Section 1: Overview of the Energy Body

You have more than a physical body. There is a body inside you made of energy, which is called the energy body. It is structured like your physical body. It has a protective covering, like skin, so energy will not leak out. It has dense areas of energy which function like organs, processing energy for you to be healthy. It has pathways for the energy to move, like veins for your blood.

This energy body is tied to your physical one, and if one is ailing, the other will suffer, but if one is healed, the other will improve as well. If you want to learn to heal using psi, I strongly suggest learning as much as you can about the energy body. Learning to heal the energy body is a good first step in learning to heal the physical body, because it is more readily affected by psi, and the differences between the two will seem less and less the more you understand.

To understand your energy body, you must be able to feel your energy body. First you should find your center, if you already know how to do this, and then skip to the next paragraph. Your center is the balance point of your energy body, and is the main point of connection for all the pathways. To find your center, bring all of your energy to your middle, your center. Wherever that middle, that balance feels right, that is your center.

Next, you should feel the energy pathways of your body. To do this, focus the energy from your center to your hands, then back to your center, and then cycle it between the two. You should feel movement in your arms between the two. The paths the energy is taking are the energy pathways in your energy body. These pathways provide routes for energy throughout your whole body. Take the time to follow the currents of energy through your body, making a mental map of your body?s energy pathways, as well as the different parts of the energy body they flow through.

There are certain areas of your energy body which are more important to carrying energy than the pathways, called junctions. These junctions are like forks in the stream of energy pathways. They are harder to harm, but also harder to heal. They are crucial for energy manipulation, and if damaged to a point they no longer function, it is much harder to heal where their energy leads to, as well as harder to perform psionics.

Your energy body feels pain, and your physical mind can register that pain. To prove this, create a scalpel out of energy, something which will cleanly cut through energy flesh. Take your newly made blade, and slice a two inch long cut across one arm. Do you feel the energy leek out of you like blood? Take the energy leaking out of you, bring it back to the cut, and tell it to heal itself. It should mend within a minute. The pain you felt, it was real, even though it felt as though it wasn't really there, like a tingling pain. It may tingle for a while afterwards.

Section 2: Healing the Energy Body

In most cases your energy body is a quicker healer than your physical one, especially if you will it to be so. But willing it to be so consumes the energy you use for other techniques, so, especially in combat, you must find a balance between what must be healed now, and what can be allowed to heal in time.

But wounds, no matter what the size, will leak energy if left unchecked. You can will the energy in your body to stay in the body despite the wound. But unless you can have your energy body bear a constant restraint, you will find you must focus on the wounds to keep it from leaking. A way to stop the leaking without constant focus is to ?cauterize? the wound, meaning that you create an intense heat which burns the pathways leaking energy shut.

The energy used to heal will come from your energy body, unless you specify otherwise. A key area where you can draw your energy from is your center. You can visualize your center as a well spring, with energy naturally flowing out of it. You can temporarily increase the flow, giving you energy to work with, but draw too much, and the well runs a bit dry, and the flow, for a little while, will be less than normal. Don?t use too much energy, especially when working on yourself, because running on low energy can be worse than letting the wounds heal naturally.

Your energy body doesn?t heal quite like the physical one does. The energy body heals damaged areas by sending energy to the wounds, filling in what was lost, as well as fixing the parts which are still attached, but not working properly. The energy pathways are the first to fill back in, because the energy which will heal the wound flows along those lines. The rest of the damaged area is then filled in.

While it is possible to focus and send an enormous amount of energy to a small cut, it is not recommended, since the wound doesn?t really need it, in most cases the excess will be processed in your body, and exit it as energy waste. But if there is way too much unneeded energy, the body may not be able to remove it quick enough, and the energy could form a blockage (discussed later). Try to feel the amount needed to heal, and after a few healing sessions, you will understand how much energy a wound needs, and will be able to apply the appropriate amount.

Section 3: Complications When Healing the Energy Body

Small cuts usually heal without incident, but larger wounds can create complications. Large wounds can heal improperly, creating blockages, so you must be careful in filling them back in properly. Blockages are places in the energy body where energy has become trapped, has built up, and is letting less energy through than normal. Your body will process and eliminate blockages naturally, but they may harm you if not healed in time.

You can prevent blockages from harming you by routinely sending a surge, meaning a greater than normal amount of energy, through your pathways. The surge should be programmed to clear any blockages, dissipating them. But do not create the surge too powerful, for it could damage the more sensitive parts of your energy body. A good way to know how strong the surge should be is to figure out the greatest amount of energy the parts tied to your heart can process at one time, and use a surge between one third and one half as powerful.

