down your body
[14:16]   : Don't vent to some random person, make sure they want to listen to you. It's not really nice to do that. I'm an empath and it's happened to me.
[14:16]   : yep, fearn go
[14:16]   : People talking to you is not always a good thing. They can unintentonally overload you.
[14:16]   : Done.
[14:17]   : it's ok to say no if you know you can't take anymore emotions at that time. Your health comes first
[14:17]   : nuuka
[14:18]   : I sort of have a different opinion about empaths attracting people. Might I expose my view?
[14:18]   : sure
[14:19]   : what I teach is just an opinion, usually back up with other people's opinions. You don't have to take my word for truth [14:19]   : I somewhat agree that empaths can attract other people (Law of attraction), but it is also due to other factors that involve body language, facial expression, personality, etc.
[14:19]   : !
[14:20]   : lyn
[14:20]   : If you (JK) say people are attracted to empaths for talking about emotional problems. i'm also one of those people others come to vent (because i'm a good listener and very sensitive and emotional myself). does that mean it's easier for me to develop empathy?
[14:20]   : it probably means you are an empath and don't know it, but we'll find out in the practice part which is next
[14:21]   : anyone else?
[14:22]   : ok on to the practice part
[14:22]   : please hold all questions (you get the drill)
[14:22]   : there are two parts to practicing empathy: sending emotions and receiving emotions
[14:23]   : you may be better at one and horrible at the other
[14:23]   : and one practice really is not enough to determine that so I encourage you to practice in the chat other times.
[14:23]   : sending emotions:
[14:24]   : 1. pick an emotion. Try to pick the strongest verison of that emotion. So if it's angry, get raging mad as much as possible to send it out clearly
[14:24]   : Ok, I picked one.
[14:24]   : 2. pick your target. For this practice, your target will be this room.
[14:25]   : guys don't comment yet
[14:25]   : 3. this is an option to help you, but envision your target. For this case, I would just imagine a much of people sitting near you and think of their names as you send.
[14:26]   : You also may want to send, aiming at their heart or head.
[14:26]   : and that is sending.
[14:26]   : receiving:
[14:26]   : 1. Breath in and out a few times. You will want to calm down and clear your mind of all thoughts and emotions.
[14:27]   : 2. Open your mind to the emotions around you. Think of yourself as a radio, picking up radio waves. You will need to tune in to certain feelings of emotions being sent to you.
[14:28]   : 3. Don't doubt yourself. That is the biggest mistake people make. Your first guess is probably right. Trust yourself.
[14:28]   : and that is receiving.
[14:28]   : are there any questions about those steps?
[14:28]   : !
[14:28]   : cu
[14:28]   : You can also get these emotions from scanning, correct?
[14:29]   : I guess that would fall under practice.
[14:29]   : you could. I ask that you don't for this practice
[14:29]   : okay.
[14:29]   : anymore?
[14:29]   : ok here how this is going to work
[14:29]   : I'm going to be the first sender
[14:30]   : brb
[14:30]   : I'm going to type in "sending" which means I'm sending the emotion right then. I will keep sending until everyone has posted their answer.
[14:30]   : I will reveal the answer when everyone who wants to, has posted their answer.
[14:31]   : then I will ask who wants to go next
[14:31]   : any questions on that?
[14:31]   : !
[14:31]   : !
[14:31]   : lyn
[14:31]   : do you have any visualization that makes it easier to clear your mind? i always have trouble with that
[14:32]   : try a blue mist flowing through your body, calming you down
[14:32]   : ok
[14:32]   : ! helpful tip for lyn on clearing the mind
[14:32]   : make sure you relax your body
[14:32]   : hp go for that
[14:32]   : tor you'll go after him
[14:32]   : practice meditation on a regular basis
[14:33]   : yes, i just started yesterday. Wink thanks, i'll keep practicing
[14:33]   : hp let us know if you're done or not
[14:33]   : done
[14:33]   : tor go
[14:33]   : how is it possible to send the emotion to the entire chat room?
