Empathy Practice Log Done in 2005

Jedi_Karen : ok well what would people like to learn?
Larakzs : hmm, so... TP EP scanning constructs
Jedi_Karen : ok let's try empathy
Jedi_Karen : everyone ok with that?
Larakzs : yup
Drake7707 : ok
Jedi_Karen : ok well what do you know about empathy so I don't have to repeat
stuff you already know?
Drake7707 : the psipog stuff
Larakzs : <-- same
Jedi_Karen : can anyone do empathy?
Larakzs : not yet
Drake7707 : I've tried it before but i don't know if i had results, its hard to
know if it is your own feelings or the one you try from
Jedi_Karen : yeah I know what you mean
Jedi_Karen : ok what you first need to do is to totally clear out your mind
and feelings
Drake7707 : *Taking notes summary*
Drake7707 : 1. Clear mind and feeling
Jedi_Karen : second: pick a person who you like to feel
Drake7707 : 2. Pick the person
Larakzs : does it have to be necessarily someone you know well?
Jedi_Karen : well for starters, it would probally help
Jedi_Karen : everyone got someone?
Larakzs : we're 4, so 2 matches of 2?
Jedi_Karen : in other words into parterns
Larakzs : *rolls dice*?
Larakzs : ok, drake with me, I guess
Drake7707 : can you briefly reherse the method j_k ?
Jedi_Karen : yep
Larakzs : clear mind and feelings, pick a person
Jedi_Karen : ok for me it helps to look at the person's name.
Jedi_Karen : focus on that person's name only
Drake7707 : hang on, writing it down
Jedi_Karen : now you know how you reach out to feel psi? well stretch out
and try to "touch" the person
Jedi_Karen : take note to any feeling you feel
Jedi_Karen : so who is feeling who?
Drake7707 : miss karen ? *raises hand*
Jedi_Karen : yes?
Drake7707 : do you have to write the person's name down on a paper or visualize
Jedi_Karen : just visualize if it helps you. If possible picture the person
in your head.
Jedi_Karen : just focus on the feel of the person
Larakzs raises hand again
Drake7707 : miss karen? (already become used to the teacher stuff eh?) touch
the person, like putting your hand on his/her head
Jedi_Karen : more like a mental hand
Drake7707 : but just touch
Jedi_Karen : yeah
Drake7707 : its just touch like touch in any way or so
Jedi_Karen : anyway
(sugarbogar enters)
Jedi_Karen : uhh sugarbogar, do you know how to do empathy?
sugarbogar : nope
Larakzs : Jedi_Karen : ok what you first need to do is to totally clear out
your mind and feelings
Larakzs : Jedi_Karen : second: pick a person who you like to feel
Larakzs : Jedi_Karen : ok for me it helps to look at the person's name.
Jedi_Karen : focus on that person's name only
Larakzs : Jedi_Karen : focus on that person's name only
Larakzs : Jedi_Karen : now you know how you reach out to feel psi? well
stretch out and try to "touch" the person
Larakzs : Jedi_Karen : take note to any feeling you feel
sugarbogar : k...
Drake7707 : miss karen? what do you mean by 'take note'
Jedi_Karen : meaning notice anything your feeling
Drake7707 : oh ok
Drake7707 : *updating summary
Drake7707 : and what to do with it
Larakzs : tell your partner?
Jedi_Karen : yes
Larakzs : and see if it's correct?
Jedi_Karen : yep
sugarbogar : whos my partner
Jedi_Karen : I'll be yours
Drake7707 : can you get more than one feeling at the same time ?
Jedi_Karen : yes
Drake7707 : and how to seperate them then ?
Jedi_Karen : what do you mean by seperate them?
Larakzs : if you're getting more than one feeling, I suppose you're getting
them separate
Jedi_Karen : yeah
Drake7707 : oh ok
Jedi_Karen : some emotions are harder to seperate than others
Drake7707 : and how to seperate them from yours
Jedi_Karen : like anger and fear
Drake7707 : from yourselfs
Drake7707 : i mean if i recieve, and i get emotions by the emotions i got
Jedi_Karen : be calm, if the feeling doesn't make sense of why you're
feeling them, then it's probally they're
Jedi_Karen : you mean if you don't feel anything different?
Jedi_Karen : it's very possible for the person to have the same feeling as
Drake7707 : no, i mean i create emotions when i get them
Drake7707 : like i get anger, then maybe i create fear
Jedi_Karen : that can happen
Jedi_Karen : you have to think why you're feeling this way
Drake7707 : if you think you can't focus anymore on the receiving emotions
thing right
Jedi_Karen : uhh I'm not sure what you're asking
Larakzs : not exactly. once you receive the emotions, you already got them
Larakzs : you don't need to make much effort to keep them, I think
Drake7707 : oh ok
Drake7707 : can their emotions affect yours?
Jedi_Karen : in fact you will find you don't want to keep them
Jedi_Karen : yes, very
Jedi_Karen : if someone is nervous and you feel it then you're going to
become nervous
Drake7707 : and how to discart them then before it is TOO LATE :s
Drake7707 : i hate it when i'm e.g. filled with anger without any reason
Jedi_Karen : hmm discarting is hard
Drake7707 : maybe just think of something else, would that work?
