Attacks and Protection Chat Late Jan. 2008

This is a log taking place in The Enigma League's chatroom in late Jan. 2007.  Special permission was given to post this.  While this was not my idea, I was put on the spot to host it.  Most of the grammar and spelling has been edited, as the comings and goings of people and off topic comments. This is a log chat so it is recommended you copy this into word and read it in chunks.

[oldsoul] 2:29 pm: Just so everyone knows, both Jedikaren and Kylara have taken or are taking my lessons :D
[oldsoul] 2:34 pm: What would anyone like to talk about today?
[Kylara] 2:34 pm: I'm up for whatever
[JediKaren] 2:35 pm: hmm empathy...overload...mental protection, astral projection?
[oldsoul] 2:36 pm: That's a lot of subjects, Karen
[Bloodyheck] 2:36 pm: mental protection
[JediKaren] 2:36 pm: oh I meant pick one or two. But go for what others want. I already know all this and thought others might get something out of it
[oldsoul] 2:36 pm: ok
[oldsoul] 2:37 pm: Then you lead off, Karen
[JediKaren] 2:37 pm: wait?
[JediKaren] 2:37 pm: err what do you mean lead?
[oldsoul] 2:37 pm: introduce the subject of mental projection
[Kylara] 2:38 pm: projection or protection?
[Bloodyheck] 2:38 pm: protect
[JediKaren] 2:38 pm: hmm protection
[Arkanis] 2:39 pm: protection I hope.. I don?t get projection at all =/
[oldsoul] 2:39 pm: ok, protection, then
[oldsoul] 2:39 pm: as in shielding?
[JediKaren] 2:39 pm: yeah
[Bloodyheck] 2:39 pm: shielding is good
[JediKaren] 2:39 pm: first off anyone know anything at all about shielding?
[oldsoul] 2:40 pm: ok, let's start with questions
[Kylara] 2:40 pm: I know a bit...had a lesson on shielding a while back and have read in many books about it
[Bloodyheck] 2:41 pm: shielding and warding same thing?
[Kylara] 2:42 pm: do you keep shields up at all times or only certain situations?
[JediKaren] 2:42 pm: no
[Bloodyheck] 2:42 pm: difference?
[JediKaren] 2:42 pm: ok let me explain here
[JediKaren] 2:42 pm: shielding is more of an invisible field, made up of energy that you create and control
[JediKaren] 2:44 pm: you can control it, or "program it" if you will, do to anything you want, such as warn you of an attack, stop someone from attacking you, program a contruct to attack the attacker, or to let the attacker in, but only so far
[JediKaren] 2:44 pm: warding, not a term I'm know so much, is just keeping someone out or warning you (feel free to correct me)
[JediKaren] 2:45 pm: so why shield? who would attack you? What is out there to harm you and why? These are all good questions and questions you need to keep in mind at all times
[JediKaren] 2:46 pm: mostly, day to day, you won't get attacked. Most people don't have a reason to most of the time, but there are those times when it happens and you need to know what are those times.
[JediKaren] 2:47 pm: you are most likely going to get attacked by someone you know. Sometimes you did something to anger them. Sometimes that person went a bit darkn and crazy. And sometimes they misunderstood you or didn't mean/know they were attacking
[oldsoul] 2:47 pm: Warding is more like setting a burglar alarm, to tell you if someone/thing is trying to penetrate your space.
[JediKaren] 2:47 pm: thanks
[oldsoul] 2:48 pm: Katherine Kurtz has a lot of good info on warding in her Deryni series books.
[JediKaren] 2:49 pm: you need to look at your friends if you think you are being attacked. are any of them psi vampires? are any into energy manipulation? do any of them have aggressive personality? If the answer is yes to any, then they may be the attacker
[oldsoul] 2:49 pm: Warding is more passive than shielding, but can be every bit as strong.
[JediKaren] 2:50 pm: also understand there is something called empathy, the ability to feel emotions as if they are your own. Empaths, people that can do empathy, often suffer from something called empathy overload.