[14:33]   : !answer*
[14:33]   : cu
[14:33]   : By broadcasting it.
[14:34]   : You simply put the whole room as your target, every person.
[14:34]   : that really works?
[14:34]   : Yeah!
[14:34]   : count how many people are here or willing to play and then send to everyone as a group
[14:34]   : yes it does
[14:34]   : ok
[14:34]   : ok lets show him people
[14:34]   : so everyone: take a deep breath and get ready
[14:35]   : I felt anxiety just now
[14:35]   : just wait until I send officially
[14:35]   : sending
[14:35]   : Excitement, maybe a little worried.
[14:36]   : oh, it's hard. it's either joy or anger
[14:36]   : Also feel a little jumpy.
[14:36]   : it's like i wanna jump everywhere.
[14:37]   : i know im wrong but i think it was confusion.... its been a while so
[14:37]   : anyone else?
[14:37]   : I can't put it into words, like maybe hyper? My biggest problem
[14:37]   Brilenus: votes hyper.
[14:37]   : i really can't decide. it has a more positive feeling than a negative feeling
[14:37]   : Sorry, my biggest problem is trying to put the things I get from psi into words. XD
[14:37]   : Yeah, i'll say hyper also.
[14:37]   : I think I felt a positive feeling too
[14:37]   : maybe happiness.
[14:38]   : ok everyone done?
[14:38]   : I guess so.
[14:38]   : blah....gee that was hard.
[14:39]   : ok the emotion I was going for was a sort of nervous, worry, fear thing.
[14:39]   : Lol
[14:39]   : but underneath that i have been rather calm and in a good mood
[14:39]   : worry is kind of like confusion
[14:39]   : and it was hard to draw up that emotion while being calm
[14:39]   : Kay. Can I go next?
[14:39]   : the nervous sort of tapping of the foot
[14:39]   : ok Notagh can go
[14:39]   : i have a question
[14:40]   : ok wait not
[14:40]   : going....
[14:40]   : lyn, go
[14:40]   : questions always get answered before someone else
[14:40]   : i think when i had my eyes closed and you were start to send the emotion, i saw a color
[14:40]   : well I wasn't sending out a color, but that can happen
[14:41]   : ok, i was just wondering
[14:41]   : it's usually known as an aura
[14:41]   : there is an article on the main site under other skills on auras
[14:41]   : ok notagh, go
[14:41]   : going....
[14:41]   : I volunteer to send after
[14:42]   : type "sending" next time
[14:42]   : done.
[14:42]   : notagh keep sending
[14:42]   : Ooh I feel angry now.
[14:42]   : kinda like a hatred.
[14:42]   : you don't stop until everyone has posted their answer
[14:42]   : 'kay
[14:43]   : yes, me too. anger
[14:43]   : hmm either anger or excitment. Maybe a raging, energtic anger.
[14:43]   : and now a stomach churning kind of feel.
[14:43]   : sort of blood boiling rage
[14:43]   : disapointment... not a huge amount of it but something like that
[14:43]   : Maybe a vampire?
[14:43]   : I'm getting excitement, but I'm not particularly taking part.
[14:44]   : I think he's got his emotions mixed up.
[14:44]   : is everyone done?
[14:44]   : Maybe a vampire?
[14:44]   : Well just now
[14:44]   : Felt like crying.
[14:44]   : there's like 4-5 emotions in that.
[14:44]   : That's okay, JK.
[14:44]   : ok guys, try to pick one emotion
[14:44]   : What are you talking about vampires for?
[14:45]   : Did I miss something?
[14:45]   : anyone notagh: go ahead, tell us
[14:45]   : Loce is the closest one. Kinda some dissappointment, and mostly boredom and that's all, I'm a good emotion actor, you know.
[14:45]   : There was about 50 in there.
[14:45]   : Guys, I gotta go, like right now.
[14:45]   : lol well you certainly had us fooled
[14:45]   : seeya.
