Telepathy Practice of February 20, 2005

This is the log of the Shapes and Colors / Numbers practice we had on Sunday, Feb 20. This is edited, which means many side comments were deleted. I

<JediKaren> First off, thanks for coming. Feel free to join the message board.
<JediKaren> We'll play shapes and colors, and then numbers
<JediKaren> shapes and colors: four colors: red, green, blue and yellow. 4 shapes: circle square triangle, and star
<JediKaren> the person sending picks one of each and sends it to the other people. the other people have to put their guess in PLEASE, sender, wait until everyone has guessed. Any questions should be pmed to Mat. Ok I will go first and then anyone who wants to send can. * JediKaren is sending
<bananstol> yellow circle?
<Aeval> green square
<Maticolotto> green star
<DaOne> Green Circle
<SkyRider> green tri....(grass?)
<BurningFlame> green circle
<xDarkPlayax> green triangle
<BurningFlame> TrioPyro and rainman?
<TrioPyro> blue circle
<JediKaren> it was : red circle
<bananstol> i thought about that for a sec ;P
<JediKaren> well you all were close
<rainman> sry giys i g2g
<Maticolotto> who is next?
<TrioPyro> I want to send
<MagickBoi57> then how did i get the picture of grass * TrioPyro put hands up
<MagickBoi57> er the smell
<Maticolotto> very well, go ahead
<Maticolotto> err I don't know skyrider
<TrioPyro> sending...
<bananstol> green circle
<JediKaren> green square
<Aeval> yellow circle
<PreCogger> green square
<Maticolotto> yellow triangle
<TrioPyro> is that all of you?
<MagickBoi57> red tri
<BurningFlame> green square
<DaOne> green square
<TrioPyro> BINGO green square
<MagickBoi57> PreCogger, you should send
<BurningFlame> yeah good send
<PreCogger> i'm too tired to send *yawn*
<JediKaren> ok who does?
<DaOne> *hand up
<JediKaren> ok DaOne, you go
<DaOne> sending...
<MagickBoi57> green tri
<JediKaren> red star
<PreCogger> hmm...something with star
<Maticolotto> yellow triangle
<Aeval> red triangle
<TrioPyro> red star I would my finger on
<BurningFlame> red star
<bananstol> red square
<MagickBoi57> red tri is my final awnser
<DaOne> res star
<PreCogger> yay
<DaOne> *red
<PreCogger> 2nd right :D
<BurningFlame> nice send
<BurningFlame> ill send next
<BurningFlame> Sending...
<PreCogger> blue circle
<JediKaren> green circle
<Maticolotto> blue circle
<Aeval> blue circle
<bananstol> blue something
<TrioPyro> blue circle
<DaOne> definately blue sumfin
<DaOne> i see a circle
<PreCogger> i saw cirble
<PreCogger> circle**
<TrioPyro> can I send again? if noone is willing..
<BurningFlame> is that everyone?
<PreCogger> can I send after this?
<TrioPyro> go ahead
<Maticolotto> banana, final guess?
<BurningFlame> Blue Circle it was
<Aeval> w00t.
<PreCogger> 3 in a row
<PreCogger> nice send
<TrioPyro> neat
<JediKaren> yeah
<Maticolotto> woot, I actually got it right
<DaOne> same here
<PreCogger> sending...
<JediKaren> ok who's next?
<PreCogger> me :D
<bananstol> are you still sending?
<PreCogger> yeah
<PreCogger> karen distracted me
<PreCogger> but now i'm sending..
<bananstol> green triangle
<Maticolotto> yellow circle
<Aeval> green triangle. point down.
<MagickBoi57> red circle
<TrioPyro> red triangle
<PreCogger> tell me when it's everyone
<JediKaren> yellow circle?
<BurningFlame> red circle
<DaOne> blue square
<PreCogger> did everyone go?
<MagickBoi57> yep
<PreCogger> few,dat wuz a bad send,but it was green triangle
<Aeval> yay
<PreCogger> bad send because I was distracted
<JediKaren> I was being dumb with my 'puter
<JediKaren> sorry
<PreCogger> np
<JediKaren> ok who's next? * TrioPyro volunteers
<DaOne> yeh, it was a bad send
<PreCogger> my worst
<PreCogger> luckily,people still got it
<DaOne> lol, yeh
<JediKaren> Bana-would you like to go?
<bananstol> can do it after TrioPyro
<JediKaren> Trio you go
<TrioPyro> thanks =)
<TrioPyro> sending...
<Aeval> yellow square.
<bananstol> red circle maybe
<Maticolotto> red triangle
<PreCogger> red square
<JediKaren> blue...triangle
<DaOne> yellow star * MagickBoi57 is back
<BurningFlame> yellow star
<TrioPyro> that everyone?
<MagickBoi57> brb
<JediKaren> yeah
<TrioPyro> yellow star
<JediKaren> dang..didn't see that one
<TrioPyro> nice one Daone BF and Aebval pretty close
<DaOne> im gettin quite gud at this