Clearing blockages should be done regularly, because, if left unchecked, blockages can stagnate. Stagnation occurs because when energy is built up in the blockage it hardens, and starts to break down into less usable, and in extreme cases toxic, energy. This energy from the blockages is generally denser, and since it has the possibility to harm the body, it is called negative energy.

The negative energy can cause blockages in other areas of the energy body, by harming the pathways, or by getting caught on the pathways too small for it to travel through. The negative energy will also degrade your psionics. It is harder to program, as well as harder to move, because it?s greater density makes it less pliable, like how dry clay is harder to mold than wet clay.

In some cases, if the wound is deep enough, the surrounding energy body will collapse in on itself. So, when dealing with limb damage, I would suggest wrapping it with an energy cast, so the limb?s energy will grow back into place. Or if a part of the torso is missing, you should try filling it with a type of foam like energy which will be fed upon as the body fills back in, and also stops energy from leaking out the wound. These techniques will ease the healing process, and ensure the body heals correctly.

Section 4: The Energy and the Physical

To heal the energy body, is to heal the physical body, for both affect the other. If you increase the energy open to the energy body, the physical body receives more energy too. To run faster, for example, you could send energy to your legs, and in your physical body, your legs receive a bit of energy. Increasing the energy open to an area allows wounds in the physical heal quicker, as well as numbing the pain. If the energy body is damaged in one area, the physical one will heal slower.

If one body gets a light cut one time, it won't make much impact on the other, but if one body gets cut in the same place many times, it will affect the other. Remember when I had you cut your arm, how it only tingle-hurt, well, if you were to repeatedly cut that same place, never allowing it to fully heal, the tingle pain would start to feel more real, and you may even develop a rash in the line you cut on your physical body.

If you were to repeatedly cut your physical body?s arm (not recommended) in the same place, never allowing it to fully heal, then your energy body's arm would become jagged, and slow the healing process for the physical body. You could heal the energy body?s damage, allowing the physical body to heal more normally, and then increase the energy available to the energy body, shortening the time it takes to heal.

Blockages in the energy body can cause the areas corresponding to the physical one to not be as efficient. Cancer can cause blockages in the energy body, and those blockages in turn worsen it.

You can give the energy body certain tasks, such as filter toxins in the legs, and your legs will be able to process lactic acid better, and you will be able to run longer. You could also do this with the areas corresponding to the liver of a patient, should you need to
drain them of toxins.

The two bodies may seem not very well connected at first, but after using one body to affect the other enough times, the differences between the two will seem less and less.

Section 5: Warnings

Healing with psi can be harmful if not done properly, especially if it is done on another person. When working on another, use their energy for about three fourths of the total energy, with the remaining coming from you. This is so the patient won?t be drained quickly, but also so your energy does not overpower their energy.

You must always scan the area you are going to heal, to understand what you are trying to accomplish, but if you are healing another person, you must create a shield barrier between you and the patient first.

When you comprehend another?s pain, your energy body begins to duplicate the damage onto yourself. This is because, when you are scanning, and working on another, your mind is focused on certain parts of the body, and to better comprehend the wound, it is overlaid onto you.

So, when starting out, make a shield which does not allow the pain and damage to crossover into you. There are some healers out there who only filter out the damage going into them. They do this to understand the pain the patient is in, to better treat them. This is not recommended, especially for beginners, because the pain can cause damage in itself, and the pain can hinder ones control of the healing energy.

There is a way people can heal called brute force healing. This is done by sending a ton of energy to the wound, quickly closing it, and ?healing? it. The new energy body parts aren?t exactly like the ones they replace, and can be described to be like scars.

You shouldn?t brute force a wound to heal without knowing everything about the wound. If it heals too quickly, without full knowledge of the way it is supposed to heal back, there is a higher chance something will go wrong with the way it heals back, resulting in damage, and quite frequently, blockages. It will take a while, but you will learn ways of making a wound heal quickly and properly

Always make sure, when you are done, that all the wounds are closed, and no energy is leaking from the patient, being you, or someone else. Healing takes a lot out of both patient and practitioner, and you should rest after any session, to regain used energy, and so the healing and the wounds will settle, and no leaks will spring from the healed section.

Healing through psi is only a boon to your physical wellbeing. Do not use this as a replacement for medicine or doctors.


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