[JediKaren] 2:51 pm: Empathy overload is when an empath gets overloaded with too many emotions, or even just a strong single one. This can be considered a form of an attack.
[JediKaren] 2:52 pm: empathy overloads generally happen at big parties, concerts, or gathers. Emotional strong friends who are angry/scared/ depressed/ or overly excited can trigger an overload to a near by empath.
[JediKaren] 2:53 pm: If you are an empath, you can shield. You can shield before going to one of these gatherings, or during one if you think you are going or getting overloaded.
[JediKaren] 2:53 pm: any questions so far?
[Kylara] 2:53 pm: nope
[JediKaren] 2:54 pm: ok now that you know who and why would attack, let's talk about the signs of an attack and how to shield
[Arkanis] 2:54 pm: no questions just yet 0.o'
[Bloodyheck] 2:55 pm: ok, now I do warding , in the room, and shielding on myself, you look at it as the same or different?
[JediKaren] 2:56 pm: well warding is a type of shielding.
[Kylara] 2:56 pm: I have never made the differentiation personally. I use similar methods to ward a candle as I do to shield myself or my house
[Bloodyheck] 2:57 pm: hmmm. shields I put around me, not always permanent, the ward is in the room permanent
[JediKaren] 2:57 pm: *nods*
[Bloodyheck] 2:57 pm: ward a candle?
[Kylara] 2:58 pm: to keep my cats from going near it and hurting themselves or knocking it over if I have to leave the room and don't want to take it with me :P
[Bloodyheck] 2:58 pm: ahh
[JediKaren] 2:58 pm: won't want a burnt house
[Bloodyheck] 2:59 pm: been there
[JediKaren] 2:59 pm: anything more? or should I keep going?
[oldsoul] 3:00 pm: yes, warding id for a fixed location and a shield can be either mobile or fixed
[Bloodyheck] 3:01 pm: sorry pick up where you left off, before I interrupted
[Bloodyheck] 3:01 pm: signs of an attack
[JediKaren] 3:01 pm: ok
[JediKaren] 3:02 pm: it's hard to explain what it feels like to have someone in your head, but that's what you are looking for
[Bloodyheck] 3:03 pm: the creepy hairs standing up on your arm feeling?
[Bloodyheck] 3:03 pm: creepy
[JediKaren] 3:03 pm: the best way to find out in a harmless way, is to ask someone who you know very well who have done this before, to go into your mind for just a second
[oldsoul] 3:03 pm: yes, or a dizzy feeling, or sudden sharp pain
[JediKaren] 3:03 pm: not really...that I more associate with some astral spirit watching me
[JediKaren] 3:03 pm: (opinions will differ)
[JediKaren] 3:04 pm: or a strange presence in your mind. Like a pat on your mind that wasn't you
[JediKaren] 3:05 pm: if you have shields up, you will feeling a warning feeling and you need to pay close attention to it
[JediKaren] 3:05 pm: study the feeling and see who the attacker is, if possible. Attackers can shield their own presence
[Bloodyheck] 3:06 pm: when one plays with vampires, you kinda get that a lot
[Bloodyheck] 3:06 pm: attackers can shield themselves, that's interesting
[JediKaren] 3:06 pm: while an attacker can shield their signature, they have established a link with you and you can use the link to trace them back
[JediKaren] 3:07 pm: and send a message saying sternly "get out"
[oldsoul] 3:07 pm: or worse
[JediKaren] 3:07 pm: Use your emotions to make it clear you do not want any one in your mind and you will make their life hell if they continue
[Bloodyheck] 3:08 pm: yes, using the web to go back, that I?ve reeling in a fish in the weeds
[JediKaren] 3:08 pm: if the attacker withdraws, don't relax until you have checked all possiblities of who it could have been
[JediKaren] 3:08 pm: and strengthen your shields. Program them to let no one in for any reason.
