Ouch! The Dangers of Psi

As an experienced psionic, I have had my share of fun with psionics. One thing I never saw, even over the tons of psionic sites I've been to, there was very little information about the dangers of psi. With this article, I hope to warn people of the dangers of the misuse and over use of psi. Science knows just about nothing about psi, so there is very little science backing this article. That doesn't mean that there are no dangers of psi. That also means that you should be overly cautious and overly worry.

For this article, I will mainly focus on 3 levels of power in the mainstream abilities. The three levels will be based on strength: beginner, intermediate, and expert. The mainstream abilities I will be covering are : psychokinesis, telepathy, and psi manipulation. I will also speak a little bit about various other abilities that aren't very popular, and some of the dangers associated with them in a miscellaneous section.

This is the ability to move objects using the mind.

Personally, I consider a beginner any one who can move a psi wheel or something the weight of a pencil. The dangers for this level are very noticeable. Most people who practice longer than one hour report feeling drained and tired. Others claim they have headaches after this much practice. To prevent this, I would suggest a shield around your head and/or speaking to your spirit guardian. If this worsens or persists, I suggest stopping. After you have stopped and if headaches still plague you, then it might be time to make a call to a doctor.

Some have said that poltergeisting occurs for people who unconsciously use PK. It can also occur from emotions. The poltergeist effect is random movement of objects, flickering of light, and change in room temperature. I personally have experienced flickering lights and electronic malfunctions in devices around more often the more I practice PK. I have never been hurt from poltergeisting and some people say that you can not be hurt by this effect. As for me I find this to be true, you have any dangerous experiences like this, then I highly suggest action be taken. For this I also recommend making a shield and/or speaking to your sub conscious. If all else fails, then stay away from PK until the effects stop.

At this level of power, I consider it between the range of moving anything heaver then a pencil to probably one quarter of the users body weight. People with this level of PK power is rare, but I have seen some videos and posts by legitimate psions. Most of the dangers at this level are just stronger versions of what can happen to beginners. The headaches might be migraines and the poltergeisting will be more visible. Bodily damage is more of a possibility so make sure your shield are strong if you have had incidence before. At the first sign of something bad happening, spend a very long time to make a shield ie. 1 ? 2 days. Powerful PK this level can be deadly so watch out. They same goes to poltergeisting because now large things can now be moved with out your consent. I also recommend making a strong shield and taking some time to make it. If all else fails stop practicing.  Please go see a doctor if you get headaches or experience bodily harm.

This level of power, I consider moving anything from one quarter of the users body weight to infinite. If you are at this level and still have problems with poltergeisting and self injury, then spend about one week on making a shield. At this level of power both poltergeisting and self injury can and will result in death of the psion if they don't have control. I have never met nor have heard any one with this much power, it would probably take years just to get to this point in training. For those of you who plan to get here, then head the warnings above.

This is the ability to send and receive thoughts. Telepathic suggestion is also under this category. See this article for more information:

For this skill a beginner would be someone who can play a telepathic game and get 10% higher then chance ie. Tossing a coin and getting 60%+

Unlike other skills, this one has very different dangers. For some people who are sensitive to telepathic signals, they can receive the signals on accident and end up having odd thoughts or just general confusion. This type of danger is not dependent on the psions skill but rather their natural tendency to pick up on these signals. In most extreme cases this can cause insanity or a type of schizophrenia. In very weak cases people can confuse others thoughts with their own and be totally unaffected. For either case just shield to stop the effects. If you have an extreme case of telepathic sensitivity, then it might take a stronger shield. Be sure to check with a doctor if the shields don't help, because there might be a chance that it isn't sensitivity.

All the other types of effects that can cause harm to psions are not self inflicted like it is in PK. It's usually caused by others, but I will still provide ways to rid you of these problems. Besides telepathic sensitivity the only other thing that can harm a psion is telepathic suggestion. Simply put this is a form of mind control. From what I experienced on a first hand experience, the ability to send and receive telepathic signals is separate from ones ability to use telepathic suggestion.

