Energies Chat Feb. 10, 2008

This is the edited log of the chat on different energies in the chatroom of the PsiWorld Feb 10, 2008. We had up to 25 members, though many of them left during the chat. The chat went on about an one hour and forty five minutes. What was edited were off topic comments, coming and going, "done" and "!" and spelling and grammar issues. The log will is long, so it is recommended to copy this into word and read it in chunks

< JediKaren> Today we are having a chat about different energies
< JediKaren> This is will as formal a chat as possible so I beg you to act on your best behavior and obey my orders or else I will have to kick/ban you and I don't want to do that, but before we start the chat, I want to go over the rules to make it clear how you are to act so you can avoid being kicked.
< JediKaren> First off you will obey me and any mod. If they say shut up, they mean shut up. Second do not use one liners because they make the chat longer, they are annoying to read and they make you seem rather immature and like a newbie.
< JediKaren> please do not im or pm me during the chat. If you have something to say that is not related to the chat, then pm it to me on the forum or email it to me at JediKaren@hotmail.com.
< JediKaren> now on to the ! system. Because there are a ton of you and the java doesn't show who is typing or stopped typing, we are going to use the ! to ask for permission to speak. Let?s say Lord had something to say. He would type ! and wait for me to call on him. When it is his turn to talk he will type what he has to say and then type "done" to show he is done. Once you type done you can not talk anymore unless you have ! and gotten permission.
< JediKaren> I will try to be fair and make sure everyone gets a chance to talk, but some people will talk more than others. I also will call in order of! being typed.
Please respect your peers. Don't curse them or attack them, but attack their statement
< JediKaren> Also wait until I have type "is there any questions" before doing the !. Try to type your questions or comments before hand and then copy them here when it is your turn, that way we all get to say more
< JediKaren> so is there any questions or suggestions?
<pikadude500> how many people will fit in this chat room?
< idzuna> plenty. Lol
< JediKaren> well we had 30 people last time and i doubt will get that many this time
<Furmen> Do I get to go into mother hen mode this session?
< JediKaren> no
< JediKaren> ok on to the chat!
< JediKaren> now today we are talking about different energies such as magik, chi, ki, qi, qi gong, prana. Note there are many other energies out there, but I think we will only have time to go over those. Let me also let those who are new to any energy, that there are a large amount of you who know more than me about these energies and are welcomed to help me explain them in greater detail
< JediKaren> We all know about psi, but we all know probably just a little about other energies. Unfortunately, there is a large amount of fluff related to these energies due to what I think is a lack of knowing about them so we are going on talk about them to help keep down the fluff.
< JediKaren> If we can keep the fluff down about these energies, I think I might let you all talk about them more, but only if you all can show some intelligence about such energies.
< JediKaren> I am about to be frank and let you all know I don't know a ton about these energies, but I did do some research last night as well as over the years, so what I will be doing is telling you what I know and letting you all talk about the ideas I bring up.
< JediKaren> The first thing I think a lot of people talk about is the idea that psi and all the other energies is really just different names for the same energy. There are many arguments on if this is true
< JediKaren> based on the research I've done and the people I've talked to, many would say it's not the same energy. The evidence I found supported that idea. But I could also see to a degree why others argue otherwise.
< JediKaren> ok any questions or comments on what was just said?
< idzuna> ok I would like to speak of the difference of energies is a matter of frequency, density and source of the production over this energy.
< idzuna> also all energies are alike in some manner as a base they all come down to the same thing, which is energy.
<Cin_Drallig> Now how do you define an ?energy?? How do you separate one from another? For I am more inclined to think there is a multitude of ways of using one and the same energy. Different aspects, if you will, but no more than one energy. Of course, I have next to no knowledge in this area.
< JediKaren> ok we will go over that soon enough
<Tails-ICTX> Ok, I would like to state that it is in part a matter of paradigm whether energy is viewed as multiple or singular, and that these viewpoints aren't even necessarily mutually exclusive. In hermetic elemental theory for example, the akashic force is seen as being what the other elemental energy types are derived from, but those forces are seen as representing separate aspects of reality. Which leads to my next point, perhaps its more are
<Tails-ICTX> in a manner of speak of different forces rather than different types of energy in this instance, as the analogy to physical... well, physics... to the metaphysical counterparts seems more sensical that way. This also has to do with the theory of planes, even the same force//energy will seem to be different when viewed on say the lower mental plane as compared to the etheric even if they're different manifestations of the same thing

