Precognition: Seeing Through Time and Space

As all of you know, precognition is the power to know something before it happens, the word comes from Latin cognoscere(To know) and Pre (before). "To know before". Precognition, or the short hand term being ?precog? is a form of psi.  You may or not know this but I'll explain it anyway.  Psi is the term in which we identify a paranormal process psi is also the energy we manipulate or use in order to activate our abilities. Psi is also the 23rd Greek letter Ψ, and psi comes from the Greek psyche which is translated as mind or soul.  

Psi is divided in two types.  They are Psi-kappa and psi-gamma.  Psi-kappa is in charge of the active part of psi, psychokinesis. Psi-gamma is in charge of the passive part of psi, extra-sensory perception.  Precognition relies on the psi-gamma.  

As I see it and it has been confirmed by my research, there are four ways for someone to have what we psions consider a precognition.

Precognitive Dreams: These are simply dreams that let the person know something about the future, most times they do not show something of great importance, but there are a time when they do, that is why I recommend using a dream journal.  Personally, I prefer to draw my dreams instead of writing them.  That way, I can later identify people or situations that writing does not cover.

Precognitive Sounds: The person hears something before the sound is really emitted.  The event happens when the person is awake, usually is not important, but sometimes the sound really is.  The psion will hear something that the rest of the people cannot hear.  I wish I could tell you all more about this kind of precognition, but I have never had one.

Precognitive Visions: These come when the psion is awake, sometimes they come without sound, but most of the time they do have sound.  Some people claim to have them in a "Black and White" old fashion way, and other people say they come in color.  These visions will come sometimes you will not notice why but as you grow in knowledge you will learn to distinguish the factors, you will get a funny feeling; you can not miss that feeling.  XPWarrior3 talks more about this in his article called "Recognizing and Inducing".

Precognitive feelings or Precognitive intuition: These are just sensations the psion has when something is about to happen.  Most persons have had one of these feelings. They just do not see it this way or they think it is a coincidence.  A psion will have a strong feeling about something without prior knowledge; you should follow the feeling and write it down so that later you can distinguish regular feelings from precognitive ones.  Again, as you practice and learn you will find them easier to identify.

From these four channels of precognition, we have two types.  They are the changeable and the unchangeable precognitions:

Changeable: These are precognitions that are given to you so you can do something to change them.  This is basically the only way you will change the future.

Unchangeable: The precogs that are meant only to inform you of something, you can't change them no matter what you do.  So, save yourself the pain and stop trying.

One may be wondering how to know when a precog is changeable and when it is not?

There is not a way; unfortunately no one can know how to difference one from another because there are tons, and tons of different futures.  What you see is just a possibility of many futures.  You may see exactly what is going to happen or you may see what happens if you do nothing about it.

For precognition, there is not really any way to master it and even when it is one of the most common traits in psi it can not be controlled; however there is a way to induce precognitions.  As the article written by XPwarrior3 explains how to induce.

Here, I will list some of the most famous precognitions that I have found while reading.

The president Lincoln had a precognition about his own death six weeks before it happened.  He dreamed about his own funeral and saw everyone crying and his own grave.  He told that to his wife.  Still, Lincoln was proved right when he was murdered.

The American writer Mark Twain, who was a friend of the legendary inventor Nicola Tesla, dreamed about the dead of his brother before it happened.  However, he did not see the way he died, so he could not warn him.

The engineer J. W. Dunne, who was the maker of the planes used on World War I by England, used to have precognitions all the time, amused by his visions he started a dream journal.  Then wrote a book about it entitled "An experiment with time".  The book is a great piece of psi history.  

Here are things one should know about precognition:

-Precognition can not be used for personal gain.  Believe me, a lot of people had tried to win the lotto or beat the casinos with precognition.  It does not work that way, if someone does manage to gain something from precog., then the reason is because it is of some importance that he does, is almost impossible that you will win again, you are just going to use a lot of time and money.  Spare yourself from wasting all that energy.  Although, a very well practiced psion can use precog for personal gain.  Precog. is strongly recommended that you do not use it, to avoid future problems.

-Do not tell to someone when you have a precog referring to them unless you are totally sure they will believe you.  Most of the time people get scared when you tell them their future, especially if the future is bad news.  So, do not go around telling everybody unless you want to be left with no friends and in a mental facility.

-Do not take every dream you have as precognitive dreams.  Most dreams are just normal dreams or from your imagination.  You know, sometimes a dream is just a dream.  That is why you should keep a journal, so a person can make a pattern and start knowing when they are precogs and when they are not.

-If you see yourself dying, then you should do everything you can to change it.  Most of the times we see our own death is because we are given the opportunity to change it.  Sometimes it is unchangeable though, but do what you can to stay alive.

-Psi is a trait,and should be used to improve precog and to help us in ordinary life.  So, do not be afraid of using psi or precog.

Basically, these are the tips I give to the newcomers.  Remember the four types of precognition and of those four, there can be changeable and unchangeable precognition.  This is a great site to learn about precognition.  If you have any doubt at all don't be afraid to ask, that's why we psions are here for.


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