[Bloodyheck] 3:09 pm: hmm, the taste will always stay the same though, won't it
[Bloodyheck] 3:09 pm: their taste..sorry..the signature

[JediKaren] 3:09 pm: If the attacker doesn't withdraw, you need to puff yourself up to make yourself seem stronger and tougher than you may be. You want to scare off the attacker. Fight to defend yourself
[Bloodyheck] 3:11 pm: ((looks for jeston poltergice)
[JediKaren] 3:11 pm: try to get them out of your mind. If you can't do that, then defend the deeper parts of your mind. Search for help. Ask someone who knows who, to scan you and the attacker. If your friend can, have them help you defend yourself
[JediKaren] 3:11 pm: Hey, we're talking about mental protection
[Lupine] 3:11 pm: howdy ho there neighbors
[oldsoul] 3:11 pm: we are talking about wards, shielding, and dealing with psychic attacks
[Lupine] 3:11 pm: ah
[JediKaren] 3:13 pm: when you have managed to get the attacker out, the coast is clear, your shields are up, drink some water, get a snack and sleep. IF a person gets into your mind, they are going to do some damage no matter what. Sleep is the first step and may be the only step needed in healing any mental wounds.
[Lupine] 3:13 pm: I think shielding and such is fine...if you have an idea when and if an attack is immenant
[Bloodyheck] 3:13 pm: let me ask you , have you ever been at a gathering,  party school, park, whatever and seen that
[JediKaren] 3:14 pm: you may feel very tired, have a headache, your emotions are off, or other strange health problems you didn't have before the attack. This is normal. Don't get freaked out too much. Sleep, take something for the pain, meditate, get outside, and keep those shields up.
[Bloodyheck] 3:14 pm: have you ever been to a gathering, or place where others were gathered and knew there was someone in the room, either exciting or dampening the crowd?
[JediKaren] 3:15 pm: well I have been overloaded many a time at parties/school and such
[Bloodyheck] 3:16 pm: and it happened for no reason, considering the amount of drugs or alcohol was minimal
[JediKaren] 3:16 pm: yes I have. Some people naturally feed off a crowds emotions. We called them psi vampires and they are considered an attacker and need to be watched carefully
[JediKaren] 3:16 pm: now how to deal with an empathy overload
[Bloodyheck] 3:16 pm: wait I have to tell my kid what song she is thinking about
[Bloodyheck] 3:17 pm: ok..done
[JediKaren] 3:17 pm: first off, if you go to a big gathering, remind yourself that you CAN get overloaded. You need to remember to shield. Now say that you are new to shielding and shielding isn't a good option right still have options
[Bloodyheck] 3:18 pm: I felt one recently at a comedy club, but it was so darn smokey I couldn't see my own hands
[Lupine] 3:18 pm: i avoid humans...normally cant stand big crowds
[JediKaren] 3:18 pm: meditate before hand. don't get too excited. be aware of your feelings at all times. Are these your feelings or are they of the crowd? do you feel like you have no control over what you are feeling? If so, then you are experiencing an overload
[JediKaren] 3:19 pm: don't panic if you are having one. Try to get away from the crowd. If you can't leave the party, then step away from the crowd. Go to the bathroom if need be. Mediate, ground, and relax. You can control this.
[oldsoul] 3:20 pm: JediKaren is talking about how to handle empathy overloads and psychic attacks
[Bloodyheck] 3:21 pm: empathy overload is different tho
[Caly] 3:21 pm: I gathered, thanks for the heads up Oldsoul :)
[JediKaren] 3:21 pm: when you get back home, go to your room. drink water, and ground. relax. If you feel the need to cry, it's ok to. It's a like being drunk. You are going to have to wait until your mind heals itself. The best way to heal is to sleep. If you can't sleep, then walk around outside and be alone. Spend time with your pet. Yes even the fish will do.
[JediKaren] 3:22 pm: and that's all I can think of
[JediKaren] 3:22 pm: end of lecture
[Caly] 3:22 pm: I think my daughter may be a bit empathic but then again she is 4yrs old lol though shes more emotionally sensitive then most kids I've seen. Could just be my mom instinct though
[Bloodyheck] 3:22 pm: with you or everyone?
[oldsoul] 3:22 pm: yes, ground any unpleasant energy off as soon as possible or reasonable
[Bloodyheck] 3:23 pm: like coffee bean or static?
