Aura Sight: To See What Others Stopped Seeing

When I started writing this article I knew that I would have a hard time. Because although seeing the Auras is not complicated, this is the area of psi most open to interpretation. Each person can see this from one point of view and no matter how hard you do research on this subject, you will find contradictory sources and different definitions and processes to the same thing. So, what I give you here is a view into Auras from a psion point of view because Auras are also part of the new age culture and the Buddhism and Hinduism. Although, some of the concepts for better understanding come from these religions, I will not write about religion, I will only use the concepts needed.

First of all, what is an Aura?
An Aura is the frequencies in which or soul vibrates, all the living things and some non-living things have it (I say some non-living things because I?ve encountered things with a transparent or clear Aura, and since it?s not on the colour scheme I don?t count it). The brain of all animals, including the brain of the human being, work on electricity. The neurons share information using electric links, this creates frequencies, and also non living things store energy due to the potential energy. Human eyes are capable to capture the frequency in which the auras can be seen. Although, as the person grows old, the eyes become more tired (they focus more and stop seeing ?unnecessary? frequencies) and stop seeing that frequency, that?s why kids often see Auras and grown ups do not, some grown ups are able but unless they are trained is quiet rare. However, there are ways in which a person can train himself to capture those frequencies again.

Ways to see the Aura:
There are two ways that can be used to detect an Aura. The first method is the traditional one, using your eyes. Through the history of human kind people had been seeing Auras. A proof of that is how Jesus, all the saints in catholic religion, Buddha and most of Egyptian great Pharaohs and gods, are painted on the walls, sculpted or painted with a yellowish-gold Aureola. This aureola matches the part of the head where one of the Auric points exists. The crown of the head, the chakra named Sahasrara. This part of the head has a strong electric activity.

There are a lot of chakras in the Hindu culture, but since I will not get into religion, I will only discuss the Sahasrara (crown chakra), and the Ajna (third eye chakra), because of their importance in Aura sight. Also, because even though all the chakras show Auras, the rest of the body is usually covered with clothes. Clothing has its own Auras and therefore they compromise the Aura reading. These two chakras however are clean and are reliable. After you gain experience, it won?t matter where you read the Aura because the clothes have a really low frequency, but for now you may want to limit yourself to those points.

The other method to see an Aura is through the Kirlian photography. It is a method that Semyon Kirlian invented. With this method, also called electrography, the people and objects shown on the photo also have the electromagnetic field shown. Since this method does not require the use of psi, I will not talk about it. It?s also extremely unreliable. There is a lot of controversy whether or not Kirlian photography is accurate, skeptics are often critical of its accuracy, and it lacks relation to psionic auras.

The importance of seeing Auras as a Psion

The importance of Auras relies in the fact that Auras have different colours, each colour states something about the person. I will discuss that later on. If you see auras you will also be able to detect areas that have a lot of electromagnetic activity (due to the frequencies that activity gives), Psions or psions to be(people with a bigger aura than the rest), Psiballs (It is the frequency of the energy made, you will see it as an extension to your arm) and spirits (spirits have energy, which has an aura). Although, some non-believers of spirits claim that when an Aura is seen in a "haunted" place, it usually is an anomaly (larger concentration of energy for no apparent reason).

Aura sight on objects, or non-living things

First of all, you should know that in order to see Auras you need to be concentrated. You should focus for about half minute in a point and not look but there. Then, with your peripheral vision you should start seeing the aura, colours vary. These are usually how they go.

Green with pink
Red with Turquoise
Blue with orange
yellow with violet

These work vice versa as well. These pairs are not the official, most books and sites give those pairs but some other sites give these references.

Red- Green

Orange- Pale Green

Yellow- Pale Blue

Green- Orange

Blue- Yellow

Indigo -Gold

Violet- Pale Gold

Pink -Iridescent Green

So, don't worry if you don't see the colours here mentioned, Take in mind that this is only on non-living objects, for practice I would recommend to start doing the method on colour papers.

Auras on people
When reading someone's aura, you should look into their third eye (Ajna chakra). Somewhere between both eyes but half inch higher, and focus on that spot for about half a minute, some people take more, some take less. And then after that time you should start seeing the aura. It works better on a white background because there are a lot of mixed colours otherwise. You will only have a few seconds to see the aura though, from one to two seconds, because after that time, the eyes recover and your peripheral vision stops capturing those frequencies. If you don't see the Aura after a long period of time: Don't worry, stop practicing, and start over. Keep practicing; you will eventually be able to see auras.

Now, if you succeeded with the first part, you are now seeing the Aura. First of all congratulations, Second of all, continue training until it becomes easier and you are able to see the aura moments after you started to focus.

You are seeing auras, by now you are able to see your psiballs, to see spirits (or anomalies of energy if you do not believe in spirits), and you are able to see the energy of people. However, if you do not know the meaning of each colour, you will not be able to interpret the personality of a person. This is the hardest part of Aura sight, because emotions produce energy, that energy can change the colour of the Aura. Not forever though, usually a person has a regular Aura, but some feelings can change it for a short period of time. Not every feeling though, it doesn?t change often, reasons for it to change would be extreme anger, happiness or sadness.

The interpretation is the hardest part because you always have a background, and depending on the background your perception may change, if you are seeing a yellow aura and have a blue background the Aura will appear green. That is why you should always have a white background for proper reading. If you feel you have enough experience, remember how certain colours change others and give it a try. If you want to have good accurate readings, then stay with the white background.

