Remote Viewing Practice of January 29, 2005

[21:17] <JediKaren> pick something you want to learn
[21:18] <PyroDragon> ummm.
[21:19] <PyroDragon> no idea
[21:19] <Maticolotto> what do you feel like teaching?
[21:19] <Maticolotto> or doing?
[21:19] <JediKaren> ok pick a skill you're weak in
[21:19] <JediKaren> I really don't care what I teach
[21:19] <PyroDragon> astral projection?
[21:20] <Maticolotto> weak in... TK, scanning, telepathy, OOBE
[21:20] <Maticolotto> empathy, RV
[21:20] * PyroDragon telepathy rv and ooobe
[21:20] <PyroDragon> lol
[21:20] <JediKaren> ok let's do rv
[21:20] <PyroDragon> ok
[21:21] <PyroDragon> isnt it similar to telepathy?
[21:21] <JediKaren> no
[21:22] <JediKaren> tp is the ability to know a person's thoughts.  Rv is the ability to sense objects, people and stuff
[21:22] <JediKaren> some people see the object, some feel it
[21:23] <JediKaren> it's the ability that makes it so no one can walk up behind you without you knowing it
[21:23] <JediKaren> gotpsi and gardens are the two best sites for practicing rv
[21:24] <JediKaren> also minesweeper is a very good game to play for rv
[21:25] <PyroDragon> lol
[21:25] <Maticolotto> hmm.
[21:29] <JediKaren> rv is commonly mixed up with ap
[21:30] <JediKaren> rv is just simply know, sensing the world around you.  Ap is seeing the world around you.
[21:30] <Maticolotto> but you said, <JediKaren> some people see the object, some feel it
[21:31] <JediKaren> I know, but there's a difference
[21:31] <JediKaren> I think when people say they "see" the object they get a mental picture
[21:31] <JediKaren> in ap you see the world like you would through your eyes
[21:32] *** Shone has joined channel #psiworld
[21:32] <JediKaren> rv is like sticking your hand in a bag without looking and getting that mental picture of a cube
[21:34] <Shone> whats the most common thing to learn once you can make psiballs?
[21:34] <PyroDragon> probably telepathy or empathy mabe
[21:34] <Maticolotto> I think constructs or any other ability you want to learn
[21:35] <JediKaren> umm hmm I would have to say most people then start learning how to move the psiwheel, but that's bc everyone likes to see the wheel move
[21:36] <PyroDragon> but the easiest thing would probably be telepathy or empathy wouldnt you agree?
[21:36] <JediKaren> yes
[21:36] <Maticolotto> I think the easiest thing is constructs after psiballs
[21:36] <Maticolotto> simply because it's the same thing but slightly differently
[21:39] *** zac has joined channel #psiworld
[21:40] <zac> so whats the chat?
[21:41] <JediKaren> hmm we were talking about rv
[21:42] <Shone> Uh well i know the basic principles of psi but i dont know how to do it i also only vaguely can do remote viewing
[21:42] <zac> the future seeing one or the anywhere inyour eyelids one?
[21:42] <JediKaren> yeah, but I'm working on getting organized again and finding out, skill level and what people want to learn
[21:42] <JediKaren> no
[21:43] <JediKaren> remote viewing is the ablility to sense mass, like objects or people
[21:43] <zac> sensehow
[21:43] <JediKaren> uhh?
[21:44] <JediKaren> you can read up on rv here
[21:44] <zac> like can u feel tham or just know its there can you touch can you reach out?
[21:45] <Shone> i look at an object or person and then see a sort of bright sphere with wavy lines eminating from it the line thats brightest points to thelocation of that perons or object and has the highest probability of being wut happens
[21:45] <JediKaren> To Zac-both
[21:46] <Shone> anyway suppose anyone here could teach me constructs or telepathy?
[21:46] <JediKaren> hmm we could do telepathy
[21:46] <Maticolotto> article on the basis of constructs:
[21:47] <Shone> final question for you all what do you think generates the power we call psionics?
[21:47] <JediKaren> hmm us?
[21:48] <Maticolotto> everything does, since psi is a basic form of energy, I think, so everything you can consider as energy actually provides psi in a way
[21:48] <Shone> partially its generated through your nervous system which is why if you focus on different nerve clusters while channeling psi you achieve different effects
[21:49] <Maticolotto> hmm, the psi I use is just there when I use it.
[21:49] <JediKaren> yeah
[21:49] <JediKaren> I think he's explaining how we process the feeling
[21:49] <Shone> more or less yah
[21:49] <Maticolotto> hmm, ok
[21:50] <Shone> amazingly enough i know all that but i couldnt move a penny with tk if my life depended on it -_-
[21:50] <Maticolotto> well, don't be troubled. in any case, are we doing telepathy?
