A Different Method

There seem to be hundreds of new psions who do not know how to train and practice when it comes to psi. For some reason this disturbs me. Perhaps it is because I spent the first four years of my life, training without any books, sites, or people.  I just experimented and had a good understanding how to teach myself.  It would of so much easier if I had known all this stuff.  I know that there are many newbies out there that will greatly appreciate this.  I also know there are a lot of people are they are lost.  If you are one of those people, it is probably because you do not know what is out there.  There are many methods of where to train.


There must be a hundreds of psionic sites out there and more being made every day.  There are a ton of good articles that will give you step by step instructions on how to do a certain skill.  Some have good, true information and some do not.  There are many overly spiritual sites that claim to teach you skills that are impossible.  Many sites, made by newbies, do not go into much detail of the skill or how to perform the skill due to the lack of experience in teaching.  There are several ways to tell what is what.  Here are some of the signs.

Look at the link page.  The link page will tell you right from the start what site it is.  If the site shows a lot of spiritual links, then you know the site is a spiritual site.  If the site shows a lot of scientific sites, then the site is more of a skeptical site. If the site does not show very many links at all, then hold off on ideas about the site because this could be a sign of laziness. At first, you will not recognize many of the sites adversitisers, but after looking at ten or more sites you will start to recognize some.

Look at the articles.  Look at the length and the way they are written.  Although length does not always equal quality, longer articles generally contain more information are more likely to have been written by an author who understands the subject.  Look at the topics being written on.  Does the subject sound real?  Are they trying desperately to make you believe they are telling the truth?  A good site will not waste time trying to convince you that.  They know they are telling the truth.

If the site has a forum, look at that.  Look to see how many members are there.  The more members, the more popular the site is, and probably the better run the site is.  Look at what people are talking about and how they talk.  Are they trying to prove or disprove psi?  Are they rude when they respond to a simple question?  Is there a lot of slang or cursing?  Note the dates of when posts are being posted.  Look to see how active the forum is. This will give you a very good idea of how sane and believable these people are and forum.  The better people there are on the forum, the better the forum is.

Group Training

A popular thing on forums to is to create practice groups.  Most groups take place online, in a chatroom or a mass instant messaging time of deal.  Some people will try to form groups within their town or school.  If you think there is a group in your school you should look, but once again be careful.  Since the population at this time does not like or support psionics, groups are forced to keep themselves quiet.

Usually these groups focus on one skill or one skill level.  These groups are good for the support you will get.  It is a great way to meet and get friends.  The down side of them is they tend not to last.  So, look at the manager of the group.  Do they have a history of forming groups?  Have they ever done more than one meeting?  How often are the meetings?  Is homework given and how much?  If there is homework you need to be ready to do it.  Also, understand you may not get individualize time and attention in group training.

One on One

This method of training is usually done in a student to teacher/master/guide/trainer team.  This is great for people who do not do well in groups or need someone who is more mature to help the student out.  Do understand that the teacher may not want to nag you all the time to practice or to stay on topic.  To find a teacher, your best bet would to get on a site that is well known, big and popular.  Then you should start posting.  You want to make yourself known.  Try to be polite and thoughtful while posting.  Then, start looking for someone who you like and has enough experience to teach.  Of course, we all want the best psion to teach us, but often times the best people out there do not want to teach.  Ask to train under this person.  I would not be blunt and just ask.  Try getting to know this person personally and see if you two can get along and like each other.  If all go well you have found yourself a trainer.


Chatrooms make seem like good place to train with others, but usually they aren?t. There are not many chat rooms that are serious about training.  Even PsiPog?s chatroom does not do much training.  Most people want to talk about random stuff and only occasionally about psi.  Sometimes the manager will host a group practice.  Chatrooms are also great places to meet people and maybe your own person trainer.  If you do decide to train in a chatroom make sure the person you are training with is credible.  It is far too easy for them to say they are receiving energy that you are sending, when they aren?t and are lying to you for some reason or another.  Also beware of stronger people overloading you.  Some people like to conduct experiments.  Know that if you do volunteer for an experiment there are risks that the experimenter can?t mention or else he will ruin his results.

