PSIONICS: The Dummies Guide

PSIONICS: The Dummies Guide


I wrote this article in an attempt to stop all the needless questions such as:
What is psi? Where is psi? Is it a psiball? Is this like DBZ? What is a shield? Can it protect me from physical attacks? How do I program? Was it programmed right? How do I scan? Etc.

As funny as these may sound to some of the more experienced psions, these questions are regularly asked. Many a time I have looked at the shout-box only to see a plague of question's that really needn't be asked. Due to this I have written this article to give newbies a decent understanding of psi as an energy, and psionics on a whole, and the skill relating to it.

What is Psi?

Psi is a form of energy. There are many types of energy, core, soul, and chi, to name a few. Core is similar to psi but is more affective but harder to use, soul is powerful but not recommended for to use because it can cause problems when messed with and chi is life energy witch which is also important to your functioning. There is a theory that all energies are the same one, but for the sake of sanity this article will assume there are different types. Different types of energy have different attributes. Some types explode on contact, and others suck other energies in. The energies that are used for general manipulation have two main attributes, effectiveness (how well it works) and workability (how easy it is to use). Psi is very easy to work with and fairly effective.

Psi will feel different to different people some feel it as warmth; while to others it feels cold. Some feel a magnetic repulsion, while others feel an attraction. All in all only you can really know what it feels like. The best way to feel psi is to get someone to send you a chunk to feel.

There are many ideas and theories on why humans can manipulate psi, but there is no fixed theory. The best thing to do is come up with you own.

Skills Connected to Psionics

Here is a list of all psionic skills:

Energy Manipulation (EM):
This is exactly what it says on the tin(can), the manipulation of energy. This includes skills like programming, and shielding.

This come in a variety of forms, from energetic scanning, to empathic.

The ability to reach a state of mind ideal for psionic work.

The ability to sense and send emotions from any distance.

Telepathy (TP):
The ability to send and receive thoughts, enter another's mind, and manipulate their thoughts.

Astral Projection (AP):
The ability to leave the body at will and enter the astral plains.

Remote Viewing (RV):
The ability to see events, people and items at a distance.

Telekinesis/Psycho-kinesis (TK/PK):
The ability to move objects with your mind.

Precognition (Precog):
Seeing events or sensing them before they happen.

Healing others with energy.
All hyphens turned to colons. A hyphen cannot be used this way!

What Can You Do With Psi?

Well to get one thing out of the way, this is not like DBZ or any T.V. show you've seen. It is much harder to affect things physically than it is to affect things energetically. For example you can't expect to blow a hole through a wall, just because the amount of energy it would take is enormous. So try to keep it energetic. Some people find physical things easier than others so don't be put of if you didn't manage to say, warm someone up the first time. Energetically you can do much more, like create psi pet's, attack others, heal people (both energetically and physically), and so on. Also psi can't protect you from physical attacks, though it can be used in conjunction with telepathic suggestion (TPS) to deter people from attacking you.

How Psi can Effect You

Your energy body is what enables you to do psionics, your energy body and is also what allows you to be affected by it. Although its existence it not uniformly agreed by all psions, I will for the sake of argument say it dose does. Your energy body is similar to your real one, but instead of flesh it has a mixture of psi/chi, its veins carry energy around the body. Instead of organs it has areas of different types of energy. Unlike your real body even if it is ripped out it will regenerate over a few days.

A Basic "How To"

Learning to scan is paramount to success in psionics. Scanning is where you sensing psi with your mind. It's not hard to do and can be done with relatively little practice. The best way to learn is documented here -> in Stolide's article. Once you can sense you can scan. There are many forms of scanning. such as emphatic, I would advise you to put learning to scan as one of your top priorities, as it is essential to psionic success. Many pisons have been hindered because they cant tell if they have made a construct or not.

A construct is energy manipulated into a shape, and then programmed. Constructs can be programmed to do most of the things I have mentioned earlier and much more. For learning the basics of programming go here->
Once you can make a self-aware psi-pet you can really get onto serious programming.

Combat, possibly my favourite part of psionics. Sparing is your general friendly combat, just until shields are down. Then there are serious fights where one will attempt to destroy their opponents' energy body. A shield is what protects you from attack, the better the shield the longer you will survive. Attacks are just constructs programmed to destroy an energy body; I will not give you any attacks seeing as the best attacks always come from home. Also you must remember that even sparing is dangerous, and should not be attempted unless you are sufficiently experienced, and it's always best to have a more experienced psion nearby in-case things get messy and to check your defences, just in case they are not up to scratch. For defensive combat check out this article ->


I hope this has helped clear up all the uncertainties involving psionics. It's a complex subject and takes a special kind of person to discover it, never mind master it. Many uncertainties surround it and therefore the truth is like a needle in a fluffy haystack at times.

Adios and Good luck


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