Telekinesis: A Different Technique


I always like starting a lesson with a good/inspiring/funny quote:

"I'm all in favor of keeping dangerous weapons out of the hands of fools, let's start with typewriters."

-Frank Lloyd Wright.  

When you read this article, I will expect you to have read some other telekinesis techniques.  There are some out there that are really good and you can learn a lot from them.  I am only writing this article because I found that other articles on psipog do not work for me.  Try all of them and see what works for you.  Also, I expect you to be able to make a basic psiball.  Nothing fancy, just be able to make one.  If you want, you can show this article to others but for no cost.  That means NO MONEY.  I hate the idea of somebody using my work and making a profit off it.  Also, make sure you give me ALL the credit (except for you printing it out or emailing it)! Do not say that I "helped" you write this.  After all, I am the one who wrote this article.  If anybody likes this article or has a question about it or a comment, email me at  I would love to hear from anybody who wants to take the time to read my article because this is my first article, and I want to know if it helps.  I am sorry for any grammar or spelling errors in here.  I think I got them all though.  I hope I made this article as clear as possible.  It is hard to explain how to do telekinesis.  Its like explaining how you move your arm.  Its next to impossible.  Luckily, it is not impossible so I will try my best.

Think I'm crazy? Then read this:

If you are reading this and thinking right now, "Oh my gosh, I can't believe how many people believe in this non-sense".  I got news for you! If you have not tried telekinesis or do not believe it is possible, you are missing out.  Maybe you do not want to learn right away.  Maybe you are not sure if this is real or not (I was this).  Well do not worry, if you want to learn this technique, great; if not, ok just listen along and see if you get interested.  All I am asking is: do not categorize this topic in your head as non-sense.  Read this article and read the other articles on telekinesis (  Who knows, maybe you will learn the ability and love it or decide this is not really for you.  Any answer is fine as long as you read what we all have to say.  Seriously, think about it, would we have written all these articles if it were not true? Ok, let us get started, shall we?

Getting Ready:

Ok.  You are ready to take the time and try to move an object with your mind.  For the beginning of this technique, I will be talking about using a psiwheel also known as the pin on wheel exercise.  If you do not know what this is, you can learn about it and make one at at the bottom of the article (right before the conclusion).  I am using the psiwheel because I think it is a lot easier to move for beginners than anything else.  If you are a beginner, which I am expecting you are since you are reading about a different technique, try replacing the paper on the psiwheel with aluminum foil.  This way, the friction is less so it is easier to move.  Keep in mind, though, doing this will increase the chance of the wind moving it, but it is a great start for beginners.

The first thing you have to do is try to think about nothing (some people say "quiet your mind").  Listen to your breathing.  Concentrate on it.  Some people meditate and some do not.  Personally, I do not but that is just me.  Try not to think about anything.  If a thought creeps in, that is your subconscious.  Identify it, and slowly push it away.  Do not ignore or dismiss it without listening to it.  If you do this, your subconscious will not be as strong during performing telekinesis.  Look at the psiwheel for as long as you need to be able to visualize it.  Do not try to move it quite yet.


Now, put your hands to the sides of the psiwheel.  Do not let them touch, just act as if you are forming a snowball but keep your hands separated from one another and around the psiwheel.  Start to create a psiball within your hands with the psiwheel in the psiball.  Don't worry about making it strong.  If you are good at making psiballs, it might start to spin or set on fire.  Just try not to set it on fire.  If it starts to spin, great, but pay attention to the rest of the article so you can do it again later without that strong of a psiball.  Feel the presence of the psiwheel in your hands.  Visualize the psiball engulfing the psiwheel with your psi.  You might feel all tingly inside and that is good.  If you do not; that’s good too.  It does not really matter.  If you feel tingly inside, you might be able to flow psi more freely than somebody who doesn't but it is quite ok if you don’t feel tingly (I like that word "tingly").

Ready? Move it:

Once you have created a psiball around the psiwheel, visualize yourself spinning slowly at first and speeding up as you go.  Imagine you looking out one side of the psiwheel and seeing your surroundings swirl.  Feel the slight lightheadedness or dizziness of spinning.  Now envision yourself looking at the psiwheel spin.  Imagine how it feels to have a spinning psiwheel in your psiball.  Now open your eyes if they were closed or bring yourself into reality if you were imagining with them open.  If the psiwheel beings to move, you just did telekinesis.  If not, you may be trying to hard or it is your first time trying.  If it does not move, try to look away from the psiwheel and consciously think of something else.  Do a math problem in your head or something.  Keep the psiwheel in your peripheral vision.  If you start to see movement, casually turn back to it but don't concentrate to hard on moving the psiwheel.  Remember, telekinesis is an ability that takes practice.  Its like walking, you have to practice when you are a little kid until you can do it by yourself.  In telekinesis, you have to practice in order to move the psiwheel or move bigger objects.  So don't be all bummed if you can't do it the first time.


If this technique worked for you, great and please, if you want, email me at  Some books say meditation is a need but I get results and I don't meditate so don't think you have to.  During all this, keep your hands around the psiwheel but you don't have to concentrate on it.  Also, if you want to try another quick technique that I heard was going around; try shooting psi at one of the corners.  Imagine a beam of psi hitting one of the corners of the psiwheel.  I don't do this so I don't know if it will work but it might work for some people.  I cannot stress enough to people, try and try again if it doesn't work the first time.  You will get it if you keep at it.  Good luck.

~Apollo (Chris King)


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