Precognition, the Green Mango Way

This article will cover the mysterious skill of Precognition, otherwise known as Precog. I'll do my best to explain to you what precog is and how to practice to build up this skill. If you?re lucky I might also share some of my personal experiences.

Ok, Precognition is when you know when an event is going to happen before it actually does. At least once in your life time you'll say to someone, "I was just about to say that", or "I knew you were going to say that". These are what is known as short term Precognitions and are usually common. The other type is long term Precognitions, a rather rare occurrence for most of us. These are usually visions of distant future events.

There are ways in which you can build up your skill in Precog. A method that I use involves 4 things.

Green Mango's Method

You will need:

   * ?A deck of cards
   * ?Blank sheet of paper
   * ?Pen
   * ?And yourself

Aim - To try and find the "Red card" amongst the rest of the cards.

1) Draw up a scoring sheet to see how well you're going (Figure 1). For the first trial I will show an example. As you can see, to find the Total Steps you just add up the number of times it took you to find the card over the 20 trials. To find the Total Step/Trial you get the total number of steps and divide it by the number of trials, in this case it would be 47 divided by 20 which gives you an answer of 2.35.

Figure 1

2) Now that you understand the scoring method we can move onto the next step. Pick up 5 cards out the deck. I like to make sure that they are all plain (so not a King, Queen or Jack). You also must make sure that you have 4 black cards and 1 red card.

3) Place the 5 cards face down in front of you. Make sure you have no idea where the red card may be so do what ever you can to shuffle them.

4) Now here comes the tricky part, finding the red card. The method I use is simple (well to me anyway). I just ask my subconscious "Where is the red card?". After a few seconds I get a feeling of where the red card is.

5) Then just repeat these steps until you have completed all the trials and remember, practice makes perfect.

You can also alter the amount of trials to do depending on what you want to do. Now don't get discouraged if you're not finding the red card on the first try, I sure didn't when I started. Now that I?ve done my fair share of practice I can usually find the card on the first or second try.

I shall now share my personal experiences regarding Precognition and other strange things. There was this one time last year. It was the near the end of the school holidays so I hadn't seen any of my teachers for over a month. Anyways, I was at home when my family got into a discussion about one of my teachers. After that my brother and I went into town and guess who we saw....the very same teacher we were talking about. This same scenario has also happened another time with different people. Coincidence or maybe something else? I have also had many other short term precognitions about random stuff, but there's no need to go into that.

Hope this article has helped you in the area of Precognition, and remember to be patient and you'll get better in no time.

Green Mango

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