<Tails-ICTX> essential properties will remain similar... also, I would like to submit that perhaps it doesn't matter if objectively energies are different or the same and it would be reasonable to follow A.Crowley in saying "I perform certain actions, certain results follow" without necessarily ascribing any objective validity to them outside of as a matter of technique. DONE
<Zeiram> cutoff: perhaps it's more are
<Tails-ICTX> "reasonable"(sorry if correcting a cut-off after stating done is a violation of the rules)
<Fearn> Mine is more of a statement on what you have said. From what I can see (from working with/scanning other energies) there seems to be one uniform energy, then the method you use to access it 'flavours' the energy. So all energies are different manifestations of the same universal energy. This is just my theory, based on observations I have made however. DONE
<Furmen> We have proof that all matter and energy are just about the same thing with slightly different properties, so quite frankly, this whole Qi, Si, Chi, Ballerina energy stuff is all pretty well the same and garbage. I consider it fluffy to have millions of names for the same thing.
<pikadude500> im trying to be serious but those are the energies I have "seen"! please tell me which energies (MIGHT) look like that DONE
< Brilenus> Any energy can appear any color based on different scanning methods.
<Fearn> Right
< idzuna> ! comment on pika.
< JediKaren> ok idzuna and I are going to try out a new rule: if you have a comment someone's comment type "!comment on ___"
< JediKaren> but lets not have too many comments or else we will never get to all the energies
<user2m> what exactly is mana I have heard many different definitions but i'm not sure which is which some of the definitions sound alike the two that i hear the most are mana is free life energy and is alike to prana also it is the energy the elements produce
< JediKaren> hmm ok I didn't research that (sorry) so anyone know?
<Furmen> !comment on User2m
< idzuna> alright, pika I believe what your seeing is auric sight, this is when the eyes pick up on different frequencies of energy due to the connection of what some paradigms call the third eye from my view.
< idzuna> I can give you some links on relation of colors of energy in auras later.
<pikadude500> oops !comment on idzuna
<Furmen> Mana is "allegedly" the force of life within you and nature alike, both supporting a system symbiosis to each other. As for prana, I don't know, I misread that as pron. But that's mana.
<user2m> thnx furmen
< JediKaren> we well get to prana later
<edwardbear159> Thanks.
< JediKaren> ok let's get on to an energy
< JediKaren> I think most poeple hear about ki/chi the most often in psi related boards so we will start with that. All three names are the same word in different asia countries for the same energy
< JediKaren> Ki is Japanese, chi is chiness and qi I'm not sure, but I think is also chinese
<Zeiram> It is.
< JediKaren> they all basically mean "life force" or "energy flow". Basically the idea is energy is everywhere and flows (yes think star wars with the Force, which was borrowed from these ideas)
< JediKaren> We humans have the ability to feel ki/chi and even control it, much like psi. This energy is connected to all things and flows through us, like our bodies. It is said that when you have an energy block, meaning when you block the natural flow, you can cause sickness within you, which is part of eastern medical healing
< JediKaren> chi/ki has some of the same abilities as does psi like ki ball, but please do not think of dragon ball z because it's nothing at all like that, as you know in psionics.
< JediKaren> ki/chi is more known to be used in martial arts in forms like aikido, or in the korean system: hapkido. It is used to make a ki ball and throw it at a person to know them off there feet, but I think I will stop there for now and see if there are questions or comments:
<pikadude500> it really happened like DBZ for me once... but it wasn?t like auric sight it was SOO REAL!
<Cin_Drallig> Any biological reason behind humans being able to manipulate these energies? And how is this manipulation done, really? What is required to touch this energy?
<Furmen> !commenton Cin
<pikadude500> !comment on cin
<Manipulator> well I have to get off now and just wondering is it possible some one can save this and send it to me "xoDrynalox aim.com"
< JediKaren> there is no evidence as to why we need or can touch these energies that I know of. As to how manipulation can be done, I suggest you take a look at some of the articles on this site seeing how they are closely related to the methods used or other energies
<MrExperiment> Karen, have you ever seen someone using Hapkido style before?
<MrExperiment> As in with your own eyes, not on TV or such?
< JediKaren> nope. I just wrote this in my notes
<MrExperiment> Okay thanks, I was wondering as I used Hapkido as the
< JediKaren> and I don't watch much anime
<MrExperiment> Basis of my Percenkull Technique
<Tails-ICTX> Ok, firstly the philosophy behind the chi paradigm's needs to be taken into consideration, it has a unique view of astral biology, and while it's not my main field of work the chi ball isn?t what's used to knock people off their feet or similar... veritas has some excellent articles on this for anyone interested, wich I would just like to say, but getting a proper teacher is usually highly recommended for anything related. DONE
< JediKaren> lol ok my mistake. sorry.
< idzuna> chi: chi is the energy that flows closest to the physical from what ive seen, it is your life force. what allows you to move, act and think is chi generated by the body from things like food and drink. chi/ki can be easily used for healing, especially in the most direct manner of the systems and physical areas. channeling chi through injured areas in a gentle and constant manner can increase regeneration rates of physical areas easily. C
<Tails-ICTX> "easily, c" cut off
< idzuna> also here is a good beginners guide to chi work http://forums.vsociety.net/topic/10188
<pikadude500> energy is the ability to do work, so wanting it to move will some how make it move! strange how things work sometimes huh?
<Furmen> !comment on Cin
<Barriss> Okay, I'm still a little confused about the whole chi thing. I thought chi was some sort of life-giving energy, yet many people talk about it like it's just another form of psi. (Sorry if this has already been mentioned, I haven't been here for very long so I don't know.)
< JediKaren> I meant that to anyone. any more comments?
< JediKaren> if you have anything more to teach about ki/chi, please "!"
< JediKaren> lets move on