[14:45]   : yea, all i got really was a small disapointment feeling for a few seconds... it didnt last long so the boardom must have been that aprt
[14:45]   : Sending.
[14:45]   : oh, bye notagh
[14:45]   : guys remember: pick one emotion to send and send it off as strongly as you can
[14:46]   : i take a little time out, i start to feel all dizzy
[14:46]   : Still sending.
[14:46]   : calm happiness
[14:46]   : tired...though that may be me
[14:46]   : Anger.
[14:47]   : Anyone else?
[14:47]   : im with JK calm and... not so much happy but more of bliss
[14:47]   : Okay well, it was anger.
[14:48]   : Blind rage.
[14:48]   : That's right, I'm amazing.
[14:48]   : With some sadisticism.
[14:48]   : at the same time
[14:48]   : a compassion for those who are hurt/
[14:48]   : I think I'm tired
[14:48]   : I was exercising before this
[14:49]   : anyone wnat to go?
[14:49]   : phew, i never thought this feelings would be so overwhelming. i'm still a bit dizzy and my hands are shaking
[14:49]   : lyn ground
[14:49]   : (you mean sadism, MBSD)
[14:49]   : I want to send.
[14:49]   : i guess i could... its been a very long time though
[14:49]   : like right now it's very very important
[14:49]   : nuuka go
[14:50]   : Nuuka go
[14:50]   : Alright. Sending.
[14:50]   : fear
[14:50]   : fear
[14:50]   : Okay I feel a little bit of sadness, but at the same time it's more like you don't want something to happen.
[14:50]   : Maybe fear.
[14:50]   : deep down, animal fear
[14:51]   : A creepy feeling. Like you get when watching a ascary movie.
[14:51]   : Or like what JK said.
[14:51]   : Yeah.
[14:51]   : Is that everyone?
[14:51]   : I just think of lulz when I think of Nuuka's emotions.
[14:51]   : I wonder why, Daev =P
[14:51]   : yeah I think that's everyone
[14:51]   : Alright. Worried and scared indeed.
[14:52]   : Swoot.
[14:52]   : lol very good.
[14:52]   : goodies.
[14:52]   : nuuka is a good sender
[14:52]   : Im very emotional :-P
[14:52]   : That was weird, like I actually felt it when I focussed.
[14:52]   : ok one more for the official chat and then I'm ending the chat log
[14:52]   : Can I send it as well?
[14:52]   : Usually I just get an idea and it makes it difficult.
[14:52]   : Nuuka is a good sender! *standing ovation* I barely had to let down my shields and tune in. Smiley
[14:52]   : This serves for my practice as well.
[14:52]   : anyone different want to go?
[14:53]   : can i send?
[14:53]   : Didn't LoceImicaMornie want to go?
[14:53]   : lyn can
[14:53]   : sorry nuuka, you're good, but others should go
[14:53]   : the one i want to isn?t easy to send so i will pass for now
[14:53]   : Well, we could just carry the practice on afterward, but not log.
[14:53]   : ok, i'm sending
[14:53]   : you all can practice after the log is cut, I just want to have a few examples
[14:53]   : Happiness.
[14:54]   : happy, joyful, bouncing, light and singing mood, bouncing
[14:54]   : Something positive. I don't really want to let my shields totally down
[14:54]   : Hmm very hyperness.
[14:55]   : Anyone else?
[14:55]   : ok, every done?
[14:55]   : stay on tpoic
[14:55]   : lyn go ahead
[14:56]   : ok, guys, you all did very well. it was love (how cheesy ^^) but i ended up being joyful and hyper
[14:56]   : so yeah, you all were right ^^
[14:56]   : ahhh
[14:56]   : very well done then
[14:56]   : that would explain it
[14:56]   : Man, empathy's easy.
[14:56]   : heh, thanks Smiley
[14:56]   : That was pretty good.
[14:56]   : ok and with that happy note, let us end the chat
[14:56]   : END OF CHAT


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