[oldsoul] 3:23 pm: ?
[Bloodyheck] 3:23 pm: well ground like move backwards and undo or try to short out the feeling
[oldsoul] 3:24 pm: you are familiar with psychic grounding, are you not?
[Caly] 3:24 pm: with everyone Bloodyheck, and that?s wonderful advice Karen
[Bloodyheck] 3:24 pm: mind is not connecting the dots
[oldsoul] 3:24 pm: imagine your body to be a tree, with roots growing into the ground. Let the unpleasant energy to drain into the earth through your roots.
[Bloodyheck] 3:25 pm: sorry..different teminology..rooting I get :)
[oldsoul] 3:25 pm: and bring healthful energy back up, like sap rising in a tree
[Caly] 3:25 pm: its basic energy transfer
[oldsoul] 3:25 pm: yes
[Lupine] 3:26 pm: i ground from my center
[Bloodyheck] 3:27 pm: I've never found floats about 2feetover my head
[Bloodyheck] 3:27 pm: used to drive my Aikido teacher nuts
[Bloodyheck] 3:28 pm: any advice on centering then..or would that be off topic?
[oldsoul] 3:29 pm: no, centering is a valid topic
[oldsoul] 3:29 pm: now, how I do it may be a bit different from some others
[oldsoul] 3:29 pm: I use the grounding as a first step
[Lupine] 3:30 pm: if I am raising energy...I?ll ground first
[oldsoul] 3:31 pm: then when the energy gets up to my heart, I send a shaft of white light out of my crown chakra into the cosmos An answering beam of energy, much stronger, always returns down, inflowing and filling the body, and flowing into the earth, where the cycle starts anew.
[oldsoul] 3:32 pm: I am at the center of these flows
[Bloodyheck] 3:32 pm: k
[oldsoul] 3:32 pm: hence the use of the word, center
[Bloodyheck] 3:32 pm: ooooooh makes sense
[Caly] 3:33 pm: sweet my glass packs arrived
[Bloodyheck] 3:33 pm: not the center of your physically
[Kylara] 3:34 pm: (sorry about being so quiet hehe was helping my son get started on his homework...explaining about Martin Luther and demonstrations and equal rights to an 8 year old can be a challenge)
[oldsoul] 3:34 pm: your physical center is your Hara, about an inch or two below your navel
[oldsoul] 3:36 pm: Any other questions?
[Bloodyheck] 3:36 pm: wonder why my center floats so high?
[oldsoul] 3:36 pm: it sounds like you are ungrounded
[oldsoul] 3:37 pm: ever get a chakra realignment?
[Bloodyheck] 3:37 pm: no..
[Kylara] 3:38 pm: do you use a special shielding to help prevent/counteract empathy overload or just your standard shields?
[JediKaren] 3:38 pm: well you can program the shield to block out emotions
[Bloodyheck] 3:43 pm: don't know if I'd want to block out emotions even the bad ones are instructional
[oldsoul] 3:44 pm: well, you can tone down the strength of the emotions you pick up
[Bloodyheck] 3:44 pm: dampening shields
[oldsoul] 3:44 pm: yes
[JediKaren] 3:45 pm: oh and btw getting overloaded is not fun...really really not fun seeing how i went through one last night.
[Kylara] 3:45 pm: Some days I'd settle for not physically reacting to everything....I'm tired of crying to commercials LOL
[JediKaren] 3:45 pm: don't be stupid and think it's not going to happen or it's not going to will and it will hurt a lot
[Caly] 3:45 pm: it can be painful to some people and cause massive migraines
[Bloodyheck] 3:45 pm: or lassies whistle tune
[Bloodyheck] 3:47 pm: certain musical combinations or tones can get me wailing
[Kylara] 3:47 pm: trying to read out loud about how the national anthem was inspired...
[Caly] 3:48 pm: well if you'll all excuse me I have sigil stained glass window to construct and ship by tomorrow so have a great chat!
[oldsoul] 3:51 pm: anything else anyone wants to talk about?
[Kylara] 3:51 pm: nothing specific comes to mind


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