[21:50] <Shone> i suppose so if its ok with you
[21:51] <JediKaren> yes
[21:53] *** Signoff: Shone (Quit: )
[21:53] <JediKaren> ok about about you all tell me what you know about tp, so I don't have to repeat info that you already know
[21:53] <zac> tp?
[21:54] <JediKaren> Telepathy
[21:54] <zac> o
[21:54] <zac> nut bit bout psi alls but dats it
[21:54] <zac> *nout
[21:55] <JediKaren> ok umm does anyone else know anything about telepathy?
[21:56] <Shone> uh i know that once your good at it you can make your own thoughts sound like they belong to the person your talking to and therefore make them think wutever you want them to think
[21:56] <Maticolotto> telepathy is often referred as communication between two minds, where one is the sender and another the receiver. the sender sends a message, which can be an image, a piece of speech or a concept to the other. the receiver... receives and interprets that message
[21:57] <JediKaren> yes
[21:57] <Maticolotto> the way people receive thoughts depend on the person. some hear them, some feel them, some see them, ect.
[21:57] <JediKaren> I think most newbies think that when doing tp they have to hear something
[21:58] <Shone> All i know is that when im the receiver the back of my head feals like its gonna explode
[21:58] <Maticolotto> it may also depend on the nature of the thoughts that are sent, and while it is yet still unknown on how does telepathy work, it's known that it exists in one way or the other
[21:59] <JediKaren> lol I think that reciever went a little too far Shone
[21:59] <JediKaren> ok now does anyone know how to send and recieve a message?
[21:59] <zac> nop
[22:00] <JediKaren> ok then let me tell you
[22:00] <JediKaren> for an example I'm going to use the game shapes and colors
[22:02] <JediKaren> you pick a color and shape.  Let's say red circle.  Picture the shape and color in your head clearly.  Now think of the person(s) you're going to send it to.  I like to image the people sitting right in front of me.  I mentally send that shape and color to their head
[22:04] <JediKaren> Recieving is a little harder.  This requires the person(s) to relax and be open to any shape or color to suddenly pop up in their head.  No sometimes this doesn't work.  So I, if possible go scan the person and look for the answer.  But since that is a tricky way of doing it you can go through each shape and color looking for that "right" one
[22:06] <Shone> * raises hand *
[22:06] <JediKaren> Shone?
[22:07] <Shone> Now that you say to scan to see if the person receiving got the message er how do i scan?
[22:07] <Shone> or is there another way to find out if the got the message?
[22:07] <JediKaren> yes
[22:08] <JediKaren> if you have a incredible strong link with the person you can sense that he or she understood it
[22:09] <Maticolotto> basically, it's focusing on the person and trying to feel what he/she is thinking
[22:09] <Maticolotto> or sense
[22:09] <Maticolotto> or see, or hear, or whatever
[22:09] <Shone> Does a parent qualify as strong link *sarcasm* thanks jedi i think my dad got it at least he decided to get up and get the red square shaped box of raisins when i started sending
[22:09] <JediKaren> because we are talking about tp and not scanning you can read up onscanning<ahref=>here</a>
[22:09] <Shone> k thanks jedu
[22:09] <Shone> jedi*
[22:10] <JediKaren> not necessarily
[22:10] <JediKaren> a strong link is based on a good relationship
[22:10] <JediKaren> also on if the person is a psionic
[22:11] <Maticolotto> if anyone has any more questions, PM them to me or JediKaren.
[22:14] <Maticolotto> no more questions
[22:14] <JediKaren> ok
[22:15] <JediKaren> so let's play shapes and colors to practice
[22:16] <JediKaren> does everyone know how to play?
[22:16] <Maticolotto> once more, the rules: one person is the sender, the rest are receivers. the sender picks a shape from Triangle-Circle-Square-Star and a color from Yellow-Blue-Green-Red, and the receivers guess it.
[22:16] <PyroDragon> who sends first?
[22:16] <Maticolotto> senders are advised to WAIT until everyone guesses, even if someone guessed right
[22:16] <JediKaren> I'll go
[22:17] <PyroDragon> ok
[22:17] <JediKaren> yes, it gets very very annoying when everyone doesn't get a chance
[22:17] <zac> does the enviroment im in matter like music et?