For telepathic suggestion, the dangers are very obvious: some one can make you do something that you don't want to. A beginner in this ability can make you open a door for someone by suggesting that it would be a kind gesture. To stop the effects you can shield your self or if there is only one person in the room with you then you could ask. If that doesn't work you could always use a little force but I suggest that you try the shield first. Chance you would meet another psion let alone one that would attack you is very low so there's no need to be paranoid.

In this level of psioncs one should be able to show definite results in telepathic games and should score near 75% in most games. For telepathic suggestion at this level, some one might be able to make you go get them a soda or give them money. I have only once heard of some one claiming to be this good so being intermediate at this type of skill is really hard. Since people could simply not do what is being suggested it is easier to just not pay any attention. Use the same methods to deal with this problem like you did for the beginner section.

At this level, a psion should be near perfect in his/hers results. As for telepathic suggestion at this level it would almost be laughable at how stupid or amazingly awesome this ability would be. Some people believe that at this level the user would have complete control over somebody. I think that since suggestion is different in both concept and technique so would the result. So it would probably sound like somebody was actually talking to you. Easy to ignore and shield your self from. The chance of meeting some one with this kind of power would probably be more then one in a billion because of the nature of the ability. After all they probably have better things to do.

Psi Manipulation
This is the ability to use and store psi. For more on this ability please see this article:

For a beginner, you should be able to make a psi ball, draw it, store it, and have basic work with construct creation as well as shields. The dangers of psi is quite wide, I'd say probably the most dangerous ability out there. For people who are sensitive to psi, they could experience headaches or dizziness from using to much psi or channeling too much through their bodies at one time. Fortunately, this can be alleviated by simply grounding and/or learning better control of psi.

Psi overload is something that I've heard of surfing the forums. This is when you randomly or purposely draw a lot of psi. The effects are a little more powerful then that of being sensitive. One person had said that they were almost left temporarily immobilized from the over load. I've induced on my self and have had felt dizziness and lightheaded. Even at a low level of training, it's already dangerous. I believe that it this danger is dependent on the users amount of power. The only way stop this effects is to ground.  You could always prevent this from happening by learning more control of psi and being careful of drawing too much energy.

At this level, a psion should be able to flare a psi ball 50% of the time. Being attacked from a psi ball or some other energy based attack at this level is dangerous. It's extremely rare to find a person that can flare a psi ball at all, so I'm a little unsure about this level of power. I would say that you might be able to make some one sick, maybe even black out if you could gather enough psi. Death at this level is a maybe, I highly doubt you could die from this amount of psi. Only if you were sensitive and had this level of power would it probably be deadly.

A psion at this level should be able to flare a psi ball 100% of the time and be able to just about anything with psi. I've seen a video on a guy that had this ability but didn't study psi the way we do at JediKaren's site. He wasn't able to make psi balls and shield but his blunt power was amazing. To give you an example in the video he used psi to physically beat up a student just by holding on to the man's hand. Unfortunately, to reach this level of power the man had practiced for many years. Judging by his looks I'd say he was between 60 -70 years old. So, to all of those who want killing power using psi, get to practicing! Obviously, a person of this caliber could easily have killing power. People sensitive with this level could accidentally kill them selves.

Other Skills
Since empathy is extremely close to telepathy I really didn't go into that much. The dangers of empathy are basically the same as telepathy as well as the ways to prevent them. Use a shield of your choosing to stop the feelings. See a doctor if you have mood swings. This most likely will be due to something else other then psi.

Remote Viewing
Although remote viewing is a very popular and mainstream skill, the dangers here are small if you can think hard enough. At the very core of this skill there is no real danger, the only danger is from the people who have little common sense and are very bad at psionic skills. So if you remote view aliens coming to kill you and you cut off your arm in sacrifice, then you shouldn't be even touching psionic skills. So, just use some simple intellectual skills and you won't get hurt.

Astral Projection/OBE
This skill is highly controversial when it comes to the dangers. Some people think demons could take over your body forcefully. Others think that the demons can only enter if you let them. Then again, some say there are no Demons. Since I have heard no people say that their body was once taken over by a creature of any sort, I would conclude that there are no dangers a hostile take over of any sort.


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