Ok, so you want to start reading people auras, but you start watching other people for a long period of time and they start to feel anxious and leave, or they move a lot. The background is confusing you, and you can not observe someone for a long period of time.

There is an easy solution to all of this. Go to school. Yes, that is right. The perfect opportunity to train Aura sight is at school. Every psion able to read Auras started this way, believe me. Most classrooms are white, or have just one colour on the background. Teachers stay on the same spot for a long period of time, and you are supposed to be watching them. This makes the best training opportunity you can have.

Here you have a list of Aura colours and their interpretation. I have not seen all the colours, and some of them are very rare. Chances are you will not find a pink aura in your entire life for example.

Before I list the colours, I will explain some of the concepts that are essential on the matter of Aura sight.

-Strong point: A strong point in aura is one that you have all the time. This is an Aura that you can have all the time instead of an Aura that is generated for a short period of time.

-Momentaneous point: Aura that appears for a period of time but that it is not the regular Aura a person has.

-Override: On aura reading, a colour that overrides is one that even while you have several colors, or a multicoloured system this colour will be the most important.

-Multicoloured Aura: The aura of a person composes of several personality treats, which mean that the Aura has one strong colour and other colours not as strong, don?t worry you will only see one colour although by training you will reach this point.

-One colour Auras: Usually Auras are only seen of one colour, and that is the state the personality usually stays in.

-Glows: The effect that an Aura has while it is strong.

Gold: It is a person of strong faith. This usually means that the person is at ease on his religion. The person has found enlightenment. Not seen often as a strong point.

Purple: This is never seen as a Strong point of the aura. It comes from time to time and indicates that the person has psychic power, or strong thoughts involving something creative, artistic or magical. Psions usually have this aura more often than regular people. You will see it in the Sahasrara chakra.

Blue: The blue aura is one of the auras you will find most often. It comes as a strong point but can also come as a momentous point. It means that the person is calmed, relaxed and peaceful. Different types of blue indicate something different for psions. While royal blue states that the person is or can be a clairvoyant, electric blue states telepathic communication.

Indigo: This is one of the most interesting Auras, It comes as a Strong point. It is associated with strong psychic energy, but not only as thoughts, actions as well. People with Indigo Auras are more likely to be natural Psions. It is associated with the movement called Indigo children. They are called Indigo children because of the Indigo Aura.

Green: Green is usually a strong point. It means that the person is a healer. Is in contact with nature, usually devoted doctors have this Aura. It sometimes means Growth and balance. People with natural empathy usually have green Auras.

Yellow: Someone with a Yellow Aura are very intelligent people, they are also creative, optimistic and have positive thoughts. They are joyful and active people. A yellow halo means a spiritual leader, it is found above the Sahasrara Chakra. Religious leaders should have one.

Orange: They are very active, really creative people. They enjoy life as much as they can. They like physical activities. A very vital colour, it relates to really take advantage of life, lots o energy. They are adventurous and wild. People with this aura are usually very healthy.

Red: The colour of passion. People with red Auras are very passionate people in everything they do. A clean red usually indicate that a person usually express through their sexuality and their physical body. Red Auras are strong willed people. A dark red Aura might mean anger or a person with a lot of rage.

Pink: This colour is one of the most rare. It's not seen often. It indicates a people capable of unconditioned love, a person who is good by nature and that is going to continue doing good. A person that is able to feel compassion. When it is muddy it can indicate immaturity.

Dirty colours: These are colours that appear more like smoke instead of glowing.

Brown: People with a brown aura are most likely to be really centred persons. With their feet in the ground, really conscious about themselves and their surroundings.

Gray: It clearly says that the person is at the middle of black and a white aura. It can indicate part of those auras.

White: A healthy person, one who seeks the truth and knowledge. They tend to do the good. People with this Aura are really wise and can always teach you something useful, hear them when you can.

Black: The black aura usually means a person that is unstable, they have emotional and personal problems, it is usually seen on people with a troubled childhood, abused kids for instance. It also states that a person is in depression and having bad emotions. Although it is obvious there is something wrong the root of the problems may be hard to identify since it can be a lot of different things. One thing is clear it means there is something really bad about the person.

The meanings can change though. As I said it is open to interpretation and these meanings may not be exactly right but they are an accurate approximation.

Most of the authors agree that Green means some connection to nature. That blue is someone at ease and relaxed, Red means someone passionate, orange is someone sexual and purple someone with a lot of mental energy. They also agree someone with a Yellow halo is a real spiritual leader.

Although for example disagree relies most of the time in the colours Black and White. For me and many others I?ve talked with, the colour Black means what I talked about, but for other people. Colour Black means what I stated on white and vice versa. I?ve received criticism about this colour but when I talk to those people at the end we agree it?s due to interpretation. So please do not take these meanings as law.

This is a page where you can find an exercise to train in aura sight, it helps with object Aura readings, it is a good page and I exercise the same way.

Final thoughts
As you see the art of aura sight is really complicated and depends a lot in the meaning you give it. It is not an exact science and everything written is just a guide you should not take this as the absolute truth, just as a guide, somewhere to start. As you gain experience, you will be able to make your own meanings for colours. I also have the obligation to tell that if you are trying to read an Aura and you are having migraine at the time you should not try it. Migraines tend to simulate the effect of Auras, and it is a symptom of migraine and epilepsy, so just wait until the pain is over and then do it.

I encourage everyone reading this to train their eyes in order to see what others have stopped seeing.


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