[22:17] <JediKaren> it might
[22:17] <JediKaren> it could help you focus or not
[22:17] <zac> musac = off
[22:17] <Shone> *turns off music*
[22:17] <JediKaren> ok I'll send
[22:18] <Maticolotto> *turns off music*
[22:18] * JediKaren sending
[22:18] <PyroDragon> blue triangle or green cricle
[22:18] <Maticolotto> blue circle
[22:18] <Shone> blue star
[22:19] <zac> blue triangle
[22:19] <JediKaren> green triangle
[22:19] <PyroDragon> nice
[22:19] <Shone> heh
[22:19] <Maticolotto> :)
[22:19] <Shone> Could i go next?
[22:19] <JediKaren> good tries, everyone
[22:19] <JediKaren> sure
[22:19] <Maticolotto> hmm sure, if you want
[22:19] <Shone> *is sending
[22:20] <JediKaren> yellow circle
[22:20] <PyroDragon> red square?
[22:20] <zac> blue circle
[22:20] <Maticolotto> red triangle
[22:20] <Shone> red star
[22:20] <zac> ¤ : ¤
[22:20] <PyroDragon> petty good
[22:20] <JediKaren> dang
[22:20] <PyroDragon> *pretty
[22:21] <Maticolotto> ok, who's next?
[22:21] <JediKaren> Zac would you like to go?
[22:21] <zac> not really :P
[22:21] <JediKaren> ok Pyro?
[22:21] <zac> not enuf energy
[22:21] <PyroDragon> ok
[22:21] <JediKaren> oh
[22:21] <zac> :)
[22:21] <PyroDragon> 3.....2.....
[22:21] <PyroDragon> 1.....
[22:21] * PyroDragon is sending
[22:22] <Shone> green or blue circle
[22:22] <JediKaren> green square
[22:22] <Maticolotto> yellow triangle
[22:22] <zac> triangle
[22:22] <zac> couldnt get col
[22:22] <PyroDragon> yellow triangle
[22:23] <PyroDragon> !
[22:23] <Maticolotto> yay
[22:23] <zac> :)
[22:23] <Shone> *pulls out shotgun* i hate losing
[22:23] <Maticolotto> okay, my turn
[22:23] * Maticolotto is sending
[22:23] <JediKaren> wow go Mat!
[22:23] <Shone> red circle
[22:23] <JediKaren> red circle
[22:23] <PyroDragon> blue circle
[22:24] <zac> green circle
[22:24] <PyroDragon> mbe triangle
[22:24] <Maticolotto> blue circle
[22:24] <JediKaren> by the way it's prefectly ok to have the same answers
[22:24] <Shone> looks like were all getting circles here
[22:24] <zac> ¤ : ¤
[22:24] <JediKaren> that must mean it was a good send!
[22:24] <PyroDragon> yep
[22:24] * JediKaren high fives Mat
[22:24] <PyroDragon> u wanna go zac?
[22:24] <zac> just pop into head
[22:24] <Maticolotto> *breathes deep*
[22:25] <zac> dont expect results but ok
[22:25] <zac> 3
[22:25] <zac> 2
[22:25] <zac> 1
[22:25] <JediKaren> don't doubt yourself Zac
[22:25] <zac> goooo
[22:26] <PyroDragon> blue or red star?
[22:26] <JediKaren> green square?
[22:26] <Shone> square cant get colour gimme a sec
[22:26] <Maticolotto> red square
[22:26] <zac> green square :)
[22:26] <JediKaren> YES!
[22:27] <Maticolotto> :)
[22:27] <PyroDragon> wow
[22:27] * JediKaren does her yes dance
[22:27] <zac> ¤ : ¤
[22:27] <Shone> heh i always get multiple answers on these things the square to me was half green half blue O_O
[22:27] <zac> ¤ Laughing Out Loud ¤
[22:27] <Shone> lesse whos turn is it? i think jedis up again
[22:27] <JediKaren> ok my turn
[22:27] <Maticolotto> ok, karen
[22:27] * JediKaren calms down
[22:28] * JediKaren sends
[22:28] <zac> green tri
[22:28] <zac> quick flash
[22:29] *** Manipulator has joined channel #psiworld
[22:29] <PyroDragon> red
[22:29] <Manipulator> er i think red triangle
[22:29] <PyroDragon> hi
[22:29] <Maticolotto> yellow circle?
[22:29] <Manipulator> and its me shone it disconnected me
[22:29] <PyroDragon> ?
[22:29] <PyroDragon> oh
[22:29] <PyroDragon> square or star
[22:29] <Manipulator> yellow triangle
[22:30] <JediKaren> blue circle
[22:30] <Maticolotto> hmm.