< JediKaren> Ok I have some notes on Qi Gong It is also known as chi hung and is part of the chinese traditional medicine
< JediKaren> it is all about movement of the body and breathing patterns to promote health. Strangely western doctors agree to this part of the healing process and I know that many older people use this as gentle exercise. It is also part of Chinese?s martial arts
< JediKaren> Qi means breath or gas and gong means work applied to a disciple. it is used to reduce stress, but it is also considered an energy field and is why we are talking about it. So those are all of my notes, so time your questions or comments:
<Barriss> Okay. Does anyone here have any techniques for Qi Gong?
< JediKaren> hmm I don't know any, but people feel free to jump in
<Fearn> http://www.qi-energy.com/qigongpractice.htm <--Qigong for beginners
<electrotonic> i was thinking about starting qigong but the only reason I would do it is to help with psionics. In qigong does it help with telepathy a lot and energy manipulation (im just trying to get a lot of opinions on that subject)
<electrotonic> or Ap...those are just skills I?m mainly interested in
<Tails-ICTX> !comment on electrotonic
<Fearn> !comment on electronic
<Tails-ICTX> A proper practice of gi gong, even the basics, will improve energy flow considerably which will have a very beneficial effect on all ones energy manipulations skills, as ones energy systems are the foundation in many ways of ones energy working abilities. While there won't be unless you get into more advanced aspects a direct effect, the overall vitalising and development of flow within ones meridians and similair will have a very go
<Tails-ICTX> also help prevent the effect of a 'cap' in development some people get due to unresolved issues with their energy systems DONE
<Fearn> Tails said what I was going to say. Nevermind. [DONE]
<Zeiram> Telepathy and astral projection are commonly referenced in systems that use qigong, although they are separate skills in themselves.
< JediKaren> ok thank you
< JediKaren> anything more on qi gong?
< JediKaren> ok lets move on to Kundalini
< JediKaren> it's a not quite so much heard of energy and is unique to the others. It comes fro India I believe, but has managed to work itself into Christianity a bit
< idzuna> yes it started from Hindu culture I believe.
< JediKaren> it is known as a corporeal energy and in Sanskrit means "coiled up". It is envisioned as a serpent coiled at the base of the spine, thus known a the serpent power
< JediKaren> In Hinduism it is part of the subtle body and is directly connected to the chakras, energy ports or centers located on different parts of the spine. The idea is to rise your kundalini through up and to be with the divine. Let me remind you this is a Hinduism idea, so they weren't talking about "God", yet many Christians think so
< JediKaren> you general rise the energy through yoga, which is a type of exercising/mediation used for other energies as well. it was brought over to the west by a guy named Sir John Woodroff. Carl Jung a psychologist also believed it in and supported it. It deeply impacts Alchemy and is known as Igneonus Power and Serpentine Fire.
< JediKaren> kundalini allows you to express your spirituality and allows you to mature while using it. And those are all my notes on it, so any questions or comments?
< idzuna> well you pretty much said what I was going to say but I would like to point out, from my practice over it they reason why they related it to fire was the fire of concousness or the light of the mind. Only through a clearing and balance of the chakras could the kudalini be risen from the base of the spine.
< idzuna> for more research over this I would suggest simply googling kudaline yoga also here is a interesting website over it. ide say it describes it well, http://www.themystica.com/mystica/articles/k/kundalini.html.
< idzuna> I would also like to say that kudaline was later on in history intermixed with reiki, the practice of reiki with kudalini added in a omniscient form of energy for healing wich would allow to be more accurate.
< JediKaren> ok those are the main energies that around found in the east.
< JediKaren> as you can see they are related to each other in many ways liking being spiritual and effecting everyone. yet they have different properties
<GEOvanne> about ki and chi
<GEOvanne> iv seen people talking about how they feel different, but from what iv read about martial arts, they say its the same, just pronounced different in other countries
< JediKaren> well that's true of ki/chi/qi
<Shakti> what's true?
<GEOvanne> so what about the persons that say it feels different?
< JediKaren> well unfortunately we have no real way of proving or disproving them
<Shakti> dont we have senses?
< JediKaren> ok obvious I'm more or less done with the chat so go ahead and have free for all talk
< JediKaren> Chat done!


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