<TrioPyro> thts only because you are a telepath
<bananstol> ok. my turn
<BurningFlame> yeah i can feel a strong link from you
<bananstol> MagickBoi57. are you here to stay?
<DaOne> yeh, dats what i reckon
<DaOne> baban.. u sending?
<bananstol> kk
<MagickBoi57> yes
<bananstol> sending..
<MagickBoi57> green tri
<JediKaren> red square
<Maticolotto> green circle
<PreCogger> yellow square
<DaOne> blue square
<Aeval> yellow circle.
<BurningFlame> red square
<TrioPyro> red triangle
<JediKaren> all done
<bananstol> wow, bad send
<JediKaren> what was it?
<bananstol> blue circle
<PreCogger> way outta my league
<DaOne> i wasnt sure bout da shape
<DaOne> not that clear
<JediKaren> I wanted to put blue, but...
<PreCogger> brb
<bananstol> cata, wanna send?
<Aeval> i'll go next * Aeval sends
<TrioPyro> green square
<DaOne> red square
<JediKaren> yellow star
<BurningFlame> blue square
<Maticolotto> red circle
<bananstol> circle ?
<Aeval> anyone else?
<MagickBoi57> green somthing
<Aeval> is that everyone
<Aeval> green star
<DaOne> whoah
<JediKaren> oh, so close!
<bananstol> i spilled water on my keyboatd
<Maticolotto> oh, so far! * TrioPyro is willing to send again :>
<JediKaren> I want to go * JediKaren sending
<TrioPyro> green something
<Aeval> red triangle.
<Maticolotto> blue triangle
<bananstol> red triangle
<TrioPyro> green star?
<PreCogger> back
<PreCogger> red triangle
<BurningFlame> blue square
<MagickBoi57> greem tru
<MagickBoi57> tri
<DaOne> green star
<JediKaren> ok, many were close
<JediKaren> green square
<PreCogger> way off :D
<TrioPyro> shape again >=(
<Aeval> what's up with shape
<Aeval> it seems a lot are better at colors
<JediKaren> ok would people like to do numbers now?
<bananstol> what range
<JediKaren> ok, we'll do 1-20 for starters
<Maticolotto> you get them right 25% of the time without TP
<JediKaren> hmm should we raise it to 1-30?
<bananstol> numbers and colors?
<JediKaren> no, just numbers
<TrioPyro> 1-30 rite?
<JediKaren> 1-30
<Maticolotto> who sends? *looks at someone who had raised hand*
<Aeval> i'll send
<Aeval> 1-30, right?
<JediKaren> yes
<Aeval> k * Aeval is sending...
<JediKaren> 25
<bananstol> 11
<DaOne> 13
<Maticolotto> 9
<BurningFlame> 17
<MagickBoi57> 20
<TrioPyro> 46
<Maticolotto> 1-30
<TrioPyro> 26*
<JediKaren> ok all done
<Aeval> 24
<TrioPyro> typing error
<JediKaren> off
<TrioPyro> 2 off:>
<Aeval> hmm, interesting
<TrioPyro> technically whether you are one off or 20 off it doesnt make a difference:) you failed to pick up the number
<DaOne> hmm
<DaOne> 11 off
<Maticolotto> who is next?
<DaOne> me
<JediKaren> I'll go, if no one else wants to
<DaOne> sending,,,
<bananstol> 39
<JediKaren> 7
<Aeval> 27
<bananstol> 30*
<Maticolotto> 14
<MagickBoi57> 22
<BurningFlame> 4
<TrioPyro> 17
<DaOne> 1
<Aeval> haha
<Aeval> i thought it was that
<DaOne> sure
<Aeval> da one * Aeval rolls eyes
<bananstol> i can go
<JediKaren> go
<bananstol> sending..
<Aeval> 8
<JediKaren> 18
<BurningFlame> 28
<MagickBoi57> 15
<Maticolotto> 6
<TrioPyro> 16-19 :> 16
<bananstol> DaOne
<DaOne> 5
<bananstol> 6
<Maticolotto> yay!
<JediKaren> WOW!
<Aeval> go mat go!
<Maticolotto> :D
<JediKaren> lol
<MagickBoi57> brb
<JediKaren> k
<JediKaren> ok anyone want to send?
<TrioPyro> Ill send
<JediKaren> ok go
<TrioPyro> sends....
<JediKaren> 29
<bananstol> 30
<Maticolotto> 7
<Aeval> 27.
<DaOne> 30
<Maticolotto> no, Burning?
<bananstol> BurningFlame
<BurningFlame> 30
<TrioPyro> Bingo 30 is the answer
<DaOne> gud send
<bananstol> cool
<TrioPyro> btw can I send again?
<DaOne> let him send again
<TrioPyro> sending...
<JediKaren> 16
<DaOne> 2
<Maticolotto> 15
<BurningFlame> 7
<Aeval> 7
<bananstol> 12
<Aeval> (hmm... *wants to put down 17*)
<TrioPyro> that everyone?
<JediKaren> yeah I know want you mean
<TrioPyro> it was da da da da *drum rolls*
<TrioPyro> 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<JediKaren> lol
<Aeval> haha
<DaOne> LOL
<BurningFlame> lol
<TrioPyro> hehe my bad, I had to test you guys
<JediKaren> ok
<TrioPyro> yo take care guys had fun
<TrioPyro> l8erz
<Maticolotto> ok, the practice is hereby dismissed at this point. keep guard for our next event, the Remote Viewing contest at, that you can learn about here


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