[22:30] <Maticolotto> that was a mess
[22:30] <JediKaren> yeah
[22:30] <JediKaren> ok, come on people, focus
[22:30] <zac> ¤ : ¤
[22:30] <zac> im taking a break
[22:30] <JediKaren> now someone go
[22:30] <Manipulator> *is sending
[22:30] <zac> drink
[22:31] <PyroDragon> green blue triangle
[22:31] <JediKaren> red star
[22:31] <Maticolotto> red circle
[22:31] <Manipulator> blue squar
[22:31] <Manipulator> e
[22:32] <Maticolotto> :/
[22:32] <JediKaren> dang it!  I saw that!
[22:32] <zac> its cald the guessing game no?
[22:32] <JediKaren> and I didn't trust myself!
[22:32] <Maticolotto> Pyro.
[22:32] <PyroDragon> ya
[22:32] <Maticolotto> your turn
[22:32] <JediKaren> Please trust your instincts!
[22:32] <Manipulator> your up
[22:32] <PyroDragon> k
[22:33] <PyroDragon> sending
[22:34] <JediKaren> red circle..I can't get it out of my brain
[22:34] <zac> green tri
[22:34] <Maticolotto> red circle. >_<
[22:34] <Manipulator> ...i think green square (in his mind talking with the embodyment of his instincts* listen here instincts ill kick your dog if im wrong)
[22:34] * JediKaren wonders what he will do if Pryo doesn't have a dog
[22:35] <Maticolotto> pyro doesn't even have a dog, he has a cat
[22:35] <PyroDragon> start kicking
[22:35] <PyroDragon> lol its red star!
[22:35] <Manipulator> * pulls out a shotgun * good enough
[22:35] <JediKaren> ARG!
[22:35] <JediKaren> lol
[22:35] * PyroDragon ahhhh
[22:35] <JediKaren> well I was 1/2
[22:35] <Maticolotto> :S
[22:36] * Maticolotto is sending
[22:36] <PyroDragon> green circle
[22:36] <zac> yelow circle
[22:36] <Manipulator> green star
[22:36] <JediKaren> blue square
[22:37] <Maticolotto> blue star
[22:37] <JediKaren> ohh close again
[22:37] <PyroDragon> ya
[22:37] <PyroDragon> are there any empathy games we can play????
[22:37] <JediKaren> yes
[22:38] <zac> whats empathy?
[22:38] <Maticolotto> it's like telepathy but with emotions
[22:38] <JediKaren> but isn't that WAY off topic?
[22:38] <Manipulator> To read or understand someone elses emoptions like there were your own
[22:38] <zac> o
[22:38] <Manipulator> often the human eye  represents these feelings as auras ie brownish rad sad and pissed of
[22:38] <Manipulator> off*
[22:40] <JediKaren> ok would you all like to do empathy or telepathy?
[22:40] <PyroDragon> empathy
[22:40] <Maticolotto> any is fine
[22:41] <Manipulator> empathy i suppose
[22:41] <JediKaren> ok fine, emapthy it is
[22:42] <JediKaren> so who here can do empathy?
[22:42] <Maticolotto> JediKaren can
[22:42] <Manipulator> lesse i know that when i view someones emotions they end up as a vague colour silhouting a person  body but i dont know what all the colours mean
[22:42] <PyroDragon> me
[22:42] <JediKaren> umm besides me?
[22:42]<PyroDragon>  i a natural
[22:42] <Manipulator> so i guess i can technically do empathy
[22:43] <PyroDragon> so are we playing an empathy game or somthing?
[22:43] <Manipulator> lesse i know purple is agitated or stressed which is me at the moment and i believe yellow is boredom brown is sad red is anger pink is love or affection (duh) blue is unknown to me
[22:44] <JediKaren> yes we are
[22:44] <PyroDragon> ok
[22:45] <JediKaren> someone is the "sender" and picks an emotion and the others have to sense that emotion and type it in
[22:46] <PyroDragon> ok who starts?
[22:47] <Maticolotto> JediKaren will send first
[22:47] <PyroDragon> ok
[22:47] <Manipulator> k i g2g
[22:47] <JediKaren> ok I will
[22:47] *** Signoff: Manipulator (Quit: )
[22:47] <Maticolotto> ok
[22:47] * JediKaren sending
[22:47] <PyroDragon> calm?
[22:48] <Maticolotto> a little excited about something?
[22:48] <JediKaren> Zac?
[22:49] <zac> yes
[22:49] <JediKaren> you gonna go?