Jedi_Karen : try to figure out who is giving this emotion and try to get away
from them
Jedi_Karen : ok try to calm down like you would when you're stressed
Drake7707 : ok thanks, another question, what if your emotion and his/her
emotion match, so be the same
Jedi_Karen : uhhh what am I suppose to say to that?
Drake7707 : is it still possible to know how he/she is feeling
sugarbogar : your suppose to clear your emotions first
Jedi_Karen : yeah...
Drake7707 : its easy to fall back on an emotion when you feel it again
Jedi_Karen : yeah
Drake7707 : ok *writing buffer to summary*
Larakzs : any more questions?
(Larakzs leaves)
sugarbogar : o well...back to the important stuff
Jedi_Karen : hey drake, I'll practice with you in a min. I'm working with
sugar right now
Drake7707 : ok
Drake7707 : *practicing with Larakzs for a round*
Jedi_Karen : ok Drake, you up
Drake7707 : hang on
Drake7707 : Drake7707 : tell me when you try Larakzs : I am Drake7707 : ok
concentrating on my emotion to keep it Larakzs : hmm Larakzs : I feel fear
pretty strongly, somewhat mixed with being ashamed or timid Drake7707 : what
does 'timid' mean Larakzs :
Jedi_Karen : that's ok
Jedi_Karen : but did it work?
Drake7707 : well i don't know
Drake7707 : i'll try to read larakzs's feelings now
Larakzs : brb food
Larakzs : no, practice with jedi
Drake7707 : oh ok
Jedi_Karen : ok
Jedi_Karen : you want to send or should I?
Drake7707 : ok summary updated
Drake7707 : i'll think of an emotion ok ?
Jedi_Karen : ok
Drake7707 : ok hmm emotion emotion which one hmm
Drake7707 : hmm trying to lock on to an event hat happened which causes to
create an emotion hmm
Drake7707 : ok got one now
Drake7707 : you can start
Jedi_Karen : happy? hyper? totally excited?
Drake7707 : yes thats it
Drake7707 : i was visualizing a friends episode
Jedi_Karen : I may stink at shapes and colors today, but at lease I can do em
Jedi_Karen : ok now some warnings
Jedi_Karen : this way I can't be sued
Jedi_Karen : ok first off crowds can be dangerous to empaths
Drake7707 : oh i'll add those too
Jedi_Karen : they are big, with a lot of people feeling different emotions
(or sometimes the same) and generally that's when the emotions are going to be
the stongers
Jedi_Karen : school dances, pep rallies, or concerts can be horrible. I
should know, I've been to them
Drake7707 : horrible in which way
Drake7707 : overwhelming ?
Jedi_Karen : yes
Jedi_Karen : overloaded is the term
Drake7707 : any other warnings ?
Jedi_Karen : if you should get overloaded and can't leave that's when you
want to try to think of soemthing else
Drake7707 : so overloaded --> think of something else asap
Jedi_Karen : holidays are the best chance of getting overloaded
Jedi_Karen : I think Christmas is the worse for countries that celebrate it
Drake7707 : so how to solve ?
Drake7707 : think of something else asap
Larakzs : psipog says shield
Jedi_Karen : yeah
Drake7707 : ok
Jedi_Karen : umm also for me at lease, there seems to be an area of about 3
feet around me that if you do have stronge emotions I'm going to feel it without
trying to
Drake7707 : but is that a warning ?
Jedi_Karen : but if you're out of that area then I can't feel it unless I
want to, or you are send it to me
Jedi_Karen : not exactly, more like a theory I'm working on
Jedi_Karen : anyway it's something to think about
Drake7707 : so you can feel nearby emotions without wanting to
Jedi_Karen : yes
Drake7707 : if you don't control or supress the feeling
Jedi_Karen : but I think there's a way of controling this field
Jedi_Karen : yes
Drake7707 : i'll think i'll skip that part, its a bit hard to put in the
Jedi_Karen : it doesn't matter if i know them or not. I still end up feeling
Jedi_Karen : yeah
Larakzs raises hand
Jedi_Karen : yeah?
Larakzs : two things.
Larakzs : second thing... do you think that field has to do something with
the commonly called "aura" or the amount of psi energy each person radiates?
Drake7707 : you talking to me ?
Jedi_Karen : yes to aura, and maybe to the second part
Drake7707 : ah ok
Larakzs : isn't the aura the amount of psi each person radiates?
Larakzs : err the energy, not the amount
Jedi_Karen : err umm not sure
Jedi_Karen : yeah
Larakzs : ok
Drake7707 : i don't know for sure
Drake7707 : ok
Larakzs : because when I "touched" Drake, I think there was some psi work
Jedi_Karen : yeah
Larakzs : so maybe "touching" is mixing energy fields
Drake7707 : extracting the necessairy info out of the aura ?
Larakzs : I think, I don't know
Drake7707 : like when i change my mood, my aura will change too i think
Drake7707 : i think your aura represents the behaviour of you
Jedi_Karen : honestly this is beyond what I know
Larakzs : well, I don't know, it's just that jedi mentioned something about
that field
Drake7707 : thats why when you meet a person you didn't met before, you can
sometimes know if you will like him or doesn't like him
Jedi_Karen : yeah
-- END OF LOG --


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