What is the Astral?

Alright, I'm going to spill my guts a bit here and go into exact detail about exactly what I believe the astral to be, and how I think it should be used.  I've been watching and been getting annoyed with the cavalier way in which a great number of people view projection and such - it is not a toy.  Stop using it as one.  It isn't for tourism, seeing lottery numbers, watching great moments in history.  That is not what it is used for.  It's like using a perfectly balanced sword to cut butter with - a complete waste of a powerful and elegant tool on something there are better items for.

I have come to the conclusion that no one here has really explained, in layman's terms, what the astral is and is not.  I guarantee that this will probably strike a few sour chords here and there - but that is not my purpose.

First off, since I am on this topic, I am going to outline what the "Astral" is *not* - seeing as sometimes this method is less complicated than trying to explain what it is.

The "Astral" is not:

*A way to see the past and the future
*A way to see the world
*A method to contact the dead
*Something to be traveled lightly
*A game
*A toy
*All in your head

Alright, now that we've got that out of the way - let's move on.

There are no 'levels', no 'higher' and 'lower' planes.  The Astral, or what people call the Astral, is merely another place that is not here.  The place most people go is Nexus* - it is where all the planes, all the lines, everything converges.  From what I've seen, it is a massive, sprawling city-like place with entities from every walk of life and from anywhere imaginable.  Even things unimaginable that, unless you have seen them, you probably couldn't comprehend them.  And even then, it's still confusing.

From Nexus - you can go anywhere, and by anywhere, I mean it quite literally.  While some places or planes are more difficult to get to than others, usually purely by virtue of the location and/or occupants of that particular place.  It has nothing to do with enlightenment or damnation - absolutely nothing - as far as where you can go.  However, that is not to say you shouldn't go just anywhere because there are things out there that can, and will, stomp you because you're trespassing.

Now that we've covered what it is, I'm going to explain what I think it ought to be used for.  Astral projection isn't something to be done lightly - that's all there is to it.  If you are going to project, it should be because you are seeking to learn and to know more.  It's not a tourist attraction, it's not somewhere to go see the future - it's a place to meet with great minds of other places, to encounter that which you could never otherwise see, to learn from those with greater knowledge than we.  While yes, explore - it is not a sightseeing tour.  There are beautiful and fantastic things out there and, by all means, view them - but it is not just something to do to go "Hey, that's a pretty waterfall.  I'm going home now." If you're going to go to a waterfall or a crystal spire, or whatever it is that you're seeing...  meditate there, spend some time appreciating the beauty, appreciating the power, appreciating all that it is, was, and could be.  Think, feel, realize.  Don't just gawk - while yes, it is a fantastic spectacle, think about it - expand your perceptions and thoughts.  That is what the ability to project is for, at least for humans.  Other beings use Nexus as a trade port - as many other things.  And while yes, it can be used for rather mundane reasons by they - we are not yet awake enough to be able to treat it with any sort of casual air.

*This is the author's own term (may be considered spiritual) and more information may be found in the spiritual section.


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