[22:50] <zac> nervous
[22:51] <JediKaren> well it was suppose to be sadness
[22:51] <zac> :)
[22:51] <Maticolotto> ok, so everyone was totally of
[22:51] <Maticolotto> off*
[22:51] <PyroDragon> ok
[22:51]<PyroDragon>  can i go?
[22:51] <Maticolotto> yes
[22:51] <JediKaren> but I could undestand the calmness because I have proposely made myself seem calm at all times
[22:52] <PyroDragon> k
[22:52] <JediKaren> just tell us when
[22:52] * PyroDragon sending
[22:52] <JediKaren> hyper
[22:53] <zac> happy/aprehensive
[22:53] <Maticolotto> I get the same thing as before...
[22:53] <PyroDragon> angry
[22:53] <PyroDragon> so hyper was kind of close
[22:54] <JediKaren> yeah..
[22:55] <Maticolotto> ok, then I suppose it's my turn
[22:55] <JediKaren> yes
[22:55] <PyroDragon> k
[22:55] * Maticolotto is sending
[22:55] <PyroDragon> warm
[22:55] <JediKaren> upset?  scared?
[22:55] <Maticolotto> worried about something
[22:56] <JediKaren> yeah
[22:56] <PyroDragon> huh
[22:56] <PyroDragon> pretty good
[22:56] <PyroDragon> k jedi ur turn
[22:56] <JediKaren> for some reason I started having tears in my eyes
[22:57] * JediKaren sending
[22:57] <PyroDragon> alert nervous
[22:57] <Maticolotto> annoyed?
[22:58] <JediKaren> scared, withdrawn
[22:58] <PyroDragon> nice
[22:59] <PyroDragon> whos next?
[22:59] <Maticolotto> you
[22:59] <JediKaren> yeah
[22:59] <PyroDragon> k
[22:59] * PyroDragon sending
[22:59] <JediKaren> calm
[22:59] <Maticolotto> disturbed, angry
[23:00] <JediKaren> wow how opposite can you get?
[23:00] <Maticolotto> I don't think I'm getting it right at all
[23:00] <PyroDragon> wow at first i was trying to be calm then i actually started to feel twitchy and disturbed for some reason
[23:00] <JediKaren> LOL
[23:01] <Maticolotto> LOL
[23:01] <JediKaren> maybe we send it instead of you!
[23:01] <PyroDragon> lol mabe
[23:01] <Maticolotto> lol, this makes me laugh so bad. XD
[23:01] <JediKaren> I know!
[23:01] * JediKaren giggles
[23:01] <Maticolotto> oh wait, I need to send!
[23:02] <JediKaren> umm yeah
[23:02] * Maticolotto is sending
[23:02] <PyroDragon> cold
[23:02] <JediKaren> umm hyper and annoyed at the same time
[23:03] <Maticolotto> serious
[23:03] <JediKaren> hmm got to trust the old instinsts
[23:03] *** Signoff: zac [23:04] <Maticolotto> yeah, it was cold/serious
[23:04] <PyroDragon> cool
[23:04] <Maticolotto> could also be a little annoyed or something
[23:07] <JediKaren> hmm I don't know how you, but this is wearing me out!
[23:07] <Maticolotto> ok, if you want to stop, we stop
[23:07] <PyroDragon> ???
[23:08] <JediKaren> I just don't want to send anymore
[23:08] <PyroDragon> ok
[23:08] <Maticolotto> ok
[23:08] <JediKaren> maybe we should just talk about psi
[23:08] <PyroDragon> ok
[23:09] <PyroDragon> whats your method for feeling psi?
[23:09] <Maticolotto> to feel psi in my body, I lately just move and make like a ring between my chest, going through my arms, and collisioning and going through
[23:09] <Maticolotto> it works wonders
[23:10] <JediKaren> I relax and reach out to psi and just feel it
[23:10] <Maticolotto> then I can extend that feeling to the rest of my body easily, and outside, although it's a lot harder, and sometimes I need to just "let my feelings expand"
[23:11] <JediKaren> yeah
[23:11] <JediKaren> or I'll remember how psi feels and use that to open myself up
[23:12] <JediKaren> how do you do it, pyro?
[23:13] <PyroDragon> i feel the psi inside my body then i feel the psi on the surface of my body then i extend that to all the way around me
[23:14] <JediKaren> yeah, that's how I taught Mat.
[23:14] <PyroDragon> cool
[23:14] <Maticolotto> I still have problems with this... when I expand over a certain limit I start being less aware of the psi that's closer to me
[23:15] <PyroDragon> i g2g
[23:15] <JediKaren> ok
[23:15] <JediKaren> bye
[23:15] <PyroDragon> see ya


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