Precognition - Recognizing and Inducing

For those of you that don't know what precognition is, let me explain. Precognition is the ability that allows a psychic/psion to view future events. It is the most common of all psychic abilities and the chances are that YOU have probably used it at some point in your life. In my opinion, precognition is the most common ability, but the most difficult ability to fully grasp and understand. I do not believe that we are given precognitive visions for a purpose. Reason being that most precoged events are very difficult to change. One of the reasons I am writing this article is because when I first started to gain control over my precognition, I saw little resources online. So this article is meant to help. Now let me start from the beginning.

I've been an active precog since I was little. To be specific I've been an active precog since around age 5 or 6. Precognition has always been one of my two primary abilities. It wasn't until I was in 8th grade that I had noticed that I was having more accurate and frequent visions/premonitions. They were so frequent that I sometimes couldn't tell the difference between a vision and reality. There were times when everything felt and looked so real and tangible that I would go about thinking that I actually lived that day out, only to have it happen later making me feel as if I had deja vu.

I enjoyed it a lot, but I knew something needed to be done about this. Before hand I always just let the premonitions come to me, and they always came in times when I didn't really need them. I wanted to control it. I went through many methods. I went online, but there was little resources on controlling precognition. Everyone was telling me that meditation was the key, but all that did was to make the precoged event clearer and even more frequent. I used an online method where I documented all the presumed precoged events that I had witnessed. I would have to say that method is what helped me develop the method that I have now. After a while of searching and trying different methods I came up with the conclusion that the main point of practice for precognition would not be to control it, but to recognize and induce it.

I had been using the online method that I had found about writing down the visions that I presumed were events. I went back and reviewed the notes that I had written. I tried to recall everything that happened when I received those visions. I noticed that precoged every time I received a precognition my crown (the top of my head) always felt funny. It felt itchy and seemed to create a good amount of static. I also tried to link my daily activities with the occurrence of my visions, but there seemed to be no correlation.

So I came up with the conclusion that my crown must be linked somehow to my precognitions. This was then later confirmed by the Psion Guild and then by science. Yes science. Let me explain. At the crown of your head there is a section or part of the brain that functions for the use of sensory perception. Refer to the image below.


So I used that as a starting point. Now that I knew that precognition was tied to the energy activities in my crown I then concluded that only way to learn to induce precognition was to learn to control the energy activities in and around my crown.

I started off with awareness exercises that I had developed by myself and I used some that I found online. After that I then began to focus on my crown. I tried to recreate that same feeling of static and itchiness. When I first started off, I never had anything in mind. I just want to induce an actual precognition. I tried many things with my crown. I visualized the energy in my crown as antennae and then as satellite dishes and then as a fish net, but those were only giving me minimal results. It wasn't until later on in my energy working practices that I developed a method that has seemed to help me a lot. And with that method I am now able to induce precognition whenever I want.

When I started energy working I didn't really pay much attention to the actual energy work. I just knew that I was doing energy working and if I though of something in one way then a certain effect would occur. Then as I progressed I began to notice patterns in energy. This became the basis of my energy working. I realized that many, if not all energies have patterns within them. I came to identify with these patterns as programs in a construct and key points in auras.

Keep in mind that I only knew that precognition was tied into the energy activities in and around my crown. As days, weeks and months passed I began to notice patterns in my precognitions. It also seemed to correlate with the energy working system that I had developed a while back.

*For reference to the system visit Scroll down to Color Frequency Spectrum System.

I noticed that every time I had a precognition, not only was there activity going on in my crown, but the activity always seemed to be of a low frequency. To be specific it had a strong vibration and was spaced out in intervals. It also seemed to feel like waves emitting from my crown. It was also and still is between orange and red according to the energy system that I developed. I also realized that my precognitions were more general than specific. So I then used the new knowledge that I had to induce precognitions. I started of with energy awareness exercises and then I focused on my crown. I then focused on increasing the energy activity and then I focused on altering the frequency. When I did that I then focused on the general idea on what I was looking for. An example would be focusing on a short segment of what was going to happen tomorrow in class.

The more I did this, the more success I had. I then started to become specific in what I was looking for. I focused on the exact date, the time, the location, who would be there and who wouldn't. Just things like that. I also had success in those areas. In all, the main point of this article is not to show you a way to control precognition, but a way to recognize your precognitions and inducing one through the knowledge that you get.

Some Tips

Here are a few tips that I would like to share. For everyone that I've taught precognition to these are the tips I've given them. They have had success with them also.

   * Always pay attention to changes in your perception (energy-wise and physically: such as sight and sound). Be sure to pay attention to how you feel in any part of your body and which part of your body seems to have more energy activity. Some of the people that I have taught have reported to confirm the feeling of energy in and around their crown and some of them even in the palms of their hands.
   * Pay attention to the actual vision itself. Try to pay close attention to how the vision presents itself to you. That would include how much detail you see, hear, taste, smell and feel and also how general the the vision is. This is likely to help you when it comes to inducing a vision.
   * Also there is no place online that will teach you how to definitely induce and control a precognition OR what a precognition feels like. None that I know of anyway. So you would likely have to come up with a method that suites you.
   * You are the key to your own success. Different things work for different people.

Good Luck!


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