How to Train

Now, that you know who and where to go to, comes the question of how to do the actual training.  Like in places to train, there are many ways of how to train.  No matter what you train, I can not stress enough the importance of keeping a log of your training.  You will be quite glad a year after you started a log/book/diary.  Not only can you laugh at your foolishness, but you can remember lessons and skills you had forgotten.


There are several skills that can be done on or off line and usually involve two or more people.  These skills are remote viewing, remote presence, linking, empathy, telepathy, scanning, energy manipulation, and precognition.  If you have a friend in school or somewhere, you can train with them.  I do not recommend practicing with your cousin who spends Christmas with you.  For one thing, they probably do not believe in psi and that will greatly impact your success with them.  Pick friends that you know well and can work with.


There are two types of lessons.  There is the type of lesson that is online, on sites that you can read at any time and practice anytime.  These lessons are good and bad.  Not all articles are well written or include all information.  You may have to read several articles on the same skill in order to learn all there is.

The other type of lesson is the type that your teacher gives you.  The material and the way it is delivered depends on how on the teacher.  You may find you do not like the way you are being taught or how you are being taught.  Should you be taught this way, I strongly suggest that you make a copy of what you are being taught.


This is the way I learned for four years.  I first started with learning to gather energy.  I was feeling energy by singing a very peaceful song that relaxed me into feeling psi.  At the time, I thought it was the song that was doing this.  One night, I tried singing the song in my mind, rather than out loud and felt energy.  It would be soon that I realized it was not the song or words, but the effect of mood that opened me up to psi.  I then learned how to create that mood and gather energy.

A year later, I accidentally found out how to do remote viewing.  I was walking through the school cafeteria when I suddenly became of chairs next to me.  I wasn?t look at them, but I could feel them.  I learned how to be aware of things around me without looking at them.  To practice, I would see how fast I could walk through the most crowded halls and not touch anyone.  I had to sense where they where and avoid them.

Telepathy was the next skill I experimented with.  I would try to figure out what were people thinking.  At the time, I could just get the briefest idea, but it was enough.  I learned not to use telepathy with people who had headaches.  I also learned that you do not want to use telepathy or any other ability in large, excited crowds.

There are many way to learn and practice each skill.  As you read I came up with ways that were not noticeable, but still were fun and got the point done.  Be creative and use what you have.

The Do Nots

All of the methods above are safe, reliably methods.  There are other methods, but these do not work.  Training should always be free.  Yes, you can train by books, but beware, so many of the books out in the stores are fake.  I would scan through the book and look at random pages before buying the book.  You might ask people about the book before you buy it.

There are plenty of ads on psionic sites, including mine that advertise pills, books, and methods.  All you have to do is click on the ad, get out the credit card and waste twenty or more dollars on a produce that I guarantee you will not work.  The pills are sugar, or worse drugged pills trying to get you hooked on them.  The remote viewing and astral projection cds and tapes are worthless.  The psychic tests do tell you anything.  I will tell you right now everyone is psychic.  The meditation music is nice, but get real.  You should never ever have to pay anyone money to be trained.  There are too much free, good information out there that will teach you all you need for you to pay money.

Putting It All Together

You most likely will find that you will have to try out several different ways of training before you find the right one.  It might end up that a combination of methods work best for you.  There are other options out there that I did not mention.  I only mentioned the most popular ways of training.

Training is not going to happen just because you want it.  You are going to have to do the work and stick to the training.  You need to come up with some sort of plan of how you want to do this.  For some people that means making a schedule and working out the hours and finding time between events.  Some people just wait for a quiet moment in their day or week and practice then.  You do not have to train everyday, but more than once a month.  Training with someone else, like dieting together, can really help you stick with it.  Remember not to train too hard, nor too little.  Both will hurt your progress.  Well, good